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Annotation of magazine number 9, September 2014

16:13 22.09.2014 •


V. Nebenzya. 70Th Anniversary of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

E. Stanislavov. Economic Service of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: From Past to Present

September 7, 2014 is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Economic Department within Russia's foreign ministry which, at the time, used to be known as the USSR People's Commissariat of Foreign Affairs. The specialized department's mission was to  handle the state affairs of the economic character with considerable foreign-affairs aspects

V. Vorob'ev. A Win-Win Result

A package of agreements on the Russian-Chinese border section crossing an island at the confluence of the Amur and the Ussuri rivers  and in the proximity of an island at the upper reaches of the Argun' River was signed a decade ago, on October 14, 2004. The deal marked the end of a 40-year diplomatic marathon  along the bumpy road towards resolving border disputes between Moscow and Beijing

V. Zakharov. On Some of the Political Objectives for Russia's Chairmanship in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, which convened in Dushanbe this September, marked the start of Russia's 2014-2015 chairmanship in the organization

I.V. Khalevinskiy's 70th Birthday


V. Olenchenko. Euroskeptics Gain Grounds in the European Parliament

The media described the outcome of last May race to the European parliament as unexpected if not downright revolutionary. Ahead of the elections, polls suggested clearly that the parliament's traditional majority would shrink to an extent, but  ultimately the shift proved to be tectonic

B. Zaritsky. German Investments in Russia

Traditionally, Germany is a netto-exporter of investments. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), as of late 2013 Germany's direct foreign investments exceeded the volumes invested by other countries in Germany by a factor of 2, the figures being respectively $1.7 trillion and $851b  

E. Alyapova. Nationalism Both a Friend and an Enemy of the Eastern Partnership

Over the time of its existence, the Eastern Partnership has never drawn as much attention as in the months since Ukraine declined to sign an association deal with the EU at the November, 2013 Vilnius summit.

A. Stepanenko. Eurasian Integration within the CIS

Integration based on the complimentary character of national markets is a prerequisite for the  sustainable development of today's economies. In this regard, the Common Economic Space is an excellent instrument combining political, legislative, informational, and institutional potentials

Ukrainian Vector

Gilles Remy. France May End Up Being the Biggest Loser in the Current Crisis

Since the collapse of the USSR a couple of decades ago, today is a unique moment as we are opening a phase of transition due to the crisis in Ukraine. Consequences may be dire and will linger for the whole Europe as political cracks appear across the continent

V. Ratushnyak. Personally Discovering the History of Galicean Lands


A. Oganesyan. Who Are You, Mr. Tefft?

John F. Tefft has a reputation of a diplomat with a seriously expanded functional range. Not exactly young, he, nevertheless, counts among the same new generation of the US Department of State as his predecessor M. McFaul, the cohort's creed being “to advance democracy” by engaging deeply with oppositions and civil societies. Former US ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock coined a curious assessment of this rising ideologically charged wave of the US diplomacy


Fragrant Mountains and Crystal Waters of Cyril Barsky

Books of verse by Cyril Barsky saw the light of day recently. The journal's readership is familiar with Barsky as a foreign-policy commentator focusing on the themes of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russian-Chinese relations, etc., but this time, we introduce the diplomat in a role of a poet

K. Dolgov, E. Starikova. James Joyce's Eternal Paradoxes

On Thursday, June 16, 1904, James Joyce, an obscure author at the time, met his future wife, the day later being known as Bloomsday and celebrated by Joyce's admirers worldwide. In March, 1914 he started his masterpiece Ulysses and grew preoccupied with writing it to the point of becoming completely oblivious to the surrounding world's developments, including World War I

M. Oreshina. Connecting Lands and Epochs

In every epoch, the Russian world has had a tendency towards self-translation, towards reaching out to the world outside and placing its original value system on new orbits. The creative part of the society used to be particularly keen to relate the Russian culture to the realm of otherness, and literature has always been the main avenue for the communication

O. Ivanova. Chelsey, Liss, Moscow – the Flower Symphony

The Third International Moscow Flower Show opened to present to viewers the latest trends in the landscape industry. The event dubbed 'the flower high fashion week' occupies a couple of hectares at Moscow's Gorky Park, giving it a kind of a paradise charm. Visitors will find here impressive architectural solutions and fresh ideas on how to decorate with gardens and flowers both urban territories and private estates   

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