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Annotation of magazine number 6, June 2017

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Orlov А., Russian and French relations need strategic goals of joint headway to be determined       

Three centuries-old history of the relations between Russia and France absorbed a great number of events, such as a dynasty matrimony, a rivalry during the Napoleonic Wars, an alliance during the two World Wars, and partnership during the post-war period. Today, when a new generation of French politicians has assumed power, there is a basic question arising: would it be a new line directed to businesslike pragmatic relations or a continuity of the sanctions policy carried out by the previous supreme authorities?

Kamynin М.,Russia and Cuba: a dialogue that never ceases     

A relationship between Russia and Cuba existing during the last decade can be seen as a breakthrough. Cuba has turned a key element of our “return” to the Latin American region due to its special position there because of its authority and influence. It is evidenced by an active interaction at the political, economic, cultural and even at the confessional levels.    .

Lykhachev V., Diplomacy of Russia: traditions  and novelties

Due to such factors of contemporary time as democratization, globalization, complication of the international relations structure with a growing number of their subjects the diplomacy itself has entered in a stage of development. It is in the process of an active identification logically followed by its numerous “subspecies” and a palette of means it resorts to.


Semerikov V., Organization of the Treaty of Collective Security – from the Treaty to the Organization      

In the current year the OTCS commemorates the 25-th anniversary of signing of the Treaty of Collective Security and the 15-th anniversary of the Organization itself. During this period of time the OTCS transformed into an effective and powerful structure in the region and in the world.

Belobrov Y., Hopes of Europeans for a revival of an effective CCWE are still alive

The regime of control of conventional weapons in Europe (CCWE), formed in the 1990-th was unique ant it was considered as a model for promotion on other regions of the world. However due to destructive actions of the NATO during the last two decades this regime has degraded and it will collapse completely if this process goes on.      

Kasperskaya N., My motto – never give up!  

What should be done to protect a country and every Internet user in particular from harmful internal and external attacks? The practice, theory and fine points of informational security are taken up by the head administrator of the Group of Companies “InfoWatch”.  


Orlov А., Macron’s victory in France: a revanche of the liberals       

A period of six month between a conservator, Donald Trump’s, victory at the President elections in the USA and a liberal, Emmanuel Macron’s, victory at a similar elections in France was a time of a tense and agonizing waiting in Europe whether the “phenomenon of Trump” could be continued in the “Old World”.  

Dyakaryov А., Chineseand  American relations in the time of Donald Trump’s presidency  

Conversations with a number of high-level Chinese statesmen held during the election company in the USA evidenced that many Chinese politicians clearly didn’t want the candidate from the Democratic Party to be the US President exactly because of the fear that Donald Trump’s Presidency would be a disaster for the USA.    

Petrovsky V., On the way to a Great Eurasian Partnership: challenges and opportunities

The concept of a “Great Eurasian Partnership” (GEP) forming about our ears already has originated a controversy in scientific and social circles and, the most important, - a desire of its adequate interpretation analyzing the challenges and opportunities related with it.    


Klymov А., Foreign policy aspects of cultural leadership in the global world  

The factor of mass influence on the society by means of culture is actively used by inciters of hybrid wars, by those who try to radicalize people, to extend recruiting base of terrorist and extremist organizations, to make a soil for “colored revolutions”, to interfere into domestic affairs of sovereign countries. 

AstakhovЕ., The role of Russia in the dialogue between civilizations

Today there is on the agenda an uneasy question of so called “general human values” that are no doubt necessary, but only in case of the identity of particular cultures being preserved. Under this circumstance the culture should be taken up to wide extent, - as traditions, historical memory, world outlook, art and literature alongside with material and spiritual results of the work many generations of people.   

Oganessyan Е., Joseph Brodsky Award is boundary-spanning

On a volcanic island of Ischia close by Naples it took place a presentation of the award “Josef Brodsky on Ischia – a Boundary-Spanning Traveler”. The prize-winners were the General Manager of “Orpheus” broadcasting station, Irina Guerassimova, and an opera star, Lyubov Kazarnodskaya.

Mikhailov L., Russian medical diplomacy.

In October 2017 it completes 15 years of membership of Russia in the World Medical Association (WMA). Our country joined the most reputable international organization of doctors in 2002, at 53-d General Assembly of the WMA in Washington, and by a strange quirk of fate the 15-th anniversary of this event will be commemorated in the USA too, at the next, 68-th, General Assembly of the WMA that is going to be held this year in October in Chicago. 


Trofimov D., Islam: between Averroes and Al-Baghdadi         

What is the place occupied by the Islamic religion in the contemporary world? Is it possible any peaceful coexistence of the Moslem and other values? To what extent is Islam related to violence from one hand and to democracy and development from the other? The answers could be found inside Islam itself (its relatively young age, passionarity, absence of church, a unique duality, fundamentalism) and in its specific reaction to the globalization.

Yashlavky А., European Moslems: uneasy questions of identity

Migration crisis faced by Europe in the middle of the 2010-t and terrorist attacks have brought to a head the problems related to European Moslems existing in the past .These phenomena make us to pay a special attention to uneasy relations between Europe and the Islamic World with its aspects of quite a great number.  

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