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Annotation of magazine number 11, November, 2017

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Don Pramatvinai. Thailand - Russia: sharing common past to build common future together

This year Thailand and Russia commemorate the 120-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. This event is given to a special attention in the Kingdom of Thailand. During an official visit of the head of the Thai government, Prayuth Chan-ocha, to Russia in May 2016 the prime ministers of the two countries agreed on its joint commemoration. Both of the parties have announced their plans on actions dedicated to this historical event to be promoted during the whole year of 2017.

Bregadze А.Russia – Guinea – African Union       

It is exactly through  the prism of interrelations Russia – Guinea – African Union that should be looked at an official visit of the President of  the Republic of Guinea, the Chairman of the African Union, Alpha Condé, to Russia on the 27-30 of September this year, for taking into account his double status it was included into agenda not only the whole spectrum of the bilateral cooperation of Russia and Guinea, but the state and prospects of interaction of Russia and the African Union.  


Orlov А. Catalan experiment: from dawn to dusk just in a month

On the 1of October this year in Catalonia according to a decision and under the auspices of the regional authorities (the Government and Parliament of Catalonia) it was held a referendum on independence of this autonomous community from Spain. The Spanish Government had been trying all means available to prevent this event and having the plebiscite gone through, it was declared illegal and deprived of any effect. The Chairman of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, called the referendum “a performance”.    

Garbuzov V. Sanctions regime exists and is going to exist for a long time       

Sanction and countersanctions, mutual expulsion of diplomats, seizures of diplomatic propriety and retaliation actions – this is Russian and American interaction has turned into by  now. What should be done in the situation with the agenda has been reduced practically to nothing and it is extremely negative, accompanied by internal perturbation in the USA themselves.

Belobrov Y. Militarization of the NATO builds up momentum       

The NATO countries, as keeps reiterating the alliance leadership, are carrying out the biggest reinforcement of the block’s armed forces since the Cold War times. Alongside with a systematic defense buildup and rise of force level in the territory of the Eastern European countries close to the Russian frontiers is being increased the scale of military activity, created or leveled with the NATO standards facilities for advanced storage of weapons,  heavies and supplies of material resources.  

Bogomazov V. Russia – Vatican: a confidential and constructive dialogue has been set up        

On the 20 - 24 of August 2017the leading associate of Pope Francis, the State Secretary (prime minister) of   the Apostolic See, cardinal Pietro Parolin paid an official visit to our country. President Vladimir Putin met the prelate in Sochi. They discussed issues concerning the state and prospects of the dialogue between Vatican and Russia. The negotiations with the Foreign Ministry, Serguei Lavrov, concentrated on analysis of the positions assumed by the parties on a number of key problems of today stressing peaceful settlement of crises, fighting terrorism and extremism.     


Streltsov А., Smirnov А. Russian and American cooperation in the domain of informational security: suggestions on  priority directions

A probable agenda of Russian and American cooperation in the sphere of international informational security (IIC) could be determined first of all by an actual state of the relations between Russia and the USA as well as by a growing role of an ongoing technological and scientific revolution in the world politics in general. An analysis of the events of the USA contemporary foreign policy provides us with a sufficient number of reasons to support the suggestion that the USA establishment lately has been getting strategically ready for carrying out a “forcible” script for resolving of contradictions with Russia.

Pozdnyakov I. Promotion of Russian education in China: challenges and prospects  

Export of education, on the one hand, has turned a traditional tool of “soft power” in foreign policy and, on the other hand,   it is a form of foreign economic activity which has been quite widespread. In Australia, for instance, there’re some 480-520 thousand students from abroad образования with 30 per cent of the PRC citizens. The income from educational services forms an important the country’s economy budget item demonstrating a 12-15 per cent grows every year.

Gabor Stir. World beyond the bounds of the truth     

The editorial of the Oxford Dictionary has chosen as the world of 2016 the expression “post-truth”. This is about a surrender of the truth to a whole number of so-called “truths”. In the opinion of British language experts the expression means the state of things when public opinion is being formed not by a real picture of the world, not by facts, but by emotions and personal priorities. And if we ago along like this, the following phenomenon of the year would be fake news and misinformation.


Petrov Y. Continuity of our country’s history   

Висторическом The community of historians has come to a common opinion of the Great Russian Revolution consisting of the three basic phases: the February Revolution, the October Revolution and the Civil War as a form, as a continuation of the revolution, but by force of arms.  Thereby has been made an attempt to overcome any confrontation within the society with the purpose of its consolidation.    

А.Сидоров. Revolutions of 1917 in Russia and the Versailles-Washington system: contradictions and alternatives         

February of 1917 tragically weakened international positions of Russia and October of 1917 radically moved the vector of its foreign policy taking it out of the framework of the coalitions colliding during the World War One.  One-hundred anniversary of the events that changed the pace of not just national, but of the world history, gives an occasion to reflect once more upon their influence on the creation and the following fate of the post-war international order known as Versailles-Washington system.  


Orlov V. Flows a Hawaiian Don

In 1816-1817 the flag of the Russian Empire flew at the island of Kauai in the extreme west of the Hawaiian Islands In today’s archives one may find a brief, but expressive history of that period of time when Russia – exactly by colonizing Kauai – could “close” its possessions in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean, from Kamchatka to Alaska e Fort-Ross, making it de facto a “Russian lake”. The archives also keep the reason why the Emperor Alexander I found a turn like this unnecessary for Russian interests.

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