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Annotation of the magazine №11, November, 2015

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Kortunov А., Frolov А. The policy of the USA in the ever-changing world

With foreign policy, the same as with the policy in general, you always have to take chances which could be minimized, but only to a certain extent. And the wider would be the horizon of planning, the easier these chances could be minimized. However the organization of the USA political system doesn’t provide for the luxury of a long-term planning. The USA foreign policy couldn’t be planned and carried out regardless of the internal political cycles.  

Popov I. A difficult choice for Каталонии Catalonia

Autumn of 2015 brought to Spain another round of the development of the internal political conflict related with the possibility withdrawal of an autonomous community of Catalonia. On the 27-th of September the voters went to the polls at early elections to the regional parliament promoted at the initiative of  the nationalist leadership of the autonomy.  The coalition formed by the ruling party “Democratic Convergence of Catalonia” and by   left-bourgeois nationalists from “Left Republicans of Catalonia”..

Mikerin D.  Caspian knot: mission possible

The Caspian direction is one of the priorities for the foreign policy of our country. From time immemorial the Caspian Sea is a natural shielding of our southern frontiers with its strategic situation at the crossing of the most important transportation lines connecting Europe with Asia, its subsoil conceals great reserves of hydrocarbons and its waters  are a natural storeroom of unique biologic resources. 

Bezrukov АFailure of the USA mechanism for taking decisions in the foreign policy (military operation in Iraq)

On the face of it, the mechanism for working out the strategy for the foreign policy within the USA administration looks like a rather efficient tool to determine the course of the North American state in the international arena. As its evident quality should be singled out the principle of coordination in the process of taking and carrying out decisions. But  a sequence of mishaps in the Middle East suggests a possibility to give a deeper look into the system of taking decisions in  the USA.    


Pablo Anselmo Tettamanti For the 130-anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Argentina and Russia летию установления дипломатических отношений между Аргентиной и Россией

In October of 2015 the Republic of Argentina and Russian Federation commemorated the 130-anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. This celebration was the initiative of the Presidents, Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner and Vladimir Putin, who had taken this decision during the bilateral meeting.


Litvak N. Informational processes within the French diplomatic service

It is interesting from a practical point of view to look into the contemporary  informational processes within  the diplomatic service of France – the country trying to keep pace with the basic changes in the world, including the scientific and technological progress, and use the diplomacy as a tool to achieve goals unachievable by other means.

Zaritski B. Transatlantic partnership: position of the Federal Republic of Germany

Ended the 11-th round of the negotiations on a free-trade zone between the EU and the USA. The matter is not just an elimination of custom barriers, but a harmonization of standards and regulations, protection of the rights of investors and a quite a number of other “neuralgic” issues.  In the last analysis could be created a new mega block taking up nearly 40% of the world gross product and a third part of commodity turnover in the international trade.

Malysheva D. Russia and the Mediterranean: geopolitics and c0ntemporaty aims

In the new version of the Naval Doctrine of Russia the Mediterranean is qualified as one of the main regional directions of the national naval policy of the FR alongside with  the Atlantic, the Arctic and the Pacific Zone. This stipulates a naval presence of the FR in the Mediterranean Sea with the purpose “to transform the region into a zone of military and political stability and good-neighborliness”. And it is obviously a purposeful action: Russia regards this region as an important direction of policy and international cooperation.

В.ФилипповRwanda: 20 years later

20 years have passed since seemingly senseless massacre in Rwanda that cost life for a million of its citizens. However in the light of wars and conflicts breaking out in other regions of the planet the Rwandan events deserve a more detailed analysis because they arose partially from intentions of politicians willing to incite nationalists and throw people into a bloody slaughter in the name of their geopolitical ambitions.

Kassaev E. Urgent problems of Russia in the European and Asian gas markets  

Globalization of the market of hydrocarbons, interregional competition between Europe and Asian and Pacific Region, acute political and economic decisions of the West directed against our state keep instigating the interest  which the expert community has in the problem of competitiveness of  the Russian fuel-energy complex in the international gas business.


Khasbulatov R. Breakthrough to the European peace, security and cooperation. Disappointed hope

Filatov S. Russia and the Arab world

Arlyapova Е. George F. Kennan about the nationalism in the world politics

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia presents a new project – a housing estate for foreign representations at Mosfilmovskaya Street

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