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Abstract of the journal number 3, March, 2011

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We have opened a Window of Opportunity for Cooperation

Álvaro Colom, President of the Republic of Guatemala

In an exclusive interview to International Affairs, President  Álvaro Colom described the relations between Guatemala and Russia as well as Guatemala's energy policy, efforts aimed at fighting drug trafficking, and general role in Latin America. He also told about the magic of Guatemala...

Keywords: Alvaro Colom, President of Guatemala, Mezo-America plan, Central American Integration System


The Prospects for Cooperation Between Russia and the IAEA are Excellent

Yukiya Amano

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amanois convinced that in the world of today there are no US, French, or Japanese reactors. Rather, it is fair to say that everybody is working – and, as a parallel process, everybody is competing – with everybody else.

Keywords: Yukiya Amano, IAEA Director General, international project for innovative nuclear reactors and fuel cycles, agreement on the establishment of assured reserves of low-grade uranium at the Angarsk International Uranium Enrichment Center, Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, IAEA Nuclear Security Fund


OPEC is Unique and Cannot Be Replicated  

Abdallah Salem el-Badri  

As the first step, OPEC made its voice heard in the sphere of price targeting. This was the first step. An then - as time went on - we established our national oil companies and shared with the international grands various operations including the exploration, the production, and, importantly, the marketing.

Keywords: OPEC, Abdallah Salem el-Badri, OPEC Secretary General


The OPEC Foundation for International Development: Our Partners Are Low-Income or Middle-Income Countries 

Suleiman Jasir Al-Herbish 

Our programs are not grants, or, rather, they are not limited to grants. We are a developmental institution, and being one means that you provide loans, but they are concessional loans extended on very soft terms.

Keywords: OPEC Foundation for International Development, OFID, Russia, Saudi Arabia


Russia and OPEC: Partners or Competitors?


International Affairs, supported by the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, the Soyuzneftegaz company, and the World Policy and Resources Foundation, organized a discussion meant to highlight the potential avenues for cooperation between Russia and OPEC and to provide insights into their roles in today's increasingly energy-dependent world.

Keywords: OPEC, energy resources, hydrocarbons, Russia-OPEC cooperation memorandum



Middle East: The Perfect Storm

S. Filatov

Middle East experts still have difficulty identifying the root causes of the rebellions which erupted almost simultaneously in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Bahrain, and Oman. So far, the efforts aimed at answering the key question – Cui prodest? - met with limited success.

Keywords: Middle East, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan, social unrest, technological unemployment, «Agflation», Washington”s «creative destruction» strategy


Russia-NATO Relations in the Context of the Alliance's New Strategic Concept

A. Orlov

NATO's adopting a new strategic concept at the November, 2010 Lisbon Summit and the passing of a special statement by the Russia-NATO Council at the forum ignited debates in Russia and other countries over the meaning of the current developments and the future of NATO's relations with the world.

Keywords: NATO strategic concept, Russia-NATO council, NATO, Lisbon summit, missile defense


The Future of NATO

Hans-Joachim Spanger

It was officially confirmed at NATO's Lisbon Summit that the alliance would continue to adhere to its belt-tightening policies prompted by the global economic crisis and the austerity measures individually taken by NATO countries.

Keywords: NATO Lisbon summit, NATO strategic concept, Russia-NATO Council


Moscow – Madrid: Cooperation Milestones

N. Anikeeva, Yu. Dubinin

On February 25, 2011, Russian President D. Medvedev and King of Spain Juan Carlos I opened the year of Spain in Russia and the year of Russia in Spain. The plan for the year includes around 350 events in the spheres of politics, economy, culture, and education.

Keywords: Russian-Spanish relations, V.V. Putin”s visit to Spain, D.A. Medvedev”s  visit to Spain, Year of Spain in Russia and of Russia in Spain


Editor's Column

Japan Will Cope with the Disaster, but the Price to Be Paid is the Issue

Armen Oganesyan

In Japan, the nuclear sector is not only an influential business with its own well-connected lobby like those we are quite familiar with. Japan's nuclear sector actually means a lot more to the country, largely due to having been the driver of the Japanese economic miracle. 

Keywords: Japan, nuclear power plant, Fukushima 1, earthquake, energy security


The World Around US

Russia and Asia

K. Brutents

Two of Asia's countries – China and India – are en route to the global power status, plus a number of Asian countries have already emerged or are about to emerge as influential players in today's polycentric world.

Keywords: Asia, Orient, Asia-centered cultural identity, ASEAN, Asia Pacific, China, BRICS, India


Actualization as Cuba's Own Brand of Modernization

A. Moiseev

Havana has officially announced an upgrade of Cuba's economic model meant to help the country adapt to the XXI century challenges.

Keywords: Cuba, actualization, Socioeconomic policy draft, economic reforms


Baltic Recipes For Historical Reflexions

M. Oreshina

Anti-Russian rhetoric in the Baltic republics, Central and East Europe, the EU, and international organizations is raging, but Russia should have no difficulty responding to the allegations with serious arguments.

Keywords: Falsification of history, Baltic republics, slurs at Russia, historical memory issues



Born to Be a Diplomat

V. Pyadyshev

Talents earned O.A. Troyanovsky high-ranking posts in the Russian diplomatic hierarchy and a place in the gallery of statesmen who shaped Russia's foreign policies. His friends and colleagues wrote a book about O.A. Troyanovsky which saw the light of day by the end of 2010.

Keywords: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, O.A. Troyanovsky, US, China, Japan

The True History of World War II

A. Paderin

“The History of The Great Patriotic War. 1941-1945”, a fundamental two-volume treatise, is now available to the readership. V.A. Zoltarev, head of the project which materialized in the book, says the society needs trustworthy historical information on World War II in Russia to draw conclusions from the experience and to avoid tragic mistakes in dealing with present-day problems.

Keywords: World War II, new treatise on the war history, objectives and development avenues for history research

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