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Annotation of magazine number 12, December, 2020

14:15 26.12.2020 •

Sergey Naryshkin

Intelligence cooperation in the modern world: challenges and problems

The experience of the Russian foreign intelligence service, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary these days, looks interesting and instructive. Created on December 20, 1920, the Foreign Department of the Cheka, which became the first independent organizational structure from which the Russian foreign intelligence service counts its history, already at the very initial stage of its activity established official contacts with a number of foreign intelligence agencies.

Keywords: SVR of Russia, 100th anniversary, intelligence cooperation

Andrey Krutskikh, Veronika Filatkina

New horizons of Russian Cyberdiplomacy

A year ago, on December 28, 2019, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, a new division was created in the structure of the Russian Foreign Ministry - the Department of International Information Security (DMIB). The appearance of the DMIB, of course, testifies to the special attention of the Russian leadership to solving the entire complex of problems related to the development of information and communication technologies.

Keywords: Russian cyberdiplomacy, DMIB, IIB, ICT, RSE, GPE, ARF, BRICS

Nikolai Mezhevich

"Money for occupation", or Why in the Baltic countries "this music will be eternal"

We recognize as an axiom: in the medium term, it is possible to predict the improbability of significant shifts in the political situation related to historical memory in the Baltic states. Due to the lack of other reference points for the formation of national identity, the use of "militant memory", fueled by "hostile images" of modern Russia, will be equally highly demanded by local nationalist elites.

Keywords: Baltic states, USSR, economic claims, "money for occupation"

Yuri Shafranik

Creative dialogue in conditions of forced cooperation

The history of people's diplomacy does not know, perhaps, a more significant phenomenon than the "Dartmouth Dialogue". The 60th anniversary of this non-governmental Russian-American movement convinces that its foundations and format of activity were and remain unique.

Keywords: "Dartmouth Dialogue", 60th anniversary, "Club of Wise Men", energy dialogue of the Russian Federation – USA

Georgios Katrougalos

Relations between Greece and Russia in the XXI century

The existence of strong ties of friendship between Greece and Russia is due not only to the mutual sympathy of our peoples and cultural and religious ties, but also to the genuine coincidence of our vision of bilateral relations and a significant commonality of views on international affairs.

Keywords: Greece, Russia, diplomatic relations, visits, cultural and economic ties, cross-years

Eitvydas Bayarunas

Lithuanian-Russian relations: the Ambassador's view

This year we are celebrating two 100th anniversaries at once: the signing of the Peace Treaty between Lithuania and Soviet Russia and the establishment of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission in Moscow in 1920. This is a good opportunity to look into the past and think about the future of our relationship together.

Keywords: Peace Treaty between Lithuania and Soviet Russia, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Republic of Lithuania, economic and cultural ties between Lithuania and Russia

Alexander Gappoev, Maria Mizonova, Vasily Zolotukhin

Information is the basis of decisions of the SCC of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in the "export" campaign during COVID-19

One of the global humanitarian problems faced by many countries of the world, including Russia, was the identification of the needs and modalities for the return of citizens from abroad. In this unprecedented situation, the issue of regular timely receipt of information has come to the fore.

Keywords: the role of information, decision-making, "export" campaign, the experience of Russia, the SCC of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, COVID-19

Mario Baldassari

The global economy before and after the coronavirus pandemic

The main means of reviving and restoring the world economy after the current crisis will be global governance of the globalization process. Federal Europe, which is capable of being an effective player in historical, economic and social terms, will also play an important role.

Keywords: world economy, European Union, Fischer equation, China, Unemployed Support Fund, "United States of Europe"

Marina Kolesnikova

The systemic aspect of the EU's "blue economy"

The application of a systematic approach to the marine economy seems to be particularly relevant in relation to the Russian practice of managing marine activities, taking into account the length of our sea coast, the territorial remoteness of many coastal regions and the sectoral diversity of marine activities

Keywords: sustainable development, "blue economy", "blue growth", integrated maritime policy, European Union, marine spatial planning, integrated surveillance, artificial intelligence

Sergey Trush

Europe between the USA and China

The China-US conflict is increasingly taking on the character of a systemic conflict and, in a certain historical perspective, irreversible. It affects not only the economic, geopolitical, military, technological, humanitarian, but also the civilizational dimension of bilateral relations.

Keywords: EU-US-PRC relations, US-PRC relations, One Belt, One Road project, Huawei Company, 17+1 format

Rosneft attracts international investors

The Vostok Oil project is recognized as one of the most powerful catalysts for the development of the Russian oil and gas giant Rosneft. On November 16 of this year, at a meeting of the Board of Directors of PJSC NK Rosneft, a deal was approved for the sale of a 10 percent share of the authorized capital of Vostok Oil LLC to Trafigura PTE LTD.

Keywords: PJSC "NK "Rosneft", PJSC "NK "Rosneft", "Trafigura PTE LTD"

Sergey Brilev

The northernmost vineyard. The mysterious intelligence school of the Comintern in the Bashkir hinterland

In the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and the 100th anniversary of the INO of the Cheka (from which the SVR was formed), this article is an attempt to bring together what was still only fragmentary about the amazing educational institution located in Kushnarenkov during the war years - the military-political and intelligence-sabotage school of the Comintern.

Keywords: intelligence school of the Comintern, Kushnarenkovo, IKKI, MLSH

Mikhail Konarovsky

Big politics and masterpieces of archeology

More than 40 years have passed since a limited contingent of Soviet troops was introduced into Afghanistan at the end of December 1979. Their almost ten-year stay in this country as an attempt by Moscow to help the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan realize the utopian dream of building socialism on the Soviet model is a difficult and contradictory period not only in Afghan, but also in our history.

Good neighborliness and "soft power"

A new magazine "Man and the World. Dialogue", entirely dedicated to good neighborliness between people, ethnic groups, faiths, professional communities, economies, peoples, cultures and countries. Great importance in the concept of the publication is attached to what used to be called "the charm of Russia", and now - "soft power".

Keywords: magazine "Man and the world. Dialog"

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