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Annotation of magazine number 11, November, 2016

14:27 28.11.2016 •


KossachevK. Inter-Parliamentary Union: whether the mountain is going to bring forth a mouse or an intervention into nonintervention?

Parliamentarians should help to establish working contacts at various platforms evne in case, when the right to dialogue itself is challenged. On the eve of 20-th anniversary of UniversalDeclarationonDemocracyadopted, by the way,rightattheInter-Parliamentary union in Cairo, 1997, it would be logical to draw attention of the members of the IPU to encouragement democracy development throughout the world and declare as a false one the message of the Western democracy as of allegedly the only “right” one. 

Krutskikh А. Who dominates the Internet, dominates the world

It looks like information security is going to come to the top among new challenges and threats. Only in Russia we have so 70 million cyber-attacks every year. In China this number is even more. Cyber-attacks coming from Daesh have literally exceeded the limit. In fact all the countries are nom in the same boat suffering from an ever- growing cyber-attacks wage.      

Orlov А., Mizin V. Russia -  West: it’s time to think about “detènte-2”

Under the conditions of ever-growing confrontation between the West and Russia  our country should take up the role of a leader and suggest a program of pragmatic steps in order to make the situation stable, first of all – in the sphere of security, that would include concrete measures to prevent any future crisis alike the today’s one.


Liakin-Frolov I. The state and prospects of cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan

In spring of 2017 it will be commemorated the 25-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between The Federation of Russia and the Republic of Tajikistan. There were quite a lot o events occuring between the two countries during this period of time, created a strong foundation for a consistent increase of a multilateral cooperation in future. 

Cybiliov V. Golden anniversary of Botswana

On the 30-th of September, 2016 completed fifty years since the moment of elimination of British protectorate Bechuanaland (1885-1966) and proclamation of an independent Republic of Botswana.

Banzragchyin Delgermaa. Mongolia and Russia: 95-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

Mongolia and Russia have long-standing and traditionally friendly relations. Russia was the first to recognize Mongolia as an independent state and established diplomatic relations with it. The treaty   of friendship between Mongolia and the RSFSR was signed on the 5-th of November of 1921.


Putzerob А. Political moments in contemporary Islam

In 1960-th contemporary political Islam acquired influence in the Arab world and in the Middle East. In spite of colonial policy of the Western powers Islam not only survived but transformed itself into a tool of the liberation struggle chosen by adepts of Moslem faith. It was preservation of Islamic legal norms in the first place that favored the influence of Moslem religion. Also this phenomenon can be related to implantation of the traditionalist culture derivative from religious conscience.

Biryukov ЕStages and tools of the USA policy in the Middle East

Formation and development of a number of key trends in regional subsystem of international relations in the Middle East goes resulting from implementation of foreign policy of the powers not belonging to the region. Many processes are influenced by the USA. In this connection, understanding of the causes and the essence of certain processes developing in the Middle East needs studying of the external policy of Washington and of the  tools used by the USA for achievement of their foreign-policy purposes.


Frolov А.Фролов. “Centers of power” and multipolarity: looking through time

In 1983 it was published a book by Lookin V. titled “Centers of power: concepts and reality”. It was a period of a bitter Soviet and American confrontation, of rivalry of the two world systems. It was quite improbable that time that the existing system could be dismantled. Both in the USSR and in the USA there were practically nobody to imagine that somebody daring to challenge the two world super-powers could appear in the horizon. Each system was getting ready to its own historic victory regarding all the other countries just as chess pieces.  

Surguladze V. Psychological factor in foreign policy as an element of strategic forecasting

Such factor as military, political and social ones are, as a rule, sufficiently evident  acting as key objects of situational analysis and politlogist assessment in process of  foreign policy planning and forecasting, while questions of ideological values, existence of political will and motivation claim a totally special attention  and may be by no means evident by virtue  of considerable cultural differences and special features of world-view and self-consciousness of people in different countries.

Voronkov V. Influence of the concept of unipolar world on the systems of European and international security

Western allies and their like-minded persons are interested in structuring the globalization process basing themselves on the neo-liberal model of development and the Western values that in aggregate provide their further economic, financial and other domination. An informal alliance like this comprises the NATO states and other advanced countries in various continents including neutral and non-aligned ones.

KharquevitchМ. Transformation of “public” and “private”: trends of financing of basic research in advanced countries

The basic thesis of this article comes to the fact that in the countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)   due to transformation of the notions “public” and “private”(from a spatial content to praxiological) the description of fundamental research as a public good and consequently the principles of financing of this research are gradually changing.   Fixation and analysis of these changes form the goal of our study.


Maximychev I. Storm alert left unnoticed

With a fortune cookie like “a talented person is talented in everything” it is also right a reverse rule: “an unlucky person has no luck in anything”.   For this occasion the predecessors of today’s” pokemon hunters” adopted a scornful British and American term – “loser”. The “foremen” of the Soviet “perestroika” could hardly be given any other name.  The praises sung to them in the West turned into bad hardships in the country that they had offered to make happy.

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

“Zavidovo” recreational complex – it’s a life style!

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