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Abstract to Journal No. 2, February, 2023

12:42 27.02.2023 •


Sergey Lavrov,Foreign Minister. Speech at the solemn meeting on the occasion of the Day of the Diplomatic Worker Moscow, February 10, 2023

Today, Russia is at the forefront of international efforts to establish the enduring values of truth and justice in the world, to protect universally recognized international legal norms, including the sovereign equality of States (regardless of their size and form of government), and non-interference in internal affairs. We will continue to closely coordinate our actions with numerous friends, allies and like-minded people.

Keywords: Day of the Diplomatic Worker, Russia, February 10, 2023


Andrey Sidorov. G. V. Chicherin: Personal and Political

Chicherin's main political testament paradoxically coincides with the foreign policy strategy of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, formulated by him in the XIII century: "Strengthen the defense in the west,and in the east." These words also defined the quintessence of Soviet foreign policy in the first post-revolutionary decade.

Keywords: G. V. Chicherin, People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, foreign policy, Soviet Russia, Soviet Union, national interests.


Galina Sidorova. Prospects for Russia's cooperation with African states

Russia needs Africa just as much as Africa needs Russia. This is evidenced by historical facts in favor of multilateral cooperation. At the same time, the role and significance of emerging trends on the continent should not be overstated.

Keywords: Russia, Africa, security, cooperation, prospects, national interests, armed conflicts.


Grigory Ivliev. African regional organizations in the field of intellectual property

Intellectual property protection is an integral part of the process of regional economic rapprochement, in which States that are members of a particular regional integration grouping take part.

Key words: OAPI, IP, ARIPO, WIPO.


Nikolay Sologubovsky. Alexander Rubtsov at the Russian Museum: The Long Homecoming

Russian artist Alexander Rubtsov, a retired member of the Imperial Academy of Arts who created most of his paintings in Tunis, has finally returned to Russia. In St. Petersburg, and then in Kazan, exhibitions of his paintings were visited by more than 100 thousand people. And the master's paintings continue their journey across Russia.

Key words: Alexander Rubtsov, Russian artist and singer of Tunis.


Vladimir Kovalev. How to build a fair world order in Greater Eurasia

The Eurasian Economic Union, one of the most advanced associations in terms of integration depth in the world, can and should play the role of a pillar and core of the Greater Eurasian Partnership. It is the EAEU that has demonstrated its maturity against the backdrop of the stress tests of the covid crisis of 2020-2021 and global tensions of 2022.

Key words: Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), Greater Eurasian Partnership, world order, international law, trans-regional law.


Nikolay Mezhevich. Lithuania and Belarus between Scylla and Charybdis of national models of post-Soviet transit

The successful socio-economic development of Belarus is a subject of particular irritation to the Belarusian emigration and political elites of Lithuania. It is quite difficult to compare Lithuania with Russia in terms of economic parameters, as the objects are not comparable. The situation is quite different when comparing Lithuania and Belarus. Academic and political logic can be traced here.

Key words: Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, models of socio-economic and political development.


Vladimir Yegorov, Vladimir Stoll. Global megatrends: current reading

The problem of defining the main global processes that shape the directions of civilizational development-megatrends-has occupied the minds of scientists for decades, which is due, in addition to purely scientific considerations, to practical tasks of determining the contours of the future of a planetary civilization.

Keywords: megatrends: globalization, democratization, information and communication revolution, demassification, regenerative environment.


Alexander Shchipkov. Variable and permanent features of the ideological process

In recent months, due to the situation of the hybrid war of NATO against Russia, the search for a national ideology has again become popular. Psychologically, this is understandable. An increase in the demand for ideology is inevitable, since ideological certainty contributes to the consolidation of society in critical situations.

Keywords: National Security Concept of the Russian Federation, National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, Russian World, traditional values, V. Putin's St. George's Speech.


Alexander Frolov. About the Middle East wars

One of the problems with Middle Eastern wars is to walk away with your head held high. So, having launched a military operation in Iraq in 2003, the United States still cannot leave because they do not know how to do it, and their hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan only worsened the problem of leaving Iraq.

Keywords: Middle East wars, military operations, conflicts.


Roman Romachev, Valery Nochevkin, Konstantin Strigunov, Fengli Guo. Gehlen's organization "under the hood" of the CIA, or How the Americans created the German intelligence service

The idea of military-political cooperation between the United States and Germany appeared during the Second World War to use the German state against the USSR.

Keywords: private intelligence companies, Nazism, special services, CIA,

The Gehlen Organization, BND, cold War.


Roman Shchedrov. The Taliban Islamic Movement: Its Rise and fall

A study of the Taliban regime in the period from 1994 to 2001 shows that the current situation is a repeat of it. After 20 years, the Taliban's approaches to building a state and forming a government, their norms and rules for building relations in society have not changed, which can lead to a civil war in the country and aggravate the situation in the region.

Key words: IslamicTaliban Movement( IDT), Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, insurgent group, civil war, jihadist networks, foreign fighters, madrasah students, Northern Alliance, Pashtun majority, Muslim people.


Sergey Melnik, Elena Petrova. Increasing the risk of information wars in the context of globalization

With the introduction of digital transformation mechanisms and the use of the Internet of Things, most connections and the bulk of information are generated and consumed not by people, but by inanimate objects. And the distortion of information in this new space leads to more global threats than activities to mislead people.

Key words: ICT, information wars, globalization.


Ekaterina Kolokoltseva. Conceptual design of the concept of Russia's image

In the context of globalization and informatization of society, one of the most urgent tasks for states is to create a positive image and increase competitiveness in the international arena. Like any other country, Russia seeks recognition in the world. However, at different stages of our country's development, the approaches to shaping its foreign policy image differed significantly.

Keywords: image, image, objective perception, foreign policy concept, public diplomacy, "soft power".

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