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Annotation of magazine number 8, August 2017

12:03 28.08.2017 •


Ryabkov S.,Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia
The USA show less interest in trade-offs as the years roll by

Both the chambers of the USA Congress were practically unanimous approving a Bill signed afterwards by the President Donald Trump, - a Bill aimed at hampering activities of Russian state and private business in the USA economic space. Practicing an arbitrary policy of exterritoriality American lawmakers impose considerable restrictions on economic and other relations of third countries with Russia. The Bill states a kind of accountability of the executive branch of power in the domain of “Russian policy”. Actually it is an unparalleled situation in the USA history when the President is deprived of the prerogative of fully practicing foreign policy. What is this American line may lead to: a bigger cooling-down of the bilateral relations or a confrontation? What are the possibilities of Russian and American interaction that till exist?    

Mamontov P., Ryabichenco A., From “dance diplomacy” to a “digital” one

The 25-th anniversary of Russian Foreign Ministry office in Kaliningrad

With the disintegration of the USSR Kaliningrad Region formerly barred to foreign citizens overnight turned into an “island” surrounded by newly created independent states and began a swift development of international contacts. In order to direct this development into mainstream of the united line of Russian foreign policy, 25 years ago, on the 14-th of August 1992, it was created an office of Russian Foreign Ministry in Kaliningrad Region.        


Chernyavsqui S., Transdniestria bound in the vice of the Ukrainian Crisis

The 25-th anniversary of the beginning of the Transdniestria conflict

What are the attitudes towards solving of the Transdniestria conflict surged in 1992 existing in the Republic of Moldova and the Transdniestrian Moldavian Republic? A division of Moldova into two states led to a latent military and political crisis in the region. The conflict remains unsolved until now. International talks on the Transdniestrian subject in the format «5+2» have practically ceased. The war in the South-East of the Ukraine has aggravated the blockade of Transdniestria and social and economic situation of its inhabitants as well. 

Danilov D., NATO: an informal summit or a new format?

The topic “Trump – NATO” turned one of the most prominent still during the campaign of the present-day USA President, who called the Alliance a useless and outdated organization. The summit of the NATO held in May was taken as the key political event aiming to determine new conditions of the Trans-Atlantic Agreement in terms of the Alliance itself and within a broader context of American and European relations 

Platoshkin N., Edi Rama – a new Albanian reality?               

On the 25 of July 2017, at the parliament election, socialists, for the first time in the modern history of Albania, had 49% of votes providing an absolute majority for themselves alongside with a possibility of single-handed ruling. Edi Rama as the leader of the Socialist Party headed the coalition government of Albania since 2013 gaining an unparalleled popularity amongst his fellow country people.

Balaov А., To the naked eye: it’s necessary to consolidate the Biological Weapons Convention                   

The Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons of 1975 gets less and less adopted to its purpose Someone is quite satisfied with such a circumstance. But it isn’t true for Russia promoting a number of initiatives wishing to consolidate the Convention regime. Their usefulness in terms of preventing a combat use of microorganisms is literally seen with a naked eye. 


Margulov М., The International Association of Oil Transporters –a territory of expertise and confidence 

The basic reason of creation and fruitful activity of The International Association of Oil Transporters (IAOT) is a demand from the part of international expert community. Oil transportation is a rather narrowly specialized branch with an important function of oil delivery from scarcely populated areas of its extraction to the largest agglomerations concentrating its refining and   consumption as a fuel and other petrochemicals. 


Frolov А., Arab solitaire

Arab world is leaving through a period of transition under the conditions of globalization and informatization, it is looking for its identity and its place in the world development. Exposed to an external action it tends to preserve its values, and a response to this exposure has taken the form of activation of Islamism as an Islamic political trend characterized by a heavy struggle for the leadership. The conflict between Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is just a manifestation of this struggle..   

Podtzerob А., Islamic factor influencing foreign policy of Muslim countries

Foreign policy of the Islamic countries is influenced by a number of factors with the Muslim religion playing an important role but alongside some other factors as well. Actually we don’t use the term “European Christian civilization” referring to European countries concentrated on a relatively small territory, but we especially emphasize  “Arab Muslim civilization” meaning the influence of Islamic factors on foreign policy too.    

Rami Mohhamad al Shaer., Pressing problems of the Middle East  

It was almost 32 years ago when the “International Affairs” published an article by the same author with the same title as the one we offer to your attention now. It was a different period of time with different political priorities of the Middle East peoples. Some problems of a special attention three decades ago still remain urgent, but today one can’t help thinking that an approach to their solution and the conditions under which our peoples have to solve them as well are totally different from the ones existing 30 or even 15 years ago.    


Oreshina М., Upgrade of the history
The EU project of European identity preservation has been launched…

In the beginning of May 2017, in Belgian capital it was open with a formal ceremony the House of European History, nothing short of an epoch-making project taken by the European Union in order to make popular the history of the idea of European integration and European values. Its implementation under the guidance of Hans-Gert Hermann Pöttering (FRG),President of the European Parliament in 2007-2009, took more ten years.

DolgovК.,. Jozef Miloslav Hurban and culture of  Slavic peoples 

Slovaks long since known for a great love for their native land, freedom and independence always had to struggle for their ideals. And they accept the history not as an abstract notion, but something real, as the life itself.   There are such great public figures of Slovak people with a special recognition as Ludevít Velislav Štúr and Jozef Miloslav Hurban whose anniversaries have always been and are commemorated lately.    

Ganoshenko А., «Soft power»: a voluntary interaction and an access to resources  

An active use of the “soft power” in practice, judging on its pace, has largely outrun a theoretical elaboration of  the concept. And now it looks like the theory is catching up with the practice generalizing and systematizing the pieces of existing experience.  Joseph S. Nye himself would spot an insufficient theoretical elaboration of this idea: “Soft power” it’s rather a figurative generalization than a regulatory concept”.

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