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Annotation of magazine number 2, February 2016

16:15 20.03.2016 •


Ivashentsov G.Russia-India: New forms of long-standing partnership  

They believe that big strategy of India divides the world into three homocentric circles. The first involves its direct neighbors, the second includes the so called “broadened neighborhood” in Asia and along the Indian Ocean cost and the third circle is the whole world arena. What is the place occupied by Russia within this system?

Key words:India, political Hinduism, “Sea Silk Road”, Russian and Indian partnership.


Bilahari Causican. The end of the Cold War 

When will be time ripe for the Cold War to be assessed? Today it is too early to speak what does the end of the Cold War mean to the system of the international relations? However some estimates of an extensive ground already could be seen being in the first place the result of personal impression and experience.

Key words: The Cold War, the Ukraine and Russia, disintegration of the URSS, American and Chinese relations, RDV .


Dolgov К. Contemporary wars and armed conflicts: sources, causes and ways of solution 

Reading the greatest ancient world heritage of literature, religion and culture worksMahabharatam”, Bible, “Iliad”, “Odyssey”, “Zend-Avesta”, “Kalevala” and others you learn that the speak first of all about conflict, confrontation, struggle and wars as the most significant events of the human history. It looks like that since the beginning of time the humans did nothing but fought each other and got ready for new collisions during the periods between wars.

Key words: contemporary wars, armed conflicts, Crusades, Doomsday Clock.



Luckashik A. BRICS: the results of the Russian chairmanship and the vectors of further development       

On the 15 of February of 2016 ended the Russian chairmanship of the BRICS. The analysis of its results in the domain of state organs, business, academic society and civil structures is still to be done. But even now  you may confidently state that we have honestly  completed the mission of helmsman in the ship of “the Five” and in process of joint work with our partners fulfilled in general the instructions and direct assignments formulated by the leaders of our countries at the summit in Ufa of  the 8-9 of July, 2015.  

Key words: Russia, BRICS, chairmanship.


Moisseev А.Моисеев. БSecurity of the Arctic: positions of the international law

The Arctic region attracts the attention of much more countries that those siding with its limits. An extended melting of the Arctic ice provides possibilities for new sea lines and natural resources prospection, for the development of energy and trade alongside with a dangerous potential for conflicts in the Arctic. The international community already has assessed economic appeal of the Arctic territories and some states started to argue wishing to redraw of the boundaries.     

Key words: the Arctic, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), continental shelf, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982, the Arctic states, the Russian position upon the Arctic. 


Kostiunina G., Baronov V. Trans-Pacific Partnership: the basic regulations of the agreement and a potential result 

The Agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed in 2015 by 12 countries entering the forum of “Asian and Pacific Economic Cooperation”, - Australia, Brunei, Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Singapore, the USA and Japan. The initiative of the Agreement belonged to the USA concerned about the decrease of their influence on the economy and policy of the APR countries and about the consolidation of economic and political position of China in the region. 

Key words: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the USA, Japan, trade liberalization, regulation of foreign investments, protection of the rights for intellectual propriety, FTAAP, RVAP, APR.


Guilmutdinova D. Romadan L. New trends and technologies of peacemaking activity of the United Nations Organization in the 21-st century

Presently the UN peacemaking activity is the most important tool for solution of armed conflicts and achievement of goals of  state building at the post-crisis phase. In connection with the escalation of a number of conflict in the 21-st century this activity of the United Nations Organization urgent and asked-for as it has never been.

Key words: the UNO, the Security Council, peacemaking, drones, brigades of quick intervention, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the African Union, regional conflicts, regional security.



Lebedeva О. The history of creation of the institution of public diplomacy in Russia  … 126

The sphere of public diplomacy lately has got actively widespread in  Russia of nowdays aided by the process of opening of boarders and establishment of the civic society in the Federation of Russia. Besides it is due to the growing international importance of the so called “policy of mild strength” having as a priority the capacity of state and society to  exert an impact on the international space by means of its cultural, historical and political values.

Key words: public diplomacy, VOKS, "Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries", RAN, RZC, “Roszarubejcentr”, “Rossotrudnichestvo”.  


Smirnova L. The contemporary state and development tasks of the Euro-Asian space of higher education Современное состояние и задачи развития

The process of Russia willing to turn to the East has resumed the debates about the Euro-Asian priorities of the national policy in the sphere of education and science. The joint declaration of the FR and the PRC of cooperation in the process of building of Euro-Asian economic union in conjunction with the “Economic Belt of the Silk Road” published after the Russian and Chinese summit in Moscow draws the political frame of this issue.

Keywords: Strategy of the development of Shanghai organization for cooperation, Euro-Asian space of higher education Euro-Asian economic union, ‘Economic Belt of the Silk Road”, the summit of the SOC and BRICS in Ufa.


Velikaya А. Public diplomacy as a tool of international dialogue     

Public diplomacy makes it possible to level the trends towards growing disunity and to use opening opportunities of interaction. In the view of the fact that it is very difficult to achieve in the contemporary conditions, should be taken the attitudes considering the peculiarities of each country (its law, culture, history). Also you should listen to you interlocutors, adopt their positive experience: creating a space for dialogue you may consolidate long-term relations between your countries.

Key words: public diplomacy, “mild strength”, expert cooperation.



Yakovlenco А. ДA diplomatic experience that never  turns old   166

Key words: diaries of  a Soviet ambassador, Maisky I,  a British historian, Gorodetsky G.


Surjik D. Peripetias of historic policy and memory in the Baltic Region 

Key words: Baltic Region, perversion of the history, the book “By fire, bayonet and flattery”. 


Orlova Е. Internet – the driver of the contemporary development   

Key words: Internet, ICT, law regulation, IANA, ICANN.


Fedorchenco А.Krylov А. Scientific assessment of the apotheosis of the Islamist radicalism        .

Key words: “Islamic State”, the Middle East region, the policy of double standard, jihadists, negotiations on Syria.  


Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) has established an award for young scientists “For a contribution into the development of oriental studies” 

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