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Annotation of magazine number 5, Мау 2015

19:14 22.05.2015 •

Serguey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs of  Russia


The Great Victory – the source of our national pride

Speech at the gala meeting in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation on the occasion of the 70-th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Moscow, the 5 of May 2015


N.Boryoujа.,Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and unstable world of today          

During 13 years that passed since the proclamation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in May of 2002 we managed to create by means of joint efforts an integral collective institution with many functions meant for the consolidation of peace, the international and regional security and stability, for collective defence of the  independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of  the states-members.


V.Аnnenкоv, L.Коnоnоv, Y.Fоkin., Prospects of the international cooperation in the nuclear sphere     

During the last decade the processes of globalization have been touching many spheres of the human activity including the nuclear one. Under the influence of the globalization formerly separate world with nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies has evolved into a global system of nuclear-dependent states and non state institutions with the respective systematic proprieties, such as the stability of the international nuclear relations, resistance to destructive factors, nuclear security, solidarity of the state solving nuclear problems. This global social and political system has been named “nuclear world”


I.Dеmianenco., The unique history of the unique consulate
For the 75-anniversary of the Consulate of Russia in theAland Islands          

The only status consulate in the system of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of nowdays exists in the Aland. The history of this institution and its legal situation are unique not only for the national consulate practice, but also for the foreign one. One of the crucial causes is the sratus of demilitarized zone given to the Aland Islands, while the Consulate of Russia is practically a part of the international mechanism which turn it possible to secure a special legal and political state of the Baltic archipelago within the system the international legal relations.


I.Dеnissov., The evolution of the Chinese foreign policy under Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping has managed to consolidate the power within a shorter  time limit than his predecessor Hu Jintao, while the process of forming of the internal political agenda of “ruling  Xi – Li” (ideologisms of the “fifth generation”), creation of the respective institutions and mechanism were running even quicker then  the observers had expected. This could be explained both by some particularities of the new Chairman’s of the PRC personal stile and more complex challenges demanding some quick decisions.


Е.Тitorеncо., The Second World War: in the West and in the East

There are two versions of the beginning of the World War II existing in the historical science and some new visions of its history and pre-history appearing lately Most of the European scientists that the World War II began with the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany on the 1 of September of 1939.  .

Earlier, with the connivance of the European countries – The Great Britain and France, - Hitler seized Austria and Czechoslovakia. Italy occupied Albania and sent troops to the Northern Africa.  The Chinese historiography suggests that the World War Two began on the 7of June of 1937 related to an open aggression of Japan against China.


А.Frоlоv. The victory and the fates of the world
Reflections on the background of the great holiday   

The time takes as more and more long from that memorial day of May but the significance and the results of the war are enormous for the fates of the contemporary world, for the system of the international relations. There’re a lot of works dedicated to the military and political results of the World War II and to the trends it had caused but there’re some important lessons of that war that should be recollected of.


А.Кirilin., “A historian should jubilate and grieve with his or her people”. One more time about human losses during The Great Patriotic War.

The advocates of the “new attitudes” towards the history of the past war try to impose on the society their version of the causes and the course of The Second World War, they give inadequate information on the composition, number and weapons of troops of warring parties. They make use of various fakes, publish phony calculations according to which the correlation of the German and the Soviet soldiers killed at the Eastern Front had been allegedly one to five, ten and even fourteen.


М.Аrzakyan., Foreign policy of the Provisional government of the French Republic in the end of the Second World War

According to the armistice concluded with Hitler by Marshal Petain on the 22 of June of 1940 France had been divided into two parts. Two thirds of the country including its capital were occupied by Germany. The southern part and the colonies hadn’t been occupied remaining under control of Petain’s government. But actually in the same time with “Petain France” came into existence another, “Free France” – an organization created in London by the French General, Charles de Gaulle who hadn’t surrendered to the enemy.


I.Bоndаrеncо., The Great Patriotic War: the last charge of the Cossacks

By the order №67 from the People’s Commissar of Defence, K.Voroshilov, of the 23 of April of 1936 started the formation of special cavalry division manned with Cossacks which had been named “The Cossack Divisions”. There were a lot of natives of Kuban and Don who fought bravely not only in the Cossack but in other units of the Red Army. It should be mentioned the Cossack unites manned basically with former emigrants fighting on the side of the Wehrmacht but their number had been incomparably less than the Cossacks that liberated Prague, stormed Berlin.


I.Glаdkоv., Foreign trade of theRussian Federation and the sanctions: preliminary results     

The dynamic situation within the international trade has been going rather dramatically during the latest years. So it’s not by chance that it was on the 7-th of December of 2013 when a conference of ministers of the World Trade Organization made a desperate attempt in order to activate the international exchange approving the so called “Baltic Package” of appropriate urgent  measures to be taken in this sphere.


N.Khaustоv., Informational security. View of UNESCO

With the appearance of informational and communicational technologies and their heavy growth, UNESCO, along with the sectors of education and science, has created the Sector of Communication and Information with the goal of analyzing of the contemporary problems of informational society through the prism of education, science and culture.


S.Gаsrаtian.,Israel and Jordan: partners by necessity

The relations between Israel and Jordan were always special. Consequently supporting and practicing anti-Zionist policy Jordan however took the decisions basing on practical considerations, such as geographical  proximity of the two countries, western orientation of the King Hussein and modest territorial aspirations of Jordan.


А.Dzаssоkhоv., Trust to the author – criterion of assessment of the books by Evgueny Primakov         

V.Тrubnikоv., Where there are no any breath of “spring”

А.Vorоntsov., Two Koreas in the contemporary world    

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs ofRussia

Recreational complex “Zavidovo”

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