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Abstract of the journal number 9, September, 2011

00:00 04.10.2011 •

A.Denisov, First Deputy Minister of Foreign affairs

Luckily practically we do not have exterior enemies in contemporary world.

What is happening on the global scale is sometimes a period of acute instability, period of changes, and period of creation of a new architecture including international relations. Life in such periods is not easy. Nevertheless a task for diplomats, politicians is to minimize negative consequences of this instability and wherever possible to create possibilities to come to a new circle of development.

Keywords: instability period, Libya, Security Council, UNO, Syria, BRICS, ABM, visa-free regime 


S. Filatov

Redistribution of values

Republican congressmen were fighting their colleagues-democrats and Obama’s administration at the end of July on the issue of raising state debt upper limit. The fight got different names: political struggle, Hollywood scenario with invariable happy end, an attempt to save economy, world markets blackmail and industrial and financial lobbies fight…..

Keywords: USA state debt, default, B.Obama, US Congress


Elena Ponomareva

Iron Law of Oligarchy or who rules America

It is evident even for non-specialists that rating is a very narrow financial instrument to measure credit risk. It is just an estimate of debt return probability in time and in full. Rating does not give a valuation of US economy situation. It concerns a debt of the government itself. Though this debt is tremendous one cannot evaluate the economy of the country on the basis of rating only. At the same time rating “AA+” is one of the highest. Therefore a risk of non-payment for the government debt is minimal. There are many countries having powerful and stable economy which have lower ratings than USA.


Keywords: “iron law of oligarchy”, plutocracy, defense of interests of capital and free market ideas, “money-information-power” -  hard “triangle”.



Editor-in-Chief’s column.


Middle class funeral

The present crisis like any other broke many dreams. But for the first time all classes and strata from beggars to princes suffered from its destructive force so massively. Thanks to globalization.

But not only. Such a crisis has never fallen upon society of such level of well-being, society of if not universal but mass well-being and opportunities.

Keywords: economy crisis, upper classes cannot rule as before and lower classes do not want to live in new fashion, “golden billion”



E. Ananyeva, “International Affaires” magazine columnist, Ph.D. in Philosophy

Britania: theft or looting

After August disturbances broken glass was removed but “broken society” stayed. The Parliament cutting summer vacation gathered for a meeting, the Prime Minister vows to find and punish troublemakers, opposition leader promises to stand by his shoulder.

Keywords: August disturbances in England, “consumables scandal”, D.Cameron’s concept of “big society”


Tiberio Graziani

The Mediterranean and Central Asia: key regions of Eurasia

Transition from unipolar international system to multipolar caused certain tension on Eurasian space in the zones of higher strategic importance. Among them The Mediterranean and Central Asia which are key regions of Euro-Afro-Asian structure. 

Keywords: Mediterranean, Central Asia, Greater Middle East, New Middle East, Mediterranean Union


Fedor Voitolovskiy

“Global management” ideology: from utopia to practice.

A value colored and too optimistic perception of globalization processes has been formed in the conscience of elites and expert and politology groups in USA and Europe on the basis of victorious ideological and psychological wave after the end of the Cold War. Attention has been revived to the liberal idealistic concept of “democratic world” which no longer is purely American idealistic axiom.

Keywords: “global management”, ideas of “sustainable development”, UN Commission on “global management”, “global civil society”.


Maxim Raku

The United States and Islamic Republic of Iran: from “Irangate” to armed conflict.

The analytics forecasts that after Iran and Afghanistan international “peace makers” headed by USA will need a pause have not been justified. “Humanitarian” operation in Libya is coming to an end.  Syria and Yemen are in the focus now. A question is being asked – who is the next? Libyan drama invokes the analogy of American air strikes on Tripoli in 1986. American-Iranian conflict of 1987-1988 followed. What place do American scenarios leave to Iran today? From this point of view when we see new escalation in the area of Greater Middle East a retrospective analysis of mentioned conflict between Iran and USA  development may be  useful to evaluate the situation in the region and possible ways of its development.

Keywords: Iran, USA, USSR, China, Iran-Iraq armed conflict, “Irangate”, operation “Bogomol (mantis)”



TAPI: “for” and “against”

The problems of security of TAPI are acute. Project participants in their official statements express their confidence that importance of this problem is overestimated which causes doubts. The longer part of the pipeline will pass via territory of politically unstable Afghanistan and Pakistani Balochistan. To solve this problem those who are lobbying the project are willing to use both financial and military means including creation of guarded “green corridor” along the pipeline.

Keywords: Central Asia, gas pipelines security, search for investors, “Gasprom”, hydrocarbons world prices increase


Andrey Torin

The Wall 38-years long.

There probably is no other event in contemporary history of Europe beside Berlin crisis of 1958-1961 which would so strongly influence formation of contemporary Europe. The erection of famous Berlin wall August 13th, 1961 which demarcated the East and the West of Germany and finally fixed the fact of two German states – German Democratic republic and Federative Republic of Germany – was its climax.

Keywords: Germany Federative Republic of Germany, Democratic Republic of Germany, Berlin wall, Soviet Army Group in Germany, bipolar system  



Diplomat Rafael Gerrero – resurrection of memory

The great Russian genius A.Pushkin and Portuguese envoy to the court of Imperator Nickolay 1 Rafael Gerrero. What connected those two people so different from the first sight? May be it is worth to read old letters more attentively and we can open the secret of fait meetings on the crossroads of history.

Keywords: Rafael Guerreiro, Portuguese envoy, Dorry Fikelmon’s diary


Book shelf.



Russia – great power passing through temporary difficulties.

A book by S.Kortunov  “Russia in international politics after crisis” was published at the end of May. The author did not plan it to be conclusive, but he died in October 1910 and the book is the last that he wrote. The book was prepared for publishing by his wife Maria Kortunova. Thanks to her efforts we have a chance to look at Russia once again by the eyes of this talented scientist and patriot of his country.

Keywords: Russia, foreign policy, world crisis, Russia’s after crisis development scenarios, foreign policy image, national identity, S.Kortunov


Marina Arzakanyan

France in the beginning of 21-st century

Recently a book by Yu.Rubinskiy “France. The time of Sarkozy”was published. One can note that the book is innovative as it is the first study of France  at the time of president Sarkozy. The author does not leave aside any important problem of French life of the beginning of XX1 century.

Keywords: Fifth Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon, Union pour un mouvement populaire



I. Kravchenko

Requiem for German Dream

There is no other book published in Germany during last decades that would cause such a storm of emotions, discussions and stir brusquely monotonous and Germany abolishes itself inert in ideas mode of intellectual life of German society brought up in tight limits of political correctness and not hiding thirst for acute sensations and hot scandals. In his massive sociological work “Germany abolishes itself” boldly encroaches on sensitive and therefore unwanted or even prohibited in so over tolerant Germany.

Keywords: immigrants, low birth rate of indigenous population, “Germany abolishes itself”

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