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Abstract of the journal number 7, July, 2011

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European Security

A. Grushko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

We Should Bring to Completion the Process of Purging Our Relations of the Cold War Legacy

The world is entering the transition phase from the global opposition between two camps to a new security architecture based on cooperation, but this does not mean that it became safer or more predictable.

Keywords: climate of international relations in the Euro-Atlantic region, the concept of common indivisible security, European missile defense, the purging of international relations of the Cold War legacy


Dimitrios P. Droutsas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece in September, 2010 – June, 2011

We Should Think Globally and Act Locally

No doubt, confidence and trust are largely the prevalent traits in Europe's atmosphere, and the diplomatic and political foundations needed to strengthen European security are already in place.

Keywords: the “Corfu Process“, European security, OSCE, the strengthening and modernization of European security


A. Oganesyan.

UN Reform: the European Dimension

There may be broad consensus that a UN reform is necessary, but consensus over the approaches to the reform is totally lacking

Keywords: UN reform, the Westphalian system, epoch of turbulence, present-day threats and challenges


V. Trubnikov.

Russia-NATO Missile Defense Cooperation Key to Euro-Atlantic Security

Success of cooperation in the sphere of ballistic missiles could change the wider rules of the game. It could help to leave behind the historically entrenched suspicions and to finally get the desired strategic transformations to materialize.

Keywords: the strengthening of Euro-Atlantic security, Missile Defense work group, joint design of missile defense, Euro-Atlantic security community

A. Gromyko.

Security via Cooperation: What It Really Means

To cope with common threats, we need to achieve greater cohesion and start acting jointly earlier than potential threats translate into actual ones. Consequently, what is needed is a shared mechanism of permanent monitoring, a network of tightly interwoven political and expert-level efforts.

Keywords: security via cooperation, UN, OSCE, Russia-NATO Council, the Council of Europe, the EU


V. Sokolenko

The Athens Dialog on European Security

The result of our work with international expert circles is the modernization of the West's political thinking leading to the increasing realization that building an international security architecture without admitting Russia to the process is an unrealistic pursuit.

Keywords: The conference on prospects and suggestions for the military-political dimensions of European security, the “Corfu Process


N. Bordyuzha, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization

Collective Security Treaty Organization: A Decade of Countering Challenges and Threats

Next year is the year of the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Collective Security Treaty and of the 10th anniversary of the decision to found on its basis a permanent Collective Security Treaty Organization

Keywords: Collective Security Treaty Organization, Council of Foreign Ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Economic Security Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior, cooperation between  the Collective Security Treaty Organization and international organizations, collective security system



K. Vnukov

What Kind of Asia is Russia Getting Integrated Into?

It appears that for us a key issue is how Asians see their own region and whether they perceive it as an independent global player or as a formal conglomerate of Asia Pacific countries.

Keywords: Asia Pacific, East Asia, regional cooperation, integration, “open regionalism”


A. Lukin

Central Asia and Afghanistan in Russia's Strategy

Central Asia and generally the south are of great importance to Russia, among other reasons, as the parts of the world from which the key security threats emanate

Keywords: terrorist threat, Taliban, Al Qaeda, International Security Assistance Force, The Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation, the drug threat


Editor's Column

A. Oganesyan

Henry Kissinger on the Benefits of Historical Memory and on World War III

Henry Kissinger's new book is a treatise on China but, upon deeper examination, it rather proves to reflect a wider array of themes in various ways revolving around China. In the book, the panoramic vision laid out by Kissinger, a paragon of American thought, is by mo means confined to the narrowly defined Chinese theme.

Keywords: Henry Kissinger, On China, Al Qaeda, the predictology genre



Erlinda F. Basilio, Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary

The 35th Anniversary of the Relations Between Russia and the Philippines: Progress Made in the Epoch of Profound Change

The Philippines and Russia are celebrating the 35th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, a milestone in the history of a partnership between a dynamic country and a global power entering its economic modernization phase

Keywords:  the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Russia, Peter Dobell, Shelter Island, Erlinda F. Basilio


Bùi Đình Dĩnh, Embassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Vietnam to the Russian Federation

It is Hard to Say Good Bye, but Life Must Go On

There was an epoch when the relations between the Soviet Union and Vietnam used to be excellent, and ties in the spheres of trade, culture, and education flourished. These days, the picture is somewhat different...

