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Annotation of magazine number 12, December, 2016

11:19 20.03.2017 •


Serguei Ryabkov,  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russia
Russian direction: Barack Obama leaves behind just ruins

The old year of 2016 will be remembered, beside other events of foreign policy with the election of the 45-th American President with a Republican, Donald Trump, taking the office. Eight years of Barack Obama – it was a period when there were practically two different administrations under his leadership. While the first four years passed under the slogan of “restart”, the next four year period was characterized by a systematic destruction of the building of our relationship and even of its basement initiated by the American Administration itself.

Churkin V., Russia’spermanent representative to the United Nations
Ban Ki-moon’s legacy and the global problems

On the 31 of December, 2016 expires the term of office of the eighth UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, who spent two terms, ten years altogether, at the helm of the Organization. Summarizing the results of his tenure it should be acknowledged that in general he has demonstrated his abilities of a skilful politician and administrator managing to preserve a pivotal and coordinating role of the UN in global affair in spite of acute challenges and threats.


Lebedev S., the President of the Executive Committee – the CIS Executive Secretary. СНГ.
We are doomed to be together. In connection with the 25-th anniversary of the CIS

This year the CIS completes 25 years. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union began the building of new relations between the CIS republics, - political, economic and humanitarian ones. Now you may state in retrospect that a creative process within the CIS started already in the end of 1990-th – beginning of the 2000-th. A civilized divorce gave way to construction of relations of a new kind dictated by a pragmatic approach.

Korhchaguin Y. Our relationship with Spain maintains its positive dynamics

Reciprocal Year of Tourism initiated by Russia and Spain covers the years of 2016 and 2017. The two countries expect positive results from it. This Reciprocal Year could be a wonderful possibility to show to the Spaniards a special touristic potential of Russia, its beauty and investment attractivity.  

In memoriam

In memory of Andrey Guennadievich Karlov


Kokoshin А.,  Military reform in the PRC: military-strategic, political, organizational and administrative aspects   

Military reform in the PRC proclaimed by the supreme party and state leadership of China in 2015 is going to be of a large scale and deep bi its nature. It has for an object some new quality delivered to the armed forces of the PRC… The military reform plays an important role for the foreign policy of the PRC too with a military component of the national security policy apparently going to have a more noticeable part. 

Ossipov Е.,  The factor of  national identity in contemporary France

The main peculiarity of the contemporary stage of French policy is the fact of a difference between the right wing and the left one is gradually ceasing to be evident for the French people and can’t structure political life of the Fifth Republic anymore. The first signs of serious transformations started coming into existence yet in the end of the 1980-th – beginning of the 1990-th.  

Moscow diplomatic corps

Li Hui,  Intensification of the Chinese and Russian relationship for the benefit of the people of the two countries

Chinese and Russian friendship has its roots going deep into remote past. On the  1-st of October, 1949 it was proclaimed the People’s Republic of China. On the second day the PRC and the USSR established diplomatic relations, and the Soviet Union was the first country in the world that had granted an official recognition to the new China.


”Russia and Europe: pressing problems of the contemporary international journalism” 

An international conference in Bratislava promoted by “International Affairs” magazine with the assistance of the Foreign Ministry of Russia gathered European politicians, diplomats, journalists and public figures. They discussed current and future problems of the media and informational space.

Humanitarian vector

Pyadisheva Е., The first classic Radio “ Orpheus” completes 25 years

Classic music radio “Orpheus” brings delight, brings up feeling, educates and creates a positive image of our country. It may be taken as a tool of “soft power” of the Russian State or else – as an oasis of conciliation and peace amidst our violent world. Itwouldberightbothways.

Babayan R., Two reportages from a war territory

Publishing extracts from books that have been already published isn’t our magazine policy. But there are no rules without exceptions. The book by Roman Babayan is an exception of the kind because it is timely and provides an insight into the depth of the Middle East and other world events and trends. 

Kosyguin R., See you later, Bratislava!

Publishing house “Molodaya Guardia” with the assistance of the Russian Embassy in Slovakia had organized and carried out a literary tour of Russian writers visiting Slovak towns that showed a true interest in our culture and everlasting love for Russian books.  

Oreshina М., Preservation of  cultural legacy: European experience

European Historic House Association with the headquarters in Brussels and its partners hold debates on the questions of the contemporary implementation of projects by worldly acknowledged institutions – models in the domain of preservation of cultural legacy. One of the vital questions is creation of an efficient management scheme for historic buildings with private ownership.    


The second information and analytic article contest of young diplomats


The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia presents its new project – a housing estate for diplomatic missions at Mosfilmovskaya Street.

Index of articles and publications in 2016

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