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Annotation of magazine number 5, May 2016

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Lavrov S., Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Russia-ASEAN new dimensions of 20 years old partnership  

This year Russian-ASEAN dialogue partnership completes 20 years. During the last two decades it vas formed a strong legal base of cooperation, a diversified system of working organs including high-level ones. Our interaction has a strong position within the list of the key priorities of the policy of Russia and of the ASEAN member-state. Moreover it has turned an integrant part of the regional structure.

Salemsai Kommasit, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Laos
ASEAN and Russia: partnership is going on      

Lao People’s Democratic Republic took the chair of the ASEAN President on the following day after the creation of the ASEAN Community on the 31 of December. 2015. It was an incarnation of the idea by the founding fathers proclaiming the idea of a united community of South-East Asia yet back in 1967.

Lе Lyong Min, The ASEAN General Secretary
The Partnership ASEAN – Russia growing stronger and widening

The ASEAN considers as important a dialogue partnership with Russia in terms of which their relations have been turned more profound and diversified during the last 20 years. Thanks to the Joint Declaration of the leaders of the ASEAN and Russia of a developed and universal partnership signed at the firs summit The ASEAN –Russia in Kuala Lumpur in December, 2005, there is a large number of questions taken up by the joint activity

the EEU and the ASEAN

ValovayaТ. Forming of a new architecture of the world economy:

There are some great prospects of cooperation existing in the East where the contact between the EEU and the ASEAN could turn a driving force of this interaction. The first track of cooperation of the kind would be growing of the activity jf trade and economic of the countries – members of the two unions of integration. Our countries  have a tradition of good partnership in the bilateral relations completed by contacts with the ASEAN as well. 

Torkunov А., The center of the ASEAN and its attraction  

In the beginning of April, 2016 the Group Russia – the ASEAN consisting of prominent public figures held its third meeting in MGIMO of the Foreign Ministry of Russia. The participants of the event discussed and approved the text of the report about the prospects of dialogue partnership Russia – the ASEAN. The presentation of this document to leaders OF “the Ten” and Russian Federation is due in May of 2016 at the summit in Sochi.

Paradon Rangsimapon, Koldunova E., 20 years after: what are Russia and the ASEAN in each other’s eyes    

Russia and the ASEAN have a lot in common. They could achieve a more close relationship in all the three domains of cooperation equally important for both of the partners: politics and security, economy and social and cultural relations. Under this circumstance the parties are aware of systematic actions necessary for the creation of an interrelation of the kind.

Muradov К., Russia and the ASEAN within global production chains

The share of the ASEAN countries is 1,8% of Russian merchandise export and 3,9% of import, 1,4% of service exports and 2,4% of imports. Russia by-turn is an outlet for 0,4% of merchandise and a source of import for 1,4%, – rather humble numbers in the face of it. But at what extent do they permit to judge the interrelations and interdependence of Russia and the ASEAN countries in the contemporary globalized world?


Romano Prodi, How one may slam Pandora’s box: the role of Russia in Europe    

The political relations between the EU and Russia keep sliding down. It’s a joint effort that should be applied, - Russia should accept the EU as it really is, and the EU should accept Russia as it really is. Itisapreconditionforanycooperationinfuture. But the confronts of today can’t bring anything, – it only increase mutual weak points.   


Igor Pellizziari, The third (and the best) part of Romano Prodi’s political life

Romano Prodi said that his frankness was provided by tone of the most interesting stages of his life, now he is living through: he still has the possibility to watch international affairs from a privileged position, staying, actually, in the focus of the events. However he has no restrictions or burden of political responsibility anymore.


Vorobyov V., Russian and Chinese confident strategic partnership: the 21-st century formula

In April of 1996 Boris Eltsin flying to visit the PRC found it timely to give a special reference to the level and quality to the Russian and Chinese relations that had been achieved. So it was born a new formula: confident strategic partnership aimed to the 21-st  century. Urgently transmitted from the board of the President’s plane to Beijing via Moscow  it met with an immediate support from the Chinese leadership.

Kotlyar V. The Arctic – a region of pacific development or  of contradictions? 

In the last couple of years the media of a number of Western countries and especially – of the USA – and sometimes some Russian media as well keep making forecasts of an alleged “inevitability” of growing  tension and “danger of conflicts” between the Arctic states and not only political, but military ones, and also advising the USA allies to lean more on “a reliable shoulder” of the  NATO.

Sizonenco А., Succession factor in the relations between Russia and Latin America

The history of the relations between Russian and the countries of Latin America shows a number of examples of its succession and of taking the history into account in policy-making by the parties. The first steps on this way were made yet in the 1820-th with the recognition of a young Brazilian state by Russia (1828), at the same time Russia refused to take part in armed intervention of Mexico by Spain.

Ylyshev O., Brigade of quick intervention of the MONUSCO: the experience of “offensive” peacemaking

“Support international peace and security and with the purpose of this take efficient collective measures to prevent and eliminate any threat to peace…” – it is the first objective of the UNO written in its Statute coming into effect on the 24 of October, 1945. Seven decades after the ability of the World Organization to follow this rule with success adapting to new challenges and threats becomes the subject of discussions with growing frequency.

Davydenco А., Russia and the Gulf  Countries: common interests ask for closer coordination     

On the 11-14 of April of the current year a Russian Parliament delegation headed by the Chairwoman of the Council of Federation of the FR, Valentina Matvienco, paid official visits to OMAN and UAE. During the visits Russia has shown once more its devotion to diversified and peaceful foreign policy, to a dialogue of mutual respect with its partners in the Middle East for the benefit of the people of their countries, of a multipolar world, more secure and stable.


Bulatov Y., Autocratic Russia: advance “towards the Sun” and Siberian nationalities 

Directly after a new agreement of  delimitation of the ocean space in the Pacific basin between the USSR and the USA had been ratified by the Congress, the US Institute of the World history was given a task to make a draft project of sale of Siberia and the Far East  in case of the USSR would-be disintegration. That plan based on a historic precedent when the Czarist government ceded Alaska and Aleutian Islands to the USA in the second half of the 19-th century.

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

Recreational complex “Zavidovo” – enviable recreation!      

The editorial staff expresses its gratitude to Mr. Ovchinnikov A.M., director of the DAPC of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, to the staff members of the Department of Dialogue Partnership Russia – the ASEAN, and also to Mr. Sumskoy V.V., director of the ASEAN Center at the MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia for their assistance while working upon the column dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of dialogue partnership Russia – the ASEAN.

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