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Annotation of journal number 1, January 2014

09:01 05.02.2014 •


S. Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

On the whole, the year was very colorful.

In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pronounced their opinions on the topic of Russian-American relations. It is worth adding that, unfortunately, some of our American partners failed to get rid of some of the stereotypes they associate with Russia. Because of this, they do not always correctly understand what is expedient when dealing with Russia.

Keywords: Iran's nuclear program, Syrian chemical weapons, the START Treaty, Russian- American relations, Afghanistan, missile defense.


Editor in Chiefs Column

A. Oganesyan. The Miracle of Christmas

The birth of Jesus Christ happened in the darkest period of human history. Cruelty prevailed in many forms of personal and social life, which were often addressed by the subject of some form of demonic lust that pervaded all social strata. It is easy to imagine how "out of place" in terms of academic history Christ appeared in preaching not only love thy neighbor, and not just love, but sacrificial love.

Keywords: Christmas, Reverend Justin (Popovich), the love of God.



Giuseppe Tullio. What's wrong with the economy in Western Europe?

The main reasons for the crisis in Western Europe, in the first place, are too highly increased labor costs over the past decade, and that the overall investment climate now is not so favorable as before.

Keywords: Western Europe economies, government spending, taxes, GDP.



Archimandrite Macarius. Activities of the Metropolitan.

Cardinal Isidore on the background of the Byzantine, Old Russian

and Western European -Latin policy. Part II

July 2014 marks 575 years of the Union of Florence. An active participant in the cathedral in Florence was Isidore, the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia. On August 17th, 1439 Metropolitan Isidore was proclaimed the papal legate "from the edge of the apostolic" for Lithuania, Livonia and Russia, endowed with "broad powers in all ecclesiastical and political spheres."

Keywords: Isidore - the papal legate , Pope Eugenius, the Grand Duke, Count Vasily Vasilovich, Suzdal monk Simeon, Ferrara-Florence cathedral, Byzantium, Constantinople, Orthodoxy .


A. Sverchkov. Admiral Oskar von Kremer – a son of Finland in the service of Russia.

Can one call Oskar von Kremer, a son Finland, a patriot of his small homeland during his lifetime? Surely so. He was painfully aggravated by Russian - Finnish relations at the turn of the XXth century. With all due respect to Russia, he did not share the government’s tightening of its relations with Finland, where the people were becoming increasingly aware of themselves as an independent nation.

Keywords: Oscar von Kremer, the frigate "Alexander Nevsky”, Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, Atlantic squadron, Finland.



B. Pyadyshev. Worldwide "International Law"

Keywords: textbook on "International Law”, the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


E. Osipov. Italy: recent political history.

Keywords: Italian Communist Party, the Christian Democratic Party, Silvio Berlusconi, two-party system, Atlanticism.



Yalta 2013

The crisis of European integration: lessons for the post-Soviet area.

In Yalta on the 16th-20th October 2013 an annual international conference was organized by "International Affairs Magazine" with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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