Keywords: Vietnam's Embassy in Russia, Declaration on the Strategic Partnership Between Russia and Vietnam, the Vietnamese diaspora, cooperation in education, Vietnamese restaurants



Yu. Shafranik

Russia-EU: Looking Beyond Forums: Rebuilding Russia from Tyumen to Vladivostok

Europe is marching its own way, with every step resulting from serious debates and legitimized via majority acceptance. Leveling criticisms at Europe makes little sense – what Russia should do is seek out opportunities based on the understanding of Europe's decisions.

Keywords: 3rd Energy Package of the EU, the European home, Nord Stream, South Stream, the Sakhalin projects, “Europe is our common home”


G. Tosunyan

Generally, Russia is a Magnet for Investments, but Capitals Occasionally Tend to Be Capricious

It is a misconception that the Association of Russian Banks simply promotes banking community's interests. It is in the interests of the banks to see consumers - their tomorrow's clients – grow.

Keywords: the crisis of financial services underproduction, withdrawal from mono-currency, currency diversification, Association of Russian Banks, investment attraction


V. Likhachev

Russian Business Abroad: Problems and Prospects

Civilizational globalistics implies a concert of sovereign states playing their creative roles and of international partnership as a whole

Keywords: Memorandum on an Early Warning Mechanism in the Energy Sector, 3rd Energy Package, Alliance of the Right Forces, Customs Union, WTO, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


A. Kuznetsov

Is There a Point in State Support For Russia's Investments Abroad?

Views on the feasibility of stimulating Russian investments abroad span the full range from the positive to the negative.

Keywords: transnational corporations, foreign investments, export of direct investments, state support, investment companies


Moscow Diplomatic Corps

Juan Antonio March, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Spain to Russia

Drive for Innovation Attracts Us to Each Other

The year of our two countries is an impressive complex of events in the spheres of economy, culture, arts, educations, and public life.

Keywords: Juan Antonio March, the year of Spain in Russia and the year of Russia in Spain, ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to Russia, relations between Russia and Spain


Elections 2011

V. Churov

An Epoch of Exceptional Stability of Russia's Electoral System

Russia's 6th parliamentary elections are tentatively planned on December 4, and this will be Russia's first parliament with a five-year term. In March 2012, a president will be elected for a term of six years.

Keywords: Russian Central Electoral Commission, V. Churov, presidential and parliamentary elections, electronic ballots, domestic and international monitoring institutions, remote voting, the Vanishing Cities photographic series


N. Konkin

International Cooperation in the Sphere of Electoral systems: the Russia-Brazil Partnership

Over the nearly two decades of its existence, Russia's Central Electoral Commission accumulated an extensive experience in the cooperation with foreign partners, including the electoral agencies of Latin American countries.

Keywords: the electoral processes in Latin American countries, international cooperation in the sphere of electoral systems, Brazil's electronic voting system


Russian World

L. Reshetnikov

Moral Causes Behind Russia's National Catastrophe

The civil war in Russia ended 90 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of our countrymen were forced to emigrate in that distant epoch, the Russian Exodus giving rise to the unique phenomenon of the Russian émigré community.

Keywords: Civil War, Gen. P.N. Wrangel, the Russian Exodus, the February Coup, Saint John of Kronstadt, St. Theophan the Recluse, Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow, the Optina Hermitage elders, Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov, the White Army


V. Sibilev

Young Compatriots and the 50th Anniversary of Gagarin's Space Flight

A conference of young compatriots dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's space flight and supported by the Government Commission for the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad convened in Moscow.

Keywords: the Government Commission for the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad, Moscow International Conference of Young Compatriots, the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's space flight, Star City, Flight Control Center, anonymous survey of conference participants


Humanitarian Ties

A. Kirilin

Venerating Those Who Died for the Country

The work centered around the maintenance of military memorials in and outside of Russia saw major improvements over the past 3-4 years.

Keywords: Memorial-2011, Association for Military Memorials Cooperation,  the Generation Foundation


Yu. Zinin

The Likhachev Readings: A Dialog of Cultures

The Likhachev Readings brought together prominent academicians, activists, and politicians from in and outside of Russia.

Keywords: XI Academic Likhachev Readings, dialog of cultures in the settings of globalization, St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions


Services Office

Receptions House

Keywords: Receptions House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Spiridonovka Street, Konstantin Bogaevsky, Michael Vrubel, Fyodor Schechtel

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