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Annotation of magazine number 8, August, 2016

12:06 24.11.2016 •


Ryabkov S., Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
Russian and American relations after the elections: “We’ll be ready for a new start…”

To what extent are American voters tired of anti-Russian rhetoric? Maybe some of them desire to see a positive alternative to the actual anti-Russian outrage. But in the first place a general tiredness of American electorate proceeds from the problems growing within the American society itself. 

Perfecto R. Yasai Jr., Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of the Philippines Peace and prosperity in this vulnerable but all the same beautiful world. On the occasion of the 40-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Federation of Russia and Republic of the Philippines.

The Philippines and Russia established diplomatic relations four decades ago. Their bilateral relations have run a long way of development. Their friendship had been strengthening since then and the spheres of cooperation – widening. An interaction like this is based on common values – respect for sovereign equality of states and supremacy of law.

 Litvak N. Morality in foreign policy and diplomacy of contemporary France

It is quite interesting to explore the moral component of French foreign policy and diplomacy. This option is due to its historical priority and considerable contribution in the domains like creation of contemporary diplomacy and diplomatic service, human rights, morality in foreign policy. 

Voitenko Y. Biometric documents: struggle with the international terrorism or control of personality?

It has completed ten years since the moment of large-scale and all-round use of new international documents – biometric international passports. Have it been achieved the main goals that were declared: struggle with the international terrorism, illegal migration and fake documents?  You’d rather recall the history of transition from common passports to biometric ones before you start answering this question.  


Boyko S. The UN governmental experts group for informatization and telecommunications achievements in the context of the international security: looking from the past into the future.

The history of the UN governmental experts group for informatization and telecommunications achievements in the context of the international security began 15 years ago – on the 29-th of November, 2001 – when the resolution “Informatization and Telecommunications Achievements in the Context of the International Security”А/RES/56/19 suggested by Russia was unanimously adopted.

Orlov А. Born for confrontation: the results of Warsaw summit of the north Atlantic alliance 

A meeting of the Council Russia – NATO which, after a more then two years break,   took place several days after the summit of the alliance in Warsaw ,it is an evidence that Moscow and Brussels know that communication channels should  stay open especially now, when interrelations of the parties periodically originate issues which need an urgent clarification.   

Rogatchev А. China and the EU: the problem of market economy status. 

The question of acceptance of China’s status of a country with market economy has lately acquired an acute political character and became a subject of complicated and animated debates within the euro-institutions and in the international arena as well. 


Zakaurtzeva Т., Gavrilova S. Cultural and social integration of migrants in the European Union  (by example of Germany, Great Britain, Denmark)

Cultural and social integration of refugees into the society of accepting countries is one of the most difficult problems in the complex of migration ones. Its solution is also complicated by the terrorism threat growing in Europe. The social protest has turned especially active due to the illegal migration and influx of refugees, directly associated with a high rate of crime growth.

Ilyin I., Leonoova O., Aleksienko O. BRICS as a common denominator of strategic priorities

The BRICS countries are solidary in their dissatisfaction with the state of affairs  in the contemporary geopolitics, with their own position within the system of international relations, they are solidary in the aspiration to provide economic, politic and social wellbeing and act as a united force in the process creation of a new multi-central system of international relations. In this respect it’s considered as important   an analysis of the goals and objects of the association members, as well an analysis of the factors of confrontations and destabilization in mutual relations of the BRICS countries.    

Smirnov А. The Ukrainian crisis reflected by the Polish conservatism

A number of European countries deemed the crisis that had shaken the Ukraine as a serious reason to revise their political attitudes and change the alignment of forces. Poland is involved into Ukrainian affairs at larger extent than other countries of Eastern Europe, because of several historical reasons.  


“Connecting thread of poetry”

A unique collection of poetry by Chinese and Russian authors in two languages has been edited and published by literary and creative association “Outlet” formed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Shanghai University of Foreign Languages. Chinese and Russian classics give place to works of the authors mostly known as statesmen and diplomats.   

Bogomolov P. Half a century of the youth subculture in the West

Researchers of the Western history and culture in the post-war period think that the age of excessive restrictions and inhibitions in contacts between people’s generations, in ways of their “social self-expression” ended by the middle of 1960-s. Someclassboundariesoutlivedthemselves.     It was devaluated the limit of ethic and aesthetic acceptability in everyday life, in style of communication, in consumer demand, in fashion and light music. A spark of dissent flew flashing  through the channel of the attitude towards officialism tolerated up to then, of sanctimony, false politeness, hypocrisy and mutual distancing between people. It was the thing that had broken the life style of the youth, and not just of the youth, at the both sides of the Atlantic.       

Moisseev А. Memory and dream cast in bronze. On the occasion of the 65-th anniversary of sculptor Vladimir Surovtsev  

Vladimir A. Surovtsev, sculptor and people’s artist of Russia has been working for a long time in a creative cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federation of Russia. In fact it was the reason why nobody had any doubt of why he had been the author of low relief of Chancellor Alexander M. Gorhcakov mounted on the building of Diplomatic Academy of the FR Foreign Ministry on the occasion of his 200-th anniversary. 

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia commemorates its 95-th anniversary 

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