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Annotation of magazine number 10, October, 2016

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Gatilov G. Humanitarian crisis in Syria: human tragedies used for political purposes

Humanitarian crisis in Syria – the biggest in the modern history. Only in 2016  13,5 people, more than a half of the population of the country,  need humanitarian aid, 11,5 million people need medical care, 12,1 million don’t have an access to pure drinking water. Half of the migrants coming to the European countries are Syrians (more than 600 thousand people).

Platoshkin N. The causes of the civil war  in Syria

Why are the West and its satellites from the Persian Gulf so tough with their claims for Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s retirement and ready to pay millions of dollars? It looks like all the Syrian problems (naturally from the Western point of view) began in 1963, when the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party oriented towards socialist values assumed power in Damascus.  

Chernega VFrance in the Syrian deadlock

France played a special role in the making of Syrian statehood. According to a notorious Sykes-Picot Agreement signed in 1916, in Petrograd by Great Britain, France and Russia, in case of  victory in the World War One practically all the territory of today’s Syria and Lebanon and a part of Iraq with the city of Mosul would given to France to run it.   


Barsky К. “Eastern vector” drawn by Evgueny Primakov

In recent years Russia actively and confidently sidles towards the APR as it never did in the past. However there is no anything that would be wider from the truth than an affirmation, that this turn to the East had been a response to the Western sanctions. It is a principle-based policy resulting from a total awareness of national interests of Russia as a Eurasian, Asian and Pacific and to wider extent – a European and Pacific power. Evgueny M. Primakov was the architect of this policy.

Berezko V. Acute issues of the development of modern civilization

Исследования Analysis of the problems of modern civilization occupies a totally special place in the creativity of one of well-known Russian lawyers, Doctor in Law, professor Enguibaryan R.V.* (*ЕнгибарянР.В. XXI век: исламский вызов – XXI century: Islamic Challenge. М., 2016. 160 p.).


AnanievaЕ. Disappearing center

The referendum on Great Britain’s affiliation to the EU exposed a great division of British society on regional, age, social, educational and class grounds.  Ituncoveredsomehiddenstrengtheningtrends. Their first symptom was an advancing success of the United Kingdom Independence Party at local and the Parliament elections and at the European Parliament elections as well during the last twenty years.   

Polyakova АThe role of Israel in the USA Middle East policy during the period of Barack Obama presidency

It is due to special American and Israeli relations based on common interests and values Washington has to take the position of Israel into consideration while drawing the vector of its Middle East policy.

VaschenkovS., KotiajovA. “Soft power” used as a component of the system of state geopolitical interests

Opportunely organized improvement of the national defensive potential made it impossible to solve any contradiction to arise by means of a large-scaled war waged against Russia. The existence of a circumstance like this has made the West to stir up the creation of other than military technologies of external influence on organs of power  and population of opponent states with the purpose to alternate their home and foreign policy for the benefit of the USA in the first place. 


Bulatov Y. House of Romanov and the Jewish question in Russia

Jews settled in Russian lands in the period of rule of Prince Igor in Kievan Russia. It was exactly that time when Jewish traders and craftsmen settled in the low part of Kiev named “Kozary”.  Merchants that had been visiting the capital city by “shift arrangement” formed the nucleus of that Judaic colony. Chronicles bear no records of this Jewish “house-warming”, because it was an ordinary event of daily life in Russia, while colonies of the kind along caravan routes leading from the East to the West were created for Russian merchants as well.    


Ossipova Е. Eternal and permanent interests of The United Kingdom

Arzakanyan М. National diplomacy in a multilateral layout: from the Aland Islands to UNESCO

Arlyapova Е. Destructive practices in our world and in our time

GavrilovaS. The Fifth Republic and détente

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

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