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Annotation of magazine number 6, June 2015

22:27 25.08.2015 •


Serguey Ryabkov, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia

We are  needed everywhere, we are influential, we are reckoned with.

The most important thing for us is the proceeding consolidation of the positions of Russia on the international stage, and I insist on this, - in spite of all the attempts to make the case to look like as if Russia is isolated and nearly stays all by itself, - nothing like this.

Evdokimov I., The Democratic Republic of Congo: “the heart” of Africa – the country of Patrice Lumumba

For the 55-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

The year of 1960 stayed in the history as “The Year of Africa”: 17 states of The Black Continent turned independent dropping the chains of the colonialism. TheBelgianCongowasoneofthem. The Democratic Republic of Congo (it is the today’s name of this state) gained it’s independents on the 30 of June of 1960 and this date now is the main national holiday of the country.

Baranov D., 95-th anniversary of the Russian and Turkish diplomatic relations; historical facts and prospects  

On the 3 of June of 2015 completed 95 years since the establishment of the Russian and Turkish diplomatic relations. Russia and Turkey situated in Europe and Asia simultaneously, with their rich historic heritage, ply the role of a kind of bridge between the East and the West.

Lebedeva О., The special features of the institution of public diplomacy in Russia

Te public diplomacy had come into existence due to several interrelated reasons: the globalization, the development of the communication technologies and also due to the intensification of the role and participation of the society in the international affairs. .

Kravchenko I., Kolpakov K. The second forum of young diplomats of The CIS, Abkhazia, and The South Ossetia


Mironov S., Towards the world development through the solidarity

In Moscow took place an international forum “Joint response to the global challenges – the way towards fair world” organized on the initiative of the institute “Fair World” and the party fair Russia”. Its key political motive was to make close as much as possible the positions in the assessment of the contemporary international processes and unite the efforts of the left-of-center parties wishing to prevent revision of the history, concentrate on the search for constructive decisions of the main problems  of today .

Mukhametshin F.,  The strategy of the integration of national minorities – what is the Russian fellow countrymen in Moldavia to wait for?       

In Moldavia has been submitted to public discussion the Strategy of the integration of national minorities. Its essence is a gradual revision of the Moldavian national law    for benefit of the restriction of the rights and legal interests of national minorities and also the creation of conditions for narrowing of the spheres where the Russian language is used.  

Surguladze S., The ideology of an industrious nation: Lee Quang You and the lessons of the Singaporean  “economic miracle”

The social and economic achievements of Singapore make understandable the world’s attention to the reforms carried out by the creator of the Singaporean  “economic miracle”. The first Prime-Minister of Singapore, Lee Quang You, is a hallmark figure for the world of today. He is seen as real guru of economic and political philosophy in many countries of the “Third World’ and industrial countries.     


Ivashentsov I., A long way from the Korean War to the peace in Korea

65 years ago, on the 25 of June of 1950 were fired the first volleys of the Korean war of more than three years long - the bloodiest and the most destructive military conflict in the second half of XX century the consequences of which haven’t been overcome until now.

Chernega V., Russia The Council of Europe: is there any alternative for cooperation?

The confrontation between Russia and the West caused by the Ukrainian crisis affected a number of aspects of their relations including the ones in terms of the Council of Europe. The Russian media paid sufficient attention to the exclusion of the Russian delegation from the vote and some other authorities taken by the Parliament Assembly of the CE in April of 2014 and practically confirmed in January of 2015.

Leonov E., The today’s Germany in the channel of the concept of the global leadership of the USA     

During the last decades Germany managed to create the strongest in Europe and socially oriented market economy with the role of donor for “minor countries” of Europe, and managed to become the key driving force in the direction towards the strengthening of the European integration process. Germany nevertheless have the right to claim for the key role in the contemporary international relations due to the absence of an independent foreign policy. 


Kuznetsov A., “A great holiday of all the diplomacies” For the 200-th anniversary of the Congress of Vienna

The Congress of Vienna was and still is interesting as experience of transformation of international relations, unique for its time. At the Congress had been launched the foundation to the order to guarantee the peace in Europe for nearly 40 years.

Dolgov K., The strategy of the war and the international policy

Under the conditions of globalizing world with some profound and serious transformations going in all the spheres of human life it’s the strategy of vision and forecasting of these transformations that deserves some special attention.

Davydenko A., The allies An international scientific conference “The Soviet and Latin American cooperation during the Second World War”

Havana, 5-6 of May 2015

On the eve of the Victory Day and in the year of the 55-th anniversary of the reestablishment of the diplomatic relations between our country and the Republic of Cuba took place an international scientific conference “The Soviet and Latin American cooperation during the Second World War and the present times” organized by the Institute of the both Americas research Bering-Bellinshausen, the Russian historical society, the Supreme institute of the international relations Raul Roa, the Institute of the history of Cuba..

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

Introducing Russia to the foreign community 

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