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Annotation of magazine number 7, July, 2022

14:48 19.07.2022 •

Alexander Kramarenko

Post-American world, post-Ukrainian geopolitics.

It is not the first year that political scientists have been talking about the post-American world. The Ukrainian crisis and its impending denouement allow us to judge a new quality of geopolitics, since the deep involvement of the United States in this "conflict through figureheads" may mean that the defeat of Kiev will be a defeat of the United States / Anglo-Saxons, although indirect, but the only possible one in the era of nuclear confrontation.

Keywords: the post-American world, the Ukrainian crisis, Washington's anti-Russian policy, Russia and the West.

Oleg Shamanov

Unsustainable sustainability: The UN 2030 Agenda as a unifying idea for the world community.

The UN Conference on the Human Environment (Stockholm, June 5-16, 1972) and the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, June 3-14, 1992), whose anniversaries are celebrated this year, marked the beginning of the formation and implementation of the concept of sustainable development and brought international cooperation in environmental and socialsocio-economic spheres to a new historical level.

Keywords: UN, SDGs, Agenda 2030, environment, sustainable development.


Dmitry Bukin

Towards a universal convention on countering information crime

A few months ago, the first negotiating session of the UN Open-ended Ad Hoc Committee on the Development of the first-ever universal convention on countering the Use of information and communication Technologies for Criminal Purposes was held in New York

Keywords: cybercrime, Budapest Convention, universal Convention on countering Information Crime.

Maria Kolesnikova

Ensuring information security in African countries: the main determinants

The relatively low degree of Internet availability in African countries, taking into account the dynamically growing number of their population, attracts international IT players capable of implementing advanced solutions in a number of areas. In addition, Africa is the second largest market for mobile services and equipment after Asia.

Keywords: Africa, ICT, cybersecurity, China, African Union, Huawei, EU, Internet of Things, Smart City project.

220 years of the RUSSIAN Foreign Ministry

Marina Kravchenko

"The stranger did not spend the night on the street; I opened my doors to the passer-by."

Russian diplomacy has always been distinguished by generosity and care for its foreign colleagues. In no other country in the world has the diplomatic corps and official delegations been given so much attention and received with such chic and truly imperial scope. The traditions of hospitality passed down through generations were fully inherited and developed by the Soviet Foreign Policy Service. And I have never changed these traditions.

Keywords: Byrobin, NKID, WWII, Moscow conferences, Yalta Conference.


Konstantin Emelin

On the issue of the "diplomatic" perception of the sub-regional structure of the post-Soviet space

Conditional dividing lines between "imaginary communities" of regions are institutionalized in foreign policy departments at the level of their organizational structures. Thus, a kind of "mental map" of state diplomacy is not only fixed in the international political consciousness of those who make and execute foreign policy decisions, but is also relayed externally through their political and diplomatic course.

Keywords: post-Soviet space, Eurasian region, critical geopolitics, social constructivism, foreign policy analysis.


Valery Lukin

Aggravation of the confrontation between the Western world and Russia in the context of the stability of the Antarctic Treaty system

The unconstructive and even aggressive position of Ukraine in the consideration of Antarctic issues, which has received the collective support of the pro-Western Antarctic community, has been reflected in the activities of the COMNAP and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, which support the dissemination of pro-Ukrainian political positions in international Antarctic organizations. This activity is absolutely contrary to the mandate of international organizations.

Keywords: military operation, Antarctic Treaty, legal principles, pandemic, destabilization, preservation of governance.

Anna Goncharenko

China's Hybrid War Strategies: a View from the West

The West's labeling of Russia as the main source of the hybrid threat began to occur especially actively after the reunification of Crimea with our country. Recently, opinions have begun to sound that China is also resorting to hybrid tools to strengthen the status of a world power.

Keywords: China, the West, hybrid war.


Yulia Fomina, Irina Kuklina, Anastasia Zadorina

About modern scientific communication in India

Scientific and technological development is a strategically important area of India's policy. In this context, scientific communication plays an increasingly important role, not only as a way to inform the population of the country about the latest achievements in the field of R&D, but also as a means of forming critical thinking in.

Keywords: scientific communication, India, striving for science, scientific literacy.society.


Yuri Bulatov

USSR and Afghanistan: Sore points of bilateral relations (1941-1945)

The Soviet Ambassador in Kabul, K.A.Mikhailov, received the news about the treacherous attack of Nazi Germany on the USSR on June 22, 1941 and the beginning of the Great Patriotic War during his business trip to the Afghan northern provinces. Immediately interrupting the trip, by the evening of the same day, the Soviet diplomat returned to the Afghan capital.

Keywords: USSR, Afghanistan, white emigration, trade relations, border issue, Soviet-Afghan cooperation.


Nikolai Shkolyar

A look at Latin America through the prism of sustainable development

In collective work "The perspective of sustainable development. Appeal to global and Latin American realities" under the general editorship of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.M.Davydov, through the prism of the Concept of Sustainable Development, an idea of the real situation in the Latin American region is given and the contours of its prospects in the economic, social and foreign policy spheres are outlined.

Keywords: Latin America, sustainable development, ecology, energy, socio-political problems.

Marina Rybakova, Elena Ivanova

The fate of the first Soviet diplomats in the mirror of changing eras

Under the auspices of the Association of Russian Diplomats, Yu.V. Ivanov's book "The First Soviet Diplomats. NKID RSFSR/USSR. 1917-1941", which is a logical and historical continuation of the encyclopedic reference book about the last diplomats of the Russian Empire published by the author in 2021.

Keywords: diplomat, education, NKID, professional, foreign policy department, history, sociology.

Victor Kamyshanov

Common principles of education: international experience and national priorities

The genesis and state of global educational systems are reflected in the monograph "International Standards of Education: Lessons of History and Modernity", prepared by the team of authors under the general editorship of Yu.A.Goryachev and published in 2022.

Keywords: Bologna system, UNESCO, improvement of Russian education.

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