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Abstract to Journal No. 7, July, 2023

12:46 27.07.2023 •


Boris Gryzlov, Peter Frolov, Vladimir Vanke. Emerging contours of a new just world

After the collapse of one of the two poles of the former world order, the Eastern Bloc States and members of the Non-Aligned Movement remained defenseless against the expansionist aspirations of multinational corporations. Russia, which was very quickly imposed the best "colonial" practices, did not escape this fate either.

Keywords: collapse of the USSR, disintegration of the Eastern Bloc, referendum on the status of Crimea, Munich Conference, South Ossetia, Western support for the conflict in Ukraine, dialogue between countries.


Evgeny Kozhokin. The US in Central Asia: the policy of "non-soft power"

In the struggle for influence in Central Asia, the United States uses a whole range of methods and means: from "soft power" to actions to support the overthrow of legitimate governments.

Key words: "non-soft power", USA, Central Asia, ISIL, "Al-Qaeda".


Danil Bochkov, How does China-India economic cooperation affect the conflict potential of bilateral relations

Relations between China and India reflect, on the one hand, positive dynamics in trade issues and interaction on global development and international multilateral cooperation, and on the other hand, they speak about the rivalry between the two countries in the military - political sphere and their struggle for regional economic leadership.

Key words: China-India economic cooperation, NDB, AIIB, ITD, RCEP.


Vitaly Chumakov. Impoliteness in diplomacy as a manifestation of the crisis of foreign policy culture

The beginning of the third decade of the twenty-first century is characterized by a profound crisis of confidence in international relations and world politics. These crisis phenomena are manifested, in particular, in the use of political, psychological and rhetorical methods and techniques that are usually not typical of traditional diplomatic practice.

Key words: Russia-NATO, EU, OSCE, Ukraine, START-3.


Grigory Mashkov

Hypersonic Weapons: Strategic Breakthrough or Strategic Challenge.

Hypersound is becoming a priority area of military-technological development, which is aimed for some states at restoring strategic stability and providing a real mechanism for deterring the enemy, for others-at realizing the task of global dominance.

Keywords: sports, hypersonic weapons, hypersound, missiles, missile defense, ICBM, "Yars", "Avangard", "Dagger", "Zircon", "LRHW", "C-HGB", "ARRW", "HACM", "HAWC", "Fattah", " DF-17", "DF-27", "BrahMos", "Hycore".


Sonya Magomedova. Information and analytical support of the Islamic vector of Russia's foreign policy

Islam and Muslim communities are traditionally viewed in the United States and Europe as negative factors, which is used to incite Islamophobia and mass violations of the rights of Muslims and Muslim minorities.

Keywords: Islamic world, OIC, Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the OIC, information and analytical work.


Ferapont, Metropolitan of Kostroma and Nerekht. For the last 30 years (and it's a miracle!) about 40 thousand churches were restored

In the first years of Christianity, there were physical persecutions. The Greek emperors persecuted Christians, but in the same years heresies appeared. And where there is heresy, there is schism. The most painful thing for the church is not the physical persecution that strengthens it, but the schism.

Keywords: Kostroma Kremlin, restoration of churches, Feodorovskaya Icon of the Mother of God, priests in the SVO zone.


Nikas Safronov. Art creates the state and makes it civilized

In the 1990s, our correct Soviet upbringing was ruined. There was good Soviet propaganda. And then she got lost. True values have disappeared. Therefore, now it is like separating the wheat from the chaff and it becomes clear who is who.

Keywords: installations, performances, portraits, Western propaganda, charity, museum-a source of the best.


Valery Lukin, Konstantin Timokhin. Routes of Russian explorers in the Southern Ocean

The decision of the Admiralty Board of Russia to organize two research ship divisions to search for a sea passage in the Arctic and unknown southern polar lands was approved by the highest will of the Sovereign Emperor Alexander I on March 25, 1819.

Keywords: Expedition, F. F. Bellingshausen, M. P. Lazarev, whaling, fleets "Aleutian", "Glory","Soviet Ukraine", "Soviet Russia", "Yuri Dolgoruky", scientific research,Soviet-Norwegian negotiations, moratorium on whaling.


Sergey Filatov. NATO Summit in Vilnius: words and deeds

The overall assessment of the NATO summit in Vilnius is rather paradoxical. On the one hand, there is a military conflict in Europe, which involves almost all the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. On the other hand, there were so many words about defense from the summit rostrum that the impression was quite definite: no matter how much NATO is doing, it does not want to fight on its own today.

Keywords: NATO, summit, Vilnius, Russia, China, Ukraine, Stoltenberg.


Vladimir Kozhemyakin. Self-Determination Summit

The NATO Summit, held in Vilnius on July 11-12, 2023, was the self-determination summit of the North Atlantic Alliance. In the sense that this self-determination confidently went along the anti-Russian tracks. In the final communique, representatives of the bloc called Russia "the most serious and direct threat to the security of allies, as well as to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region."

Keywords: NATO summit in Vilnius, G7, anti-Russian accent, military aid to Ukraine, support for the Kiev regime.


Harutyun Avetisyan. Digital international relations as a new subject area in science and education

The textbook for universities "Digital International Relations" edited by E. S. Zinovieva and S. V. Shitkov is a comprehensive and comprehensive study devoted to current trends in the development of world politics in the context of global digital transformation.

Key words: digital international relations, ICT.


Alexander Kramarenko. A foreign policy narrative for our time

The publishing house of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has published a monograph by the Rector of the Diplomatic Academy A.V. Yakovenko " Geopolitical change and Russia. What the new foreign policy concept says." The main advantage of this work is that it overcomes the key cognitive limitations of our political science, not only of recent times, but also of the Soviet and previous eras.

Keywords: Foreign policy concept of the Russian Federation, world majority, CBO, Russia, West, NATO.

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