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Abstract to Journal No. 9, September, 2023

12:40 27.09.2023 •


Alexander Dugin. The new multipolar Order: heptarchy and its implications

In the meantime, the proponents of a multipolar system are called upon to reactively counteract the entrenchment of rules dictated by the global West, which is clinging to the unipolar moment in agony. But soon this will not be enough, and the expanded BRICS countries-emerging civilizations-will have to raise the question of the meaning of sacredness, tradition and its values, about eternity and the transcendent dimension of being.

Key words: world order, sovereignty, civilization, Modern times, multipolarity.


Konstantin Dolgov.  The Apocalypse of Our Time: The Face and Underside of Western Culture and Civilization

Imperialism and technological progress are inextricably linked. At the heart of this alliance is the arrogance of Western society, the dogma of being chosen, and the belief that the technological superiority of whites reflects the religious, cultural, and even biological superiority of one race over other races.

Keywords: Russia, West, colonial conquests, genocide of the indigenous population.


Alexey Bogaturov, Olga Lebedeva. Evolution of the World Order and Russia's Perceptions of the Outside world

There is a difference in the development paths of the West and the East. This is due to the peculiarities of the climate, historical and economic activities, and the influence of religions on the role of women in society. There is even a loose convention of the meanings of "yes" and "no", the concepts"rather no" and "rather yes" in Asian and North African usage, which can mean"no" in the European-American sense. Hence the differences in the interpretation of democracy in economics and politics.

Key words: turn to the East, China's position, the "ASEAN Way" concept, the "Greater Eurasian Partnership" concept.


Andrey Davydenko. BRICS as a symbol of the new world

BRICS is moving forward with confidence. The Johannesburg Summit is a clear example of this. The participating countries have yet to formulate new regulations and establish new rules for interaction, and work out projects to create their own models in the financial sector that are alternative to Western ones. The expansion of the organization opens up enormous opportunities for increasing mutual investment.

Keywords: BRICS, XV Summit, Johannesburg.


Alexander Rybas, Evgeny Burman. On India's new foreign trade policy

Modern India is a dynamically developing country with a strong industry, significant labor resources, a diverse mineral resource base, a growing scientific and technological potential, and a rapidly expanding service sector that includes information technology, e-commerce, banking and finance, transport and construction. India's economy is the fastest growing among the largest states.

Keywords: Indian economy, MSMEs, cluster cities.


Mikhail Delyagin. Right now, Putin and Xi Jinping have nothing to talk about with the West

The G20 summit, heldSeptember 9-10, 2023 in New Delhi, one of the most difficult in the history of the group's existence, was a turning point, as it demonstrated the unity of the global South in defending its rights in the global economy and its unwillingness to reduce everything to the Ukrainian agenda.

Keywords: G20 Summit.


Denis Baturin. Ukraine and the West: War and elections

The main question that Zelensky is currently facing is how to solve the problem of the threat of a new level of delegitimization of the Ukrainian government. The Parliament has not been re-elected, and the President does not intend to be re-elected. The same question, by a strange coincidence, now arises in the United States. The United States is getting closer to the presidential election, and the topic of Ukraine, which is strongly connected with Biden, is becoming more toxic for the Democratic candidate.

Keywords: Ukraine, elections, Zelensky, Zaluzhny, Biden, counteroffensive.


Nikas Safronov. How can young people develop in the field of painting?

To the question indicated in the topic of discussion, the answer suggests itself: "Nothing." clear that the answer is largely impulsive. are some reasons for this.

Keywords: sphere of painting, realization of youth.


Vladimir Davydov. Can I enter the same river twice? Chilean drama through the eyes of an eyewitness

The 50th anniversary of the military coup in Chile is not being experienced today as an event of the distant past. Today, it responds with a tocsin of pain and bitterness, remembering the priceless human losses, the grossest violation of civil rights, and the trampling of personal dignity.

Keywords: Chile, military coup, S. Allende, Pinochet.


Peter Multatuli. Anti-colonial nature of Emperor Nicholas II's assistance to Abyssinia, Siam and the States of South Africa in the struggle for their independence

The totality of sources indicates that the Russian Empire's assistance to Ethiopia, Siam, and the Boer states in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was based on the desire of Emperor Nicholas II and Russian diplomacy to prevent their enslavement by Western colonialists. Of course, the Russian Empire, while helping these countries, also pursued its own geopolitical interests, but they did not primarily determine Russian policy in those regions.

Keywords: Russia, Ethiopia, Thailand, South Africa, Emperor Nicholas II, struggle for independence.


Andrey Baklanov. From the history of Russian sports diplomacy. 75 years ago, the way was opened for Soviet athletes to participate in the Olympic Games and the activities of international sports federations

Among the memorable, milestone events that our sports history is connected with, a special place is occupied by the participation of a delegation of Soviet sports leaders in the 1948 London Summer Olympics. It opened the way for our athletes to participate in the 1952 Olympic Games and various international competitions, including the World and European Championships in major sports.

Keywords:1948 Olympics, Soviet delegation, G. V. Baklanov, IOC, USSR Sports Committee.


Valery Lukin, Konstantin Timokhin. Prologue to debut on the sixth continent

On February 13, 1956, the first Soviet Antarctic station Mirny was opened on the Davis Sea coast. The station got its name from the Russian sloop Mirny from the Russian South Polar Expedition of 1819-1821, whose crew members became the first people on the planet to see and map the icy shores of the mysterious Terra Australis.

Keywords: Antarctica, Russian South Polar Expedition, "Mirny", International Geophysical Year, Integrated Antarctic Expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences, territorial claims in Antarctica.


Olga Plyusnina. Kostroma is the land of Russian shrines

In Kostroma and the Kostroma region there are a huge number of monasteries, churches, and holy springs that were forgotten during the Soviet period. St. Sergius Radonezh blessed his students to go and settle the northern lands. We had such a phenomenon of monastic colonization.

Keywords: Kostroma, monasteries, festivals, Holy Lake.


Alexey Sindeev. The dynamics of history, or Unity in Diversity

In May 2023, a well-known Russian historian and political scientist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, chief researcher, Head of the Department of Social and Political Studies V. Ya.Schweitzer presented his monograph-essay "Russia, Europe, the World"to the readers of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Keywords: V. Ya. Schweitzer "Russia, Europe, the world", monograph-essay.

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