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Annotation of magazine number 1, January, 2022

10:46 20.01.2022 •

Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

We must put an end to NATO's advance to the East

Russia is counting on the rapid formalization of agreements sent to the United States and NATO. If the precondition for moving along this path is the demands from the American side that we carry out certain events on our own territory that Washington and other NATO capitals will "like" or voiced under dictation from Kiev, then we will conclude that there is no political will to negotiate, and everything that is happening is used as a screen to continue politics on the military development of the territory of Ukraine and other states for anti-Russian purposes.

Keywords: Russia, USA, NATO, Russian-American meeting, security, national interests

Igor Morgulov

On the prospects of Russian-Bangladeshi cooperation

On January 25, 2022, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of Bangladesh celebrate a significant date: 50 years ago on this day, less than a year after the declaration of independence of Bangladesh, diplomatic relations were established between our countries. The recognition of Bangladesh by the Soviet Union marked the beginning of a direct bilateral political dialogue. And today Bangladesh is an important partner of Russia in South Asia. Our relations are strong, their potential is impressive. There are all conditions for its further disclosure.

Keywords: Russia, Bangladesh, diplomatic relations, cooperation

XII International Yalta Conference of the journal "International Life"

"Features of modern integration processes in the post-Soviet space"

Session No. 3. The impact of events in Afghanistan on the security and configuration of centers of influence in Central Asia

Mikhail Konarovsky, Mohammad Omar Nessar

Taliban Afghanistan: what's next?

An analysis of the events after the Taliban came to power, in particular the steps taken by Islamabad after the fall of Kabul, makes the version of collusion between the United States and Pakistan unlikely. The version about Islamabad's support and the presence of a miscalculation in the actions of the United States looks more truthful. Ghani, who is not going to resign, has become an obstacle to the division of power, which means that he has become a threat to Washington's peace plan.

Keywords: the fall of Kabul, the rise to power of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan

Boris Zarudny

The situation in Afghanistan and the risks of terrorist activity in the region

The current situation in Afghanistan is extremely dangerous for the countries of the Central Asian region. However, there is no direct threat to the region from the Taliban, its leaders are keen on forming a new government, building a state management system and solving economic issues, primarily the problem of population survival. But the danger is posed by separate terrorist detachments operating on the territory of the country.

Keywords: Anti-Terrorist Center of the participating States

Ravshan Nazarov

Ethnopolitical aspects of the Afghan Conflict in the context of the New Great Game

The chauvinistic ambitions of the Pashtun Taliban, supplemented by the practice of ethnic cleansing, encounter a sense of national ethnic identity of non-Pashtun groups in Afghanistan. And global and regional actors have not yet decided on their preferences.

Keywords: Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Taliban ideas

Alexey Mukhin

The "minefield" in Afghanistan: how to solve the Afghan problem

Of course, the key issue is changing the status of the terrorist organization "Taliban" (banned in Russia). It can be assumed that Kabul will turn into a kind of quite decent "showcase", all civil institutions will operate there, naturally adjusted for Islam, for Islamic traditions. The Afghan capital will become a center of attraction for foreign investors, primarily Chinese. Figuratively speaking, there will be two "countries" - Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan.

Keywords: relations between Afghanistan and the SCO, the terrorist organization "Taliban"

Gagik Harutyunyan

Features of the transformation of the world order

It has not been too long since the Biden administration withdrew troops from Afghanistan and thereby confronted the world with the fact of the changed geopolitical situation in a huge region. Such a "retreat" is a strategy that will allow the Americans to form a new center of terrorism and chaos in the "soft underbelly of Eurasia".

Keywords: "Drang nah Osten", AUKUS

Aidar Aganin

"Tribal diplomacy": the experience of Afghanistan

A feature of a number of societies in Western and South Asia is the significant weight of tribes, clans and extended families, as well as the relationship between them and the complex of ancestral ties in general. Afghanistan is a country where tribes and the belonging of residents to tribes are of enormous importance, especially against the background of a noticeable subsidence of the role of the state in the life of the country.

Keywords: Afghanistan, tribalism of Ibn Khaldun, the Taliban group

Artemiy Shatalov

Instruments of soft-power influence of the United States in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: doctrinal component and practical implementation

With regard to Afghanistan, given the country's minimal Internet coverage and the de facto curtailment of international aid under the Taliban government, it seems important to consider the doctrinal foundations and practical implementation of American public diplomacy and assess the possibility of preserving the effect of such programs after the fall of the Government of A.Ghani and the US withdrawal "from the ground".

Keywords: doctrinal foundations of soft power tools of the USA, public diplomacy of the USA in Afghanistan

His Holiness Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia

"What do you have that you wouldn't get? And if you got it, what are you bragging about, as if you didn't get it?"

Perhaps the wisdom of life is achieved when a person experiences a spiritual moment in which he realizes that everything is a gift of God, and he and everything Keywords: His Holiness Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia, SPChe does is a reciprocal gift to the gift of God.

Keywords: His Holiness Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia, SPC

Anatoly Streltsov

"Information" as the substance of human existence

"Digital data" and the ICT environment are a new, artificial environment for the implementation of an individual's social interaction. "Digital data" can acquire the properties of the substance of an individual's being only by being reflected in the form of "information" or "messages" into his inner or outer being, respectively.

Keywords: life, being, information, information, messages, digital data, soul, mind, needs, volitional activity, social unity, information and communication technologies, global information infrastructure

Ernest Chernukhin

Personal data protection as one of the elements of the IIB provision

According to the Europol report "Assessment of the Threat of Organized Crime on the Internet (IOCTA) 2021", the negative consequences of COVID-19 caused by the complete or partial closure of entire industries and the transfer of various categories of employees to remote and remote forms of work are becoming increasingly visible.

Key words: POA, CE Convention No. 108, Budapest Convention, IIB OEWG

Azer Kagramanogly Kagramanov

Between Scylla and Charybdis. Unity and struggle of opposites of the principles of self-determination of peoples and territorial integrity of States

Like Odysseus, who, finding himself on his ship in the depths of the whirlpool of Charybdis, escaped and fell into the "embrace" of Scylla, in the same way, states, having got rid of the threat of losing territory as a result of capture from the outside, faced the threat of disintegration from the inside.

Keywords: international law, principles of international law, right to self-determination, territorial integrity, inviolability of borders, human rights, peaceful settlement of disputes, conflict resolution, justice

Evgeny Kutovoy

US military strategy, foreign policy and diplomacy in the perception of Americans

A year has passed since the inauguration of the US President from the Democratic Party, Joseph Biden, but the discussion around the military-political strategy, foreign policy and diplomacy of the previous American president does not lose its relevance.

Keywords: Joe Biden, military-political strategy, State Department, American diplomats, H. Clinton, China

Pavel Sevostyanov, Viktor Mizin

Crisis of confidence: search for new approaches to nuclear weapons control

Russia and the United States now have 90% of the world's nuclear warheads, so it's up to them to set the tone and rules, too. And if the parties return to a constructive dialogue, removing sanctions rhetoric from their arsenal, the issue of limiting hypersonic weapons will be on the agenda.

Keywords: arms race, hypersonic systems, cyber warfare, arms control, missile defense, Russia, strategic stability, verification of treaties, orbital-based weapons, USA, nuclear weapons

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