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Abstract of the journal number 12, December, 2010

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Russia and India: a Decade-Long Strategic Partnership

S. Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

India has been Russia's reliable partner throughout various epochs. The Russian-Indian strategic partnership is based on absolute trust, compatibility of the two countries' fundamental interests, common vision of development goals, and shared approaches to the majority of the present-day problems as well as on an exceptionally broad cooperation combined with far-reaching plans.

Moscow Diplomatic Corps

Russia and Israel: the Two Strategic Partners and the Two Countries Where People Sing the Same Folk Songs

Dorit Golender, Israeli Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

On October 18, 2010 Israeli Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Dorit Golender provided her credentials to Russian president D. Medvedev. She discussed her mission in Russia, the relations between Russia and Israel, and the two countries' shared legacy in an interview to International Affairs editor-in-chief A. Oganesyan.

Pro et Contra

Debates. Energy and Environment

Experts discussed the interconnection between energy, ecology, economy, and politics in the modern world and in Russia, the country ranking among the top suppliers of fuel to the global market, during the debates at the Supreme Mining Council which were organized by International Affairs.


What Future is NATO Heading For? The Lisbon Perspective

P. Petrovsky, V. Dedushkin.

Doubts concerning the very feasibility of NATO were occasionally expressed at various seminars which convened in Lisbon on the eve of the NATO summit. At the moment, the alliance facing drastic cuts of national defense budgets in the ranks of its members clearly needs a new rationale to avoid collapse and to maintain its existing potential. 

The Year of France in Russia and the Year of Russia in France

M. Azarkanyan, T. Zvereva.

The relations between France and Russia, the countries situated in the west and in the east of Europe, widened steadily since the early XVIII century. Today it is fair to say that the cooperation between France and Russia already counts 300 years.

Evolution of Protectionist Policies in Great Britain and the US

A. Kuznetsov.

Advocates of free trade routinely avoided practicing what they preached and built protectionist barriers, thus destabilizing the global economy and drawing disproportionate benefits at the expense of other countries

The Bundeswehr Reform

I. Kravchenko.

Reform and optimization of the armed forces have been a recurrent theme in Germany for several years. Recently, German president Horst Köhler re-energized the debates by expressing the view that the  Bundeswehr should take a bigger role in protecting the country's economic interests.

Editor's Column

How Long Is the War in Afghanistan Going to Last?

A. Oganesyan.

It is widely believed that currently the US is falling into the same traps in Afghanistan as the USSR did in the distant epoch of the Soviet campaign, but there is more logic in the view that Washington is accumulating mistakes of its own which stem from the past US collaboration with the Talibs. Moreover, under the new Administration the US reanimated the policy of allying with the Talibs.


The Economic Downturn and the Future of the Gas Sector

A. Medvedev.

For the gas sector, the key question is how long it is going to take the demand to rebound to the pre-crisis level

Essence and Dimensions of the Economic Security

V. Pan'kov.

The 2008-2010 crisis highlighted an array of global economic problems, the national and international economic security being among the most pressing on the list

The Global Financial Crisis and the Prospects for Infrastructural Projects

V. Varnavsky.

Currently there is hardly a country in the modern world which is not confronted with the problem of inadequacy of its industrial infrastructures to meet today's needs. Chronic traffic jams, mountains of waists, and crumbling state buildings look anachronistic in highly productive, computerized, and robotized post-industrial economies.

The World We Live In

The Evolution of Geopolitical Symbols

L. Ternovaya.

In politics, semiotic systems materialize in specific symbols and emblems while the mythology they help sustain tends to reflect the corresponding archetypes

The Current State of Space Research

L. Zeleny.

The US space research program is not limited to piloted space flights. Its scientific agenda includes serious exploration of the adjacent and remote parts of space. Observatories for astrophysics research as well as new space stations for studies of the moon and the Solar system planets are being created, preparations for flights to Jupiter and Pluto are underway, and stereoscopic observations of the Sun are being carried out.

The Russia-US Space Partnership

S. Puzanov.

The cooperation in space is reaching a new level, and the partnership of only two countries currently seems unable to contribute sufficient efforts to put into practice truly revolutionary projects. The development of space-related technologies has been somewhat slower than the overall technological progress, and  at the moment we are forced to rely on the key technologies which in many cases are up to 50 years old. The cooperation is space exploration promises new and possibly unanticipated partnership configurations.


On the Treatment of Statehood Ills

V. Burenin.

Statehood Ills. Diagnozing the Pathologies of Governance and Law Systems by S. Ya. Kuritsa and V.P. Vorob'ev, which saw the light of day this year, should attract the attention of both the scholars interested in the problems of governance and the general public which seems increasingly tired of the lack of professionalism routinely encountered in state institutions

The Saudi King As Seen by a Russian Scholar

S. Filatov.

Well-known writer and historian A. Vasil'ev who authored several books on the Saudi Arabia presented a serious treatise titled King Faisal: His Personality, Epoch, and Faith, which contains a vivid portrayal of one of the Arab world's most remarkable political figures.

In Memoriam

A Tribute to A.K. Kislov

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