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Annotation of magazine number 6, June, 2020

10:35 27.06.2020 •

Anatoly Torkunov

The Great Victory and the global political process

The historical significance of the Great Victory also lies in the fact that the great powers of the anti-Hitler coalition were able to win the war together and lay the foundations of post-war peace. Their task now - without waiting for a big war and other upheavals - is to make our still very chaotic and dangerous world safe. And our country should play a big role in this common cause.

Keywords: Yalta-Potsdam system, World War II

Ramazan Abdulatipov

The Islamic Vector of Russia's Foreign Policy

Multi-confessional and high authority in the Muslim world led the Russian Federation to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. So, 15 years ago, in 2005, Russia became the only permanent member of the UN Security Council with the status of an observer state at the OIC.

Keywords: Islamic world, Russian state, multi-confessional, OIC, ISESCO.

Yuri Belobrov

The evolution of NATO's policy of containing the USSR and Russia

Review of the decisions of the NATO Council on the issue of deterring the USSR/Russia shows that the practical policy based on them has been and remains a key element of the alliance's military strategy towards our country throughout the entire period of the bloc's existence.

Keywords: NATO, Euro-Atlantic region, security, deterrence policy, USSR, Russia, confrontation, strategic concept.


Alexey Sentebov

It is important to unite in the fight against the pandemic and once again demonstrate, especially to our African partners, that friends are known in trouble

The "pause" in our relations with Africa in the 1990s certainly had negative consequences, which we continue to feel. Over the decades, we have received not just a "gap", a negative background has formed, which now we have to eliminate with great efforts.

Keywords: DRC, Black Continent, Russia-Africa summit, cooperation, Russian humanitarian aid


Yuri Korchagin

On the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Russian-Andorran diplomatic relations

Russian-Andorran diplomatic relations date back a quarter of a century. During this time, our countries have managed to achieve significant results, which was facilitated by an intensive political dialogue at a high level. But this is only the beginning of friendly relations between Russia and the Principality. There are many more interesting new projects ahead of us.

Keywords: Principality of Andorra, 25th anniversary of relations, M.A.Voloshin, "Andorra and the poet", Agreement on mutual cancellation of visas.


Alexander Khokholikov

75th anniversary of Russian-Guatemalan bilateral relations: historical retrospective and imperatives of current cooperation

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Guatemala. This date, of course, is a unique occasion to turn your eyes not only to Guatemala - the most populous country with the largest economy in Central America - but also to this subregion as a whole.

Keywords: Russia, Guatemala, 75 years of bilateral relations.

Mikhail Troyansky, Oleg Karpovich

SELAK: "reboot"

Today, Latin America and the Caribbean, like the rest of the world, are facing COVID-19. As the largest regional organization, CELAC actively responds to the challenges of the global pandemic, taking timely action and being in search of concrete solutions.

Keywords: Latin America, Russia - SELAK, multipolar world order.


Alexander Surikov

Russia - Mozambique: let's look into the future together

Serious changes are taking place in Russian-Mozambican relations, new milestones are being set. Very symbolic in the context of the anniversaries celebrated on June 25, 2020 - 45 years of independence of the Republic of Mozambique and the establishment of diplomatic relations with this country.

Keywords: cooperation of the USSR/Russia - Mozambique, energy resources, foreign investors.

Vasily Filippov

E. Macron: an attempt to change the face of African politics

President of the Fifth Republic E. Macron, having assumed the leadership of the country, announced attempts to change African politics, to make it more "soft". But how realistic this is is one of the questions that are being asked not only in France, but also in the capitals of a number of francophone African countries.

Keywords: Emmanuel Macron, France, African politics, Sahel, Operation Barkhan, G5 Sahel Alliance, jihad, terrorism, neocolonialism.


Marina Arzakanyan

Jacques Chirac is the last giant of French politics

Jacques Chirac is the fifth President of the Fifth Republic, his career lasted 40 years. A quarter of a century ago, he became President of France. He died last fall. And now it's time to sum up his many years of political activity in the service of France.

Keywords: France, Fifth Republic, President of the Fifth Republic, Prime Minister, Jacques Chirac, foreign policy, domestic policy, Europe.

Evgeny Osipov

France is post-Christian, not right, not left

As a result of the crisis of traditional institutions, as well as due to the growth of unemployment, social stratification and several waves of immigration, followed by an increase in the influence of Islam in the country, the nation was divided in France, which is noticeable today in various spheres of life, including in politics.

Keywords: post-Christian France, PACS, Muslims, fragmentation of society.


Kudina Tuaeva

Coronavirus crisis of the world oil market and economic diplomacy

In the first quarter of 2020, the coronavirus crisis and the collapse of quotations revealed accumulated structural changes and new challenges for the global oil industry. The unprecedented situation in the global economy played the role of a trigger in the appeal to economic diplomacy for long-term market stabilization, taking into account the interests of both producers and consumers.

Keywords: economic diplomacy, oil, OPEC, energy, IEA, Group of Twenty.

Sergey Vorobyov

Crises in Lebanon: history and modernity

The current crisis in Lebanon is far from the very first, but it occupies a separate place in the recent Lebanese history. It has a complex character, having features of a common genesis with its predecessors.

Keywords: National Pact of 1943, Taif Agreements, Hezbollah, Michel Aoun, political confessionalism, civil war of 1975-1990, COVID-19.


Kirill Barsky

The USSR Plenipotentiary Mission to China in 1933-1937: strong people and the difficult tasks they solved

On August 21, 1937, the USSR Envoy to China, D.V. Bogomolov, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, Wang Chunhui, signed the Soviet-Chinese non-aggression treaty in Nanjing. It was a great success of Soviet diplomacy. However, in early October, Bogomolov was recalled to Moscow and arrested. On May 7, 1938, Bogomolov was shot.

Keywords: D.V.Bogomolov, USSR Plenipotentiary Mission in Nanjing, Soviet-Chinese non-aggression pact, Chiang Kai-shek, Kuomintang.

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