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Annotation of magazine number 1, January, 2018

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Izotov А. It is creation of suitable working and living conditions in Russia for diplomatic missions from various countries that ever stays the first priority      

The chief production and commercial directorate for the diplomatic corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia for nearly one hundred years has been creating favorable and comfortable working and living conditions in our country. It has a wide I range of activity: providing service and living space, as well as medical, staff and logistic service, organization of recreation, sport events and many other things.

Julie Isabel Bishop, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia,Australia-Russia: 75-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations

In October of 1942, with the background of tragic events of the World War II, the chiefs of the foreign departments of the USSR and Australia met in London in order to announce the establishment of diplomatic relations and common intentions in the struggle against Nazi Germany. During the last 75 years the two countries have developed mature interrelations meaning an interaction of Russia and Australia in various bilateral and multilateral contexts, but simultaneously facing each other openly declaring existing differences.

Sybilyov V. New aspects and trends of  the development of  relations between Russia and Botswana

The past year was characterized by further progressive movement in the bilateral relations of Russia and Botswana: consolidation of the intergovernmental legal and treaty base, broadening of cooperation between ministries and departments, between young entrepreneurs, journalists, actors, school pupils and students.


Ylishev-Vvedensky A., Shvidkoy М. Russia – Japan: historic cross-roads. Opening of the Year of Russia in Japan and the Year of Japan in Russia

According to a Russian and Japanese top-level agreement achieved in September 2017in Vladivostok the year of 2018 has been proclaimed the Year of Russia in Japan and the Year of Japan in Russia.  Itsamarqueeeventindeedprovingagrowingtrustbetweenthetwocountries. It is being carried out for the first time in the history of the bilateral relations.

Kramarenco А. What is the meaning of the visit of the British Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, to Moscow

On the 22 of December 2017the  Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, paid a working visit to Moscow and held negotiations with Serguey Lavrov. At the joint press-conference on the results of the talks the two ministers spoke of the necessity of mutual trust restoration, about the present state of the relations between Moscow and London that no way could be called satisfactory.   

Biryukov А. A new reality of the forming multi-polar world order: scientific and technological cooperation of Russia and China. 

In October there were two marquee events, though incomparable by their scale, held in China and in Russia: the XIX Congress of the Communist Party of China and a conference of the Valdai Discussion Club. These events are united by both the countries’ leadership has opted for the scientific and technological advance as the most powerful factor of national development and international policy of these great powers.

Lookin V. On the topic of national antarctic strategy

The Antarctic Treaty has been signed by 53 countries from all the continents of the globe with more then 67 per cent of the world population and the highest level of economic, scientific and technological development. In spite of its distant geographical situation the Antarctic remains in the field of Russian state interests.  


Li Hui, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the PRC in Russia
China plays a leading part in the new structure of global governance

China, as the second biggest economic subject in the world, is an important participant, builder and investor of the existing international system. China takes part in global governance with the purpose of disposal of the questions proceeding from inefficient results of management, inefficiency of this management methods and inaccurate management policy.


Kanunnikov А. Civil society and global governance

During discussions on viable ways of global problems solution  it is more and more frequently mentioned the necessity of creation of a global governance system based on a complex of values that unite people if all cultural, political, religious and philosophical views. It isn’t by chance that this subject is focalized by the United Nations Organization, in particular, by the UN Commission on Global Governance. 

Vassikiev V. Internal political conflicts transforming into wars: nomothetic and specifics            

Internal political conflicts (IPC) still remain one of the most serious challenges for the contemporary world community. However it isn’t the last decades when the problem of growing number of these conflicts has degum to haunt us. Contrary to popular opinion in the XIX century and in the first half of the XX century IPCs in an especially acute form had been overriding international military clashes. 

LyukmanovА., Kovalyova D. Extension of the agenda and the goals of the international anti-terrorist cooperation

An unceasing escalation of threats of the international terrorism shows that the nucleus of radicalization of millions of people, of their involvement into the most horrific crimes is in the first turn the terrorist ideology, - the principal, universal, all-embracing, extremely efficient, cheap and accessible tool mobilization and recruiting of terrorists, preparation of terrorist attacks, undermining of social and political security, destabilizing of legal order and governments, promotion of other terrorist goals.

Philatov А. Patterns of the USA’s political conflictology amidst contemporary international crisis

Negotiating and compulsory patterns of conflict situation solution used by the USA’s theorists and practitioners are directly related to foreign policy activity and greatly important  for not just the scientific circle, but also for  governmental institutions acting within the system of international relations.    


Bulatov Y. The USSR and Great Britain: allies at the Afghan ground of 1942                     

On the 26 of May of 1942, in London, People’s Commissioner for Foreign Affairs of the URSS, Vyacheslav M. Molotov, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, Anthony Eden, signed the Treaty of Alliance in the war against Hitler’s Germany and of cooperation and mutual aid during the following twenty years that accelerated the process of consolidation of forces of the Allies of World War II. However the Treaty had an ambiguous assessment in the Kingdom of Afghanistan that had officially declared its neutrality during World War II and in 1939-1945 maintained diplomatic relations with both the Allies and the Axis countries.       


Khalevinsky I.  Diplomatic symphony in prose

Cindeyev А. Scientific standard for analysis of foreign policy of Russia

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