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Annotation of magazine number 7, July, 2016

12:05 24.11.2016 •


Address of the President of the Federation of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, to the 8-th      Conference of the Russian Federation ambassadors and permanent representatives. Moscow, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, July the 30-th, 2016.

Denissov АAbout China

Kadakin АAbout India

Kislyak S. About the USA

Fedotov А About  Slovakia

Grushko АAbout  the NATO

Ozerov ОAbout Saudi Arabia  

Vorobyov VAbout Morocco

Tarabin B. About  corruption

Vnukov КAbout Vietnam

Morozov V. About Australia

Kurakov D. About  Gabon

Veshnyakov АAbout  Latvia

Bolotin B. About  Jordan


Balaov А., Ermakov V. To know the Convention as “their five protocols”, or What is  an “inhumane” weapon.

On the 12-16 of December, 2016 in Geneva will take place a Review Conference on the Convention on “Inhumane” Weapons which, alongside with its five protocols, has turned as one of the most important international mechanisms of control on conventional weapons, as well  one of the “main stakes” of the international humanitarian law.

Ananieva E. Brexit: voting from the heart

“Political tsunami”,“existential crisis”, “the Kingdom isn’t quite United now” – this was what the British media had been saying about the results of the plebiscite on the Great Britain’s affiliation to the  EU held on the 23-d of July, 2016. British citizens were asked to give a simple answer to a difficult question, like the one that had been asked to an ancient Greek philosopher, Menedemus the Cynic , in the third century B. C.: “Have you stopped beating your father?”

Frolov АAbkhazia: a zone of alienation or of growth?

A journey to Abkhazia would be interesting from several viewpoints: what is the direction of development opted by the state, how does its self-determination go on, especially if its independence was gained by force of arms. Also it is important to know the prospects of survival of small countries like this in so-called “sanction zone”.  What are the prospects to create a full-fledged statehood?

Belobrov Y. Partnership for peace or for war preparation? Evolution of the relations between Russia and the NATO.  

At the July summit of the NATO in Warsaw alongside with complementary measures in order to intensify the military and political confrontation with Russia it was kick-started a new strategy of the alliance aiming to transform the North Atlantic Bloc from a strictly regional pact of a defensive mutual assistance into a global military and political structure of “cooperative security” submitted to the geopolitical aspirations of the USA and the leading Western countries and also capable to substitute the “ineffective” UNO.

Petrovsky V. Widening of the SOC and regional aspects of the nuclear non-proliferation

Strengthening of the regional trend in the ensuring of nuclear non-proliferation is one of evident direction of the latest years. It has a dialectic character: from one side, a universal; character of the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons claims for common global standards of verification and control, and from the other – the VII Clause of the Treaty provides for any group of member-states the right to conclude regional conventions with the purpose of prohibition and destruction of the nuclear weapons.


Gashparavich I. TheSlovakRepublic is interested in the development of the relations with Russia

The history of disintegration of Czechoslovakia, the challenges of integration into the EU, the problems of immigrants and the theme of the historical friendship with Russia are given in the interview with the Attorney General of Czechoslovakia (1990-1992), the President of the National Council the Republic of Slovakia (1994-1998) and the President of the country (2004-2014).

Ivashentsov G. “Perestroika” inMyanmar: the causes, problems, prospects

There are some serious changes going on in Myanmar formerly known as Burma. A military regime ruling the country since 1962 has been substituted by a civil administration

Pryakhin VAnd againNagorno-Karabakh…

Last spring cannons and volley-fire pieces started shooting again in Nagorno-Karabakh, blood was shed… There were no serious collisions like this along the whole contact line of the conflicting parties since 1994 when Russia and the CIS mediated for a cease-fire agreement signed by the military leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh .    

Shatalova SInvestigation of the South-Ossetian crisis of 2008 in the agenda of  the International Criminal Court: risks for Russia

In the beginning of the current year the Pre-Trial Chamber of ICC sanctioned an official investigation of “the situation in Georgia”. In fact the matter is an investigation of international crimes perpetrated presumably during the period of time since the 1-st of July till the 10-th of October, 2008, in Southern Ossetia regarded by the ICC, basing on the position of the majority of states and international organizations, as an integral part of Georgia.


Brylyov S. “Splinter” country. In connection with the 80-th anniversary of the rupture of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Uruguay

These days, some 80 years ago, in Moscow, the Soviet diplomats banished from Uruguay were unpacking their belongings and had to look for a job, while some others, on the contrary, were getting ready to travel abroad and give in the League of Nations a good fight to “despicable” Uruguay called like this by the Soviet press.    

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

There was a Charity Golf Tournament held in the “Moscow Country Club” on the occasion of the International Day of the Child 

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