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Annotation of magazine number 10, October, 2020

14:21 26.10.2020 •

Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Video message on behalf of the CSTO member states at a high-level event of the UN General Assembly on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the World Organization

Looking back, we admire the determination with which the founding fathers of the World Organization sought to build a democratic system of international relations. They united in a single impulse in order to save future generations from the scourge of war, to affirm faith in human rights, to create conditions for a just world order and social progress.

Keywords: CSTO, UN, UN General Assembly

Oleg Kobyakov

FAO: to feed the world and not only

75 years in the service of progress

October 16, 2020 marks the 75th anniversary Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations with a global mandate in the field of food, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development. Thus, FAO was founded a whole week earlier than the "big UN" celebrating its anniversary on October 24.

Keywords: FAO - 75th anniversary, SDGs, achievements of FAO, Russia and FAO


Salamsay Kommasit, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Laos

Laos - Russia: 60 years of friendship and cooperation

Laos and Russia have been linked by friendly relations since the days of the USSR. Their origins are friendship, mutual understanding, trust and willingness to help each other. Geographical remoteness, differences in culture, customs and language, as well as major political changes that have taken place in our countries, in the region and in the world as a whole, do not hinder the development of traditionally friendly ties.

Keywords: Laos, Russia, cooperation, ASEAN


Nyamtserengiin Enkhtaivan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

Mongolia and Russia: a near neighbor is better than a distant relative

Our peaceful life today is not so easy for us, and in the bustle of everyday worries we must remember the heroes of bygone days. Especially now, when 75 years ago the end was put in the Second World War. Valiant soldiers of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Army bravely fought for their homeland and independence together with Soviet soldiers. The invaluable Victory brought the hearts of our two peoples closer together.

Keywords: battle of Khalkhin Gol, gratuitous aid, trade and economic relations, Mongolian students


Vladislav Gasumyanov, Valentina Komleva

Communication modes as a factor of cross-country interactions: problem statement

Research on various aspects of communication in recent years is one of the most numerous in the humanitarian branch of knowledge. However, all these phenomena manifest themselves in certain conditions, obey certain norms and rules, are institutionalized and legitimized by specific state and/or international institutions. Ultimately, we can say that they develop in certain communication orders and modes and themselves influence these orders and modes.

Keywords: communication, communication mode, cross-country communication, new world order of information and communication, types of communication modes

Ekaterina Antyukhova

Global educational policy under the influence of non-political risks

The consequences of the current pandemic threaten the entire sustainable development agenda, including Goal 4, adopted by a resolution of the UN General Assembly in 2015, which is to ensure increased access to education at all levels. Along with the fact that before the pandemic, about 22% of children in the world were deprived of the opportunity to study and attend school, the massive and emergency transition to online learning showed that access to it is limited by the technical capabilities of using the Internet and the financial situation of families.

Keywords: globalization, education, global educational policy, online learning, digital divide, social inequality, academic mobility


Kira Sazonova

The long road home: the return of cultural values of former colonies as an important political trend

This year is a suitable historical moment for the resumption of discussions about the material claims of the former colonies. The "Black Lives Matter" movement, which has taken over the Western world, creates a very favorable information background for the demonstrative self-flagellation of former colonial powers, as well as conditions for the formation of a "new ethic" when the possession and display of cultural values exported during the colonial period is declared a form of neocolonialism.

Keywords: cultural values, restitution, colonies, metropolises, responsibility, international law, art, museums


Vladimir Vasiliev

USA: "Great Depression 2.0"

In early June 2020, the National Bureau of Economic Research, responsible for dating the cycles of development of the American economy, announced that in February of this year, the peak of the cyclical recovery of the American economy was registered, which began in June 2009 and lasted over 10.5 years (128 months). This phase of the rise of the American economy turned out to be the longest in the history of observing and studying the cycles of economic development of the United States since 1854.

Keywords: USA, GDP, depression, unemployment, fiscal policy, monetary policy, public debt, budget deficit 


Julia Lebedeva

The philosophy of American pragmatism in solving the problems of radioactive waste disposal

The rapid development of the nuclear industry in the twentieth century, the widespread use of radioactive isotopes are accompanied by the accumulation of radioactive waste (RW) and spent nuclear fuel (SNF) around the world. Improper handling of RW and SNF can lead to significant damage to the ecology of the entire planet, and not just of a single state. Therefore, the issue of disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel is the most important component of the overall environmental problem on a planetary scale.

Keywords: RW, SNF, American pragmatism, environmental problems, John Dewey

Marcelу Bezerra

Environment and national sovereignty - Brazil under threat

International demonstrations against burning and deforestation in the Amazon region have renewed the risk of political pressure, boycotts of goods and economic sanctions by the great Powers against negligent States in the context of an environmental crisis, and have also caused threats to their sovereignty. The focus has shifted again to the Brazilian Amazon, but now with large-scale political claims that have never been before.

Keywords: environment, national sovereignty, Brazil, intervention, deterrence forces


Alexey Egorov

The old law and the "new" law of the Belarusian society. Notes of the deputy-lawyer

All the troubles in human society come from the inability to negotiate. The contractual theory of the origin of law, which has come down to us, albeit in a rather simplified form, describes the state of primitive society as a "war of all against all" (Thomas Hobbes), as a result of which there was an awareness of the need to negotiate respect for the life and freedom of others in exchange for limiting one's own permissiveness. So the law arose and the law was formed.

Keywords: Republic of Belarus, crisis of legality, Belarusian law, Constitution


Artem Lepeshkin

The formation of the views of the Cuban leadership on the development of the country and the liberation

This article is the first step of an extensive research that the author has undertaken to study the development of the views of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution on the liberation movement in Latin America, Asia and Africa in the first half of the 1960s.movement of the peoples of the Third World in the First Havana Declaration

Keywords: Cuban Revolution, Organization of American States (OAS), American-Cuban relations, Soviet-Cuban relations, Pan-Americanism, national liberation struggle, San Jose Declaration, General National Assembly

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