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Abstract of the journal number 10, October, 2012

12:12 08.10.2012 •


S. Naryshkin

Russia and PACE: Options for the Future

On October 2, the PACE session passed a resolution on Russia which carried a number of statements unacceptable to Moscow, causing the Russian delegation to vote against the document

Bob Carr, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia

On the 70th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations Between Australia and Russia

The relations between Australia and Russia have gone a long and difficult way over the seven decades since the establishment of the diplomatic ties between the countries, the sails of ocean convoys, Cold War tensions, and a partnership in Asia Pacific being parts of the history

M. Vanin

Russia and Denmark: The Legacy of Neighborly Co-Existence Built Throughout Centuries

The Dutch identity is quintessentially that of a small European nation, though the perception can be easily challenged considering that Denmark must be recognized as Europe's second-largest country if the territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands integral to the Kingdom of Denmark are taken into account. In any case, Denmark is by no means a background player in the European political concert


Romano Prodi

Europe Needs Russia

As an old-school politician, I am fully aware of the importance of carefully studying the interests of individual countries. The analysis warrants the conclusion that – regardless of different perspectives on foreign-policy in general and the Middle Eastern developments in particular - no country stands to benefit from the disintegration of Europe


G. Gatilov

The Record of Crisis Responses: Whom is the International Community Supposed to Protect?

These days, the question in the title may ignite wider political controversy than any other. Since it largely dominated the agenda of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly which opened in September, a group of countries initiated on the sidelines of the event an informal meeting on the responsibilities linked to international protection and to the prevention of mass atrocities

S. Filatov

The World in Transition. An Account of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly

The 67th Session of the UN General Assembly opened in New York on September 25. Chaired by Serbian diplomacy chief Vuk Jeremic,  it featured on the program the talks to be given by 116 country leaders and primers, as well as by foreign ministers and heads of national delegations, plus a number of conferences and meetings of international commissions

A. Varfolomeev

Non-State Actors a Threat to Global Peace and Security: the Position of the UN Security Council on the Problem

These days, international relations factor crucially into the development of individual societies. As a result, the UN as  a whole and the UN Security Council in particular increasingly attract mostly unprofessional criticisms


A. Gromyko

Russia Between Europe and Asia

Russia's European character and the corresponding tendencies underlying its foreign policy are no reasons to assume that the country may neglect its interests outside of Europe. Like quite a few of its European peers, Russia used to be an empire with a territory stretching far beyond the confines of Europe

A. Panov

The Complexities of the Engagement with Asia

In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had to  cultivate the relations with the Asia Pacific countries – the former allies from the socialist camp, the US partners, the traditionally mistrustful ASEAN, and the rising China and India – literally from scratch. In the process, Moscow had to define its role in the mosaic of regional interactions and to spell out its positions on various regional groups   


Is Global Energy to Translate into New Geopolitical Equations? A Debate

Recent technological breakthroughs combined with the tectonic shifts in the Middle East and North Africa promise unprecedented changes in the sphere of world energy. Experts convened at the round table to discuss the global energy trends arising in the evolving geopolitical settings


A. Oganesyan

“The Woman was Offered to Become Somebody's Second Wife and to Convert to Islam”

The infringements on the rights of Russian women and children being systemic in many parts of the world, Russia's response to the problem must be appropriately decisive and comprehensive. In addition to being handled with utmost seriousness by Russian embassies and consulates, the incidents should top the lists of concerns for the media and the human rights groups, and, no doubt, should occupy important lines on the agendas of any negotiations with the leaders of the countries where Russian citizens face abuses


Archimandrite Makarius

Correspondence Between Moscow Metropolitan Makarius and the Vilnius Bishops

Metropolitan Makarius, a remarkable ecclesiastic leader who headed the Russian church in the middle of the XVI century, contributed enormously to the Russian culture and diplomacy


V. Sibilev, B. Ionov

The Young Leader School. A New Project for Countrymen Abroad

As the opening of the IV Global Congress of Countrymen, which will be held on October 26-27, 2012, is drawing closer, the time comes to review the accomplishments scored since the previous forum in generating and implementing new ideas, projects, and approaches to Moscow's work with the countrymen abroad


G. Ivashentsev

A First-Hand Report: Notes by the Russian Ambassador to South Korea

E. L'vova

What the “Arab Spring” Stands for 

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