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Annotation of magazine number 5, May 2017

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Karaganov S. From the turn towards the East to a Big Eurasia

The present-day turn of Russia towards the East was conceived as an economic response, though to a large extent retarded, to the rise of Asia providing some possibilities for the development of our country.  Appropriateness of the turn was justified also by the forecast of a seemingly inevitable slowdown of the European economy and by a complication of the relationship with Europe and with the West in general.

Osadchy S. Russia confirms it readiness to an active assistance to solution of the Cyprus problem

On the 12-th of January of the current year in Geneva took place an international conference on Cyprus. It was for the first tine during 42 years of the conflict in Cyprus when the leaders of divided island and high-ranking representatives of the sponsoring countries, – Greece, Turkey and Great Britain, - met at the table of negotiations.

LeeHui. Let “Belt and Road” initiative benefits the world ever more 

There are more than 100 countries and international organizations that up to now have joined the “Belt and Road” initiative that China suggested to the international community in 2013. And more than 40 of them have signed cooperative agreements with China.

Lyjenkov А. Opposition to terrorism in the region of the OSCE

It was Helsinki Final Act of 1975 that for the first time confirmed a common determination of 35 nations of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe to avoid any direct or indirect aid to terrorist activities. Since then opposition to terrorism is one of the foreground tasks of the OSCE.

Chernega V. Geopolitical option of France

The recent president elections in France hardly could be seen as totally traditional. The winner was Emmanuel Macron who called himself an “independent candidate”. The second place was taken by the leader of the National Front, Marine le Pin managing to collect 33,9% of votes in spite of nearly all political forces had united against her.

Skachkov А. Soviet heritage and special features of national policy in the Baltic States

One of the most rigid ethnocratic forms of state system and government took hold in the Baltic States. Nnationalist groups consolidated according to an ethnic principle coming to power during the period of time since  1991 chose as a strategic guideline of national development not a state nationalism, suggesting creation  of multinational community, but an ethnic one.  


Tavdumadze N. 25-th anniversary of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Paraguay       

On the 14 of May 1992 Russian and Paraguay embodied the decision to resume diplomatic relation and began a new age in the record of contacts of the countries separated by some 12,5 thousand kilometers with the peoples having a lot of common in their history.

Azymov A. Russia and Croatia - 25 years of diplomatic relations      

On the 25 of May 2017 it’s commemorated the 25-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Croatia. Russian and Croatian interaction during this quarter a century period of time turned practically a direct reflection of all the highs and lows in the relationship of Russia and the Wets in general, but with its Balkan particularities.

Batyr Niyazliev.  Turkmenistan and Russia: on the road of a strategic partnership 

On the 8 of April of the current year it completed 25 years since the signing of the Protocol of establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkmenistan and the Federation of Russia. Since this date began the record of a qualitatively new period in friendly and good-neighborly relations of Russian and Turkmen peoples with a centuries-old history of contacts which gained its logical  continuation in the contemporary chronicle of our countries.


CatherineBrechinyac. Russia has to remain a great country in the domain scientific discoveries because the whole world needs it

Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Science of France, Catherine Brechinyac, and the Editor-in-Chief of the monthly “International Affairs”, Armen Ogamessyan,   dwelt on the contemporary science, Russian and French interaction and viable prospects against the background of a 300 years old tradition of bilateral cooperation.

Medvedeva V. A 300 years long dialogue       

In April of the current year an International Peter the Great Congress took place in France. It’s 21 of April 1717, when Peter the Great made an informal visit to France exactly 300 years ago that is deemed the date of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries.

Claude Beazot. An activation of the relations between Russia and the CAR isn’t just viable, but indispensable     

The conflict in the Central African Republic lasting for many years, as it seemed, had been solved with the PresidentFaustin-Archange Touadéracame to power in the last year.   But there’re such reasons of the conflict difficult to do away with as a religious confrontation and an uneven distribution of national resources.

vector of law

Enguibaryan R. Comparative legal analysis of the institutions of presidency in the USA and Russia       

In the United States, distant and sparsely populated, it was created a totally new constitutional construction provided with a complicated democratic mechanism of checks and balances at different branches of power. How it was that the first written Constitution incarnating all the leading doctrines of European illuminators had come into existence on the fringes of the Western civilization?   

Dobrotvorsky P. Basic trends and dynamics of development of legal map of the world  

The main controversies surround the issues of the word’s legal map segmentation and choosing of criteria to class “legal families”. In spite of divergence of opinion on the number of “legal families” making the legal map of the world, it is necessary to single out the basic ones.

«soft power»

Oganessyan А. Internet – an ocean of possibilities with monsters could be found    

A speech at the 11-th international forum “Partnership of the State, Business, and Civic Society Providing International Informational Security’. Garmish-Partenkiren, Germany, the 24-27 of April 2017.

Tolstukhina А. We shouldn’t play insanity in a volatile informational field

It’s 11-th year in a row that exists a forum taking place in Garmish-Partenkiren in order to discuss urgent problems of international cooperation in the domain of informational security. The event is promoted by the IPIS of the MSU Lomonossov with the aid of the Security Council of the FR and of the monthlyInternational Affairs”.

Melnikova О. Means and methods of informational support of state foreign policy  

Nowdays it is impossible to imagine an effectively functioning mechanism of public power without a media support of state home and foreign policy in its all directions. Quantity, quality and accessibility of informational resources would be the factor forming the parameters of assessment of a state from abroad.

Velikaya А. The USA public diplomacy within a transforming world order  

In the USA public diplomacy is deemed as a combination of a public and a social diplomacy, propaganda and counterpropaganda. In Russia this terms implies work with an expert community and leaders of opinions coinciding with the purposes of official diplomacy.

BobrovА. Diplomacy, public or social, - that’s the question

“Public diplomacy” is treated differently in Russian political vocabulary and this inevitably leads to cognitive divergences. In order to level critical assessments of efficiency of the tool of public diplomacy it would be necessary to define the basic notions of this subject: public diplomacy, social diplomacy, digital diplomacy, national branding, propaganda, people’s diplomacy.   

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