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Annotation of magazine №12, December, 2015

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Glebova L. “Rossotrudnichestvo” -  90 years old!

The agency operates in 79 countries of the world through its 91 foreign branches. They are 51 Russian centers of science and culture, 7 sections of RCSCs and 23 representatives of “Rossotrudnichestvo” included in diplomatic missions. In January we’re going to start working in Macedonia. We also work with the countries of the CIS. There’re a schedules of opening sections of our branches in the towns of Gyanja (Azerbaijan), Gyumry (Armenia), Uralsk (Kazakhstan), Osh (Kyrgyzstan) and Hujand (Tajikistan). And I’d like to observe that there’re our centers functioning in the capitals of all these countries.

Klimovsky К. The fifth World congress of nationals living abroad

The fifth World congress of nationals living abroad took place in Moscow on the 5-6 of November 2015. In the event took part more than 400 representatives of Russian foreign communities from 97 countries of the world including members of the World coordinating council of Russian nationals overseas, administrators and activists of branch coordinating councils, media of Russian national.  The congress was also attended by some 200 representatives of the federals bodies of legislative and executive power, of the subjects of the Russian Federation, of Russian foundation and nongovernmental organizations.

Philatov S. “Russian World – it is a state of mind and soul”

Currently grows especially important the question of consolidation of Russian diaspora, of Russian foreign world, of several millions of people bearing in mind that Russia is their motherland. According to various calculations there are some 25-35 million Russians by birth and their descendents emigrated in the XX century due to all kind of reasons: some fled to Europe after the revolutions of 1917, others remained among “displaced persons” after the World War Two, some went of in search of living fleeing poverty originated by the “reforms” of 1990-th, and then some others left for comfortable foreign countries during the “repletion” of 2000-th. A special place in this many-millioned community of nationals belongs to those who instantly stayed “abroad” after the collapse of the Soviet Union  living in the republics of the former USSR, now independent states and members of the U.N.O. ...y


Voitchenco Y. Biometrical technologies in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia: the history, trends and prospects  

The next stage of the development of biometrical technologies will be inclusion into a foreign passport of a complementary biometrical feature – fingerprints. The main goal of the project is to tune the technology of scanning and transfer of personal biometrical data issuing a Russian entry visa and also an interaction with the visa centers carrying basic load while taking biometrical data.

Brutentz КThe great geopolitical revolution: intermediate results

Three-continental “landing” of developing countries, their breakthrough to the global stage, emergence of a large group of performers greatly transform the international landscape. The trend grows stronger, the possibilities of a sovereign development for young states have widened and increased, and they are showing their strengthening determination to stand up for it. Practice of a hegemonic policy has turned more difficult.

Soloviov E. The story has come back – the end of the era of liberalism?

Under turbulent conditions, inevitable due to the resistance of former unconditional leaders of the world system, not at all ready to leave the pedestal,  as well as in the context of uncertainty and ambiguity of the standards and rules dominating the world politics any return to realism and geopolitical structures seems to be inevitable.

Surchina S. Special features of international cooperation in the domain of physical and nuclear security

 The subject of physical and nuclear security occupies a special place in the general complex of the international security questions. The FNS suggests providing security of nuclear substances and respective units and nuclear security – security of nuclear power plants.


Ivanov S. The Middle East and Sunnite-Shiite contradictions

Beginning as an action of so-called “Arab Street” dissatisfied with the ruling circles practice (in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and other Arab countries), basically with their social and economic policy, the sweep of corruption and nepotism certain forces within and outside of the region tried to make the protest of lower classes to look like a religious collision of   Sunnites with Shiites. Thisfeud, notatallnew, hasahistoryoftensofcenturies. The question is: why the events in the Middle East are now interpreted as a collision of Sunnites and Shiites, and sees to it that it would look like this

Raikov YEast Asia and a new world order

According to a historic tradition, a new word order is born with suffering. It is East Asia that plays today a leading part in its establishment and development. China and Russia, situated in this region, relying on the structures created by them (SOC, BRICS, EAEC, OTCS) openly don’t want anymore to accept the USA monopoly of ruling the world, launch a challenge against the American domination.

Tersquikh МThans-Pacific partnership: the interests of the United States of America and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Today you practically can’t find on the map of the world any country that doesn’t belong to at least one regional association. In this respect are interesting the examples of the USA and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam with their high activity in the integration process in Asian and Pacific region, in particular, during the negotiations on the Trans-Pacific partnership, while the ATR itself tends to play the leading role in economic development of the world in XXI century.


Russia and Europe: urgent problems of the contemporary international journalism

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

Winter charity bazaar of Moscow International Sorority.

Index of the articles and materials of 2015

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