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Annotation of magazine number 5, May, 2020

10:47 27.05.2020 •


Alexander Chuchalin

We are paying the price for our carelessness

If a person's immunological passport were examined in Russia, they would understand that our population is in a state of immunodeficiency. Therefore, such a high transmission today. A risk factor is a change in the immune status of a person. Therefore, a person should monitor his immune status from birth and help him acquire those properties that would help him resist viral aggression.

Keywords: coronavirus, pandemic, immunity, carelessness.

Alexander Yakovenko

COVID-19: a battlefield or an opportunity for cooperation?

What is required in the current conditions is not the propaganda wars of the past, but truly broad international cooperation, unencumbered by ideological prejudices. This means the increased value of the basic norms of international law, the international legal order as such, the effect of which was distorted in different ways during the Cold War and the recent "unipolar moment".

Keywords: pandemic, WHO, USA - EU, gig-economy, international law.

Alexander Shchipkov

The political philosophy of the coronavirus

The image of history "before and after the pandemic" seeks to designate a historical "threshold", as if calling for a new start in life. From this point of view, not only the medical aspect of the pandemic is important to us, but also the reaction of the political and intellectual elite to it, since various social forces can use this shift in their rather different interests.

Keywords: COVID-19, disaster capitalism, threshold development, liberalism.

Victory Day!

Marina Kravchenko

Soviet diplomacy in the Great Patriotic War

The Historical and Documentary Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry presented the anniversary edition "On diplomatic Fronts. 1941-1945" is a collection of documents and photographic materials that reveals the truly global scale of the activities of Soviet diplomacy during the most difficult period of 1941-1945 for the whole world. It reflects not only epoch-making events, but also the daily painstaking, systematic work of Soviet diplomats. It took place in the most severe conditions, often at the risk of life and always without the right to make a mistake.

Keywords: publication "On diplomatic fronts. 1941-1945»

Alexander Zmeevsky

Victory over Nazism is our common victory

On the eve and on Victory Day, our diplomats from the Embassy and Consulates General in Brno and Karlovy Vary visited about 100 graves and memorial sites in various regions of the country. These days, caring residents of the Czech Republic, our compatriots, as well as representatives of Russian diplomatic missions organized clean-up days at the site of military graves, laid flowers at the graves of Red Army liberators.

Keywords: Czech Republic, Victory, World War II, WWII, 75 years of Victory, Red Army.

Sergey Brilev

Forgotten Allies from... South Africa

Who would have predicted a few years ago that Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers would fly to southern Africa on a visit? And who would have expected the arrival of the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser in Cape Town? The more interesting is the background behind it. But both the Boers and the South Africans-the British were allies of the USSR in World War II!

Keywords: South Africa, World War II, Soviet-South African cooperation.

Alexey Maltsev

Memory that unites

In the post-Soviet space, the decision to declare 2020 the Year of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War was adopted and signed by ten presidents of the Commonwealth countries at the summit in Sochi on October 11, 2017. The document defined the beginning of a large three-year work on the organization and holding of interstate events in the Commonwealth countries dedicated to the memory of the great feat of our ancestors.

Keywords: 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, countering the falsification of history, post-Soviet space.


Victor Supyan

The US Economy in a polycentric world: prospects for maintaining positions

For many years, even decades, the economic and geopolitical leadership of the United States was not in doubt. But, as the world in the 21st century becomes more and more polycentric, the US positions are no longer so unquestionably dominant in all indicators, although they remain leading in key macroeconomic characteristics.

Keywords: US economy, economic model, economic policy of the D.Trump administration.

Valery Lukin, Konstantin Timokhin

How the legal regime of Antarctic governance was created

At the beginning of the XXI century, some foreign experts argued that the Antarctic Treaty had already fulfilled its historical mission and it was time to replace it with a new one, which should be extended to both polar regions - the Arctic and Antarctica. However, the active position of the Russian Federation (as the successor of the USSR in this treaty), supported by other leading polar powers, gives a very tough rebuff to such projects. The Antarctic Treaty still has a long and productive life ahead of it.

Keywords: Antarctica, Antarctic Treaty, international cooperation, International Geophysical Year, territorial claims, Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, Antarctic Environmental Protection Protocol.

Nina Mishchenko

Will Scotland be independent?

Answering the main question: "Will Scotland be independent?", one can reason as follows: after the UK finally completes the divorce process with the EU, and if the Scottish government achieves a repeat plebiscite, there is every reason to believe that the Scots will make their choice in favor of the independence of the region and the preservation of membership in the EU.

Keywords: Scotland, the Scottish National Party, the referendum on Scottish independence, Brexit.


Konstantin Dolgov

Giulietto Chiesa - journalist, thinker, man of culture

On April 26, 2020, Giulietto Chiesa, an Italian politician and journalist, a member of the Communist Party of Italy, who worked in Russia for a long time as a contributor to various Italian publications, who also collaborated with Russian publications, always wrote about our country with love and objectively, defended our interests in the European Parliament, being a deputy there.

Keywords: Giulietto Chiesa, journalist, writer, thinker


Andrey Dubina

The story of a prisoner of war camp

The book of the famous Arabist diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Vasily Ivanovich Kolotushi "The detention camp is unknown… The burial place of Wlodomierz" is a large-scale narrative about people whose military destinies were somehow intertwined with the fate of his wife's father, supported by documents (including from German sources) and numerous memories of the initial stage of the war, the horrors experienced by Soviet soldiers who were captured, and, most importantly, courage and the resilience with which most of them endured these horrors.

Keywords: Vladimir-Volyn camp of Soviet prisoners of war, memories, documents, heroism of prisoners.

Valery Lyubin

In the German direction

In the book by V.M.Grinin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Germany from 2010 to 2018, who previously worked in the same capacity in Austria, Finland and Poland, "The Duality of Fate. How Russia and Germany can dispose of the future for the benefit of themselves and the world" is a narrative about his work as Russia's ambassador to Germany - meetings with German politicians, representatives of business, the public and culture.

Keywords: Russian-German relations, unification of Germany, Yu.A.Kvitsinsky.

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