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Abstract of journal № 7, July 2012

11:39 27.07.2012 •

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia
Speech at the meeting of ambassadors and permanent representatives of the Russian Federation. International Organizations in Moscow on July 9, 2012

The World Trade Organization
A. Denisov, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
Foreign Policy Aspects of Russia's accession to WTO

Russia's membership in the WTO is complete proof of the confidence of foreign partners in the economic and investment policy of the Russian government.

I.Rudenskiy, chairman of the State Duma.
After joining the WTO investment will come to us ...
In the end result, we will benefit from the accession to the WTO, because we will learn to compete.

A. Oganesyan. Iran - Caspian: the path to a global project
European Union's decision to refuse to import Iranian oil from July 1 this year, sharply aggravated the situation in Tehran .

K. Kosachev: Russian cooperation: first results and development prospects.
"Civilized lobbying", the defense and promotion of Russian interests in the humanitarian sphere can be considered in the broadest sense to be a mission of Russian cooperation.

Ibrahim Gambari Agbula. It is time to establish peace in Darfur.
In the international community there is a consensus about the fact that at this point the agreement signed in Darfur gives the best chance for a long lasting peace.

A. Sternik. Central Asia and Russia: the power of attraction.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, including Central Asia.

V. Kuznechevsky. Russia between China and the U.S.
Beijing has a vital interest to remain friendly  with Russia.

M. Hodynskaya-Golenishcheva. Does everybody love a winner?
The crisis in Libya raises the question of how "far" the international community and its individual members be allowed to assist States in crisis.


Seyed Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi. Five Iranian proposals for a mediation team for

the next round of talks in Moscow on June 17-19 this year, on Iran's nuclear program.


K. Vnukov. Russia and the Republic of Korea: our relations stand out for their durability.
We have reached a historic record in trade between us - $ 25 billion. The amount, of course, is impressive, but this is not the limit.
A. Gromov. On the doctrine of Eurasian Energy.
Energy infrastructure can be the basis of a Eurasian Union.
V. Kozin. European missile defense: a dead end from which you can still find a way out.
The impasse in addressing European missile defenses can be overcome with a constructive approach to it by the United States, which has created it artificially.
Y. Sychugova. Russia visa-free dialogue with the EU
Today sees the real prospect of gradual visa facilitation and the final logical step that may lead to the total abolition of visas between Russia and the EU.


V. Sibilev. Young compatriots and the 200th anniversary of Russia's victory in the War of 1812.
The next International Youth Forum of Compatriots held on April 23-25 this year in Moscow with the support of the Government Commission and the Russian Foreign Ministry and was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Russia's victory in the war of 1812.

A. Petrov. Secrets of Russian America
Russia had the honor of opening the most difficult part of America.
"International Affairs" - 90 YEARS.

A. Romanov. Periodicals PCFA in 1920 ...
In the middle of 1922 after the release of edition number 6, the "People`s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs Journal” ceased publication. It was replaced by "International Affairs" - a new edition, which was organized by the Press Department in March 1922.


I. Rudneva. Scientists on the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
A. Yurev. The Story of a betrayal ...
V.  Sokolov. De Gaulle, twenty years after
N. Klischenkova. The Helsinki Process and European Security
G. Shayhutdinova. Russia as an international personality
In memory of N. I. Vorobeva

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