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Annotation of the magazine number 9, September, 2015

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Meshkov. А.,  Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia России “Russia – Europe: what’s going to come?”

It looks like the situation in the sphere of European security now is at the lowest point of the trajectory of its development. The today’s problems haven’t arisen just yesterday, but were accumulating for years. It wasn’t the Ukrainian crisis that had been the initial cause of serious cooling of the political climate in Europe.  The contradiction reaching their climax in the form of the conflict in the Ukraine have their roots going deep into 1990-s. 

Karaganov С. “There no simple decisions”  About the prospects of Russian and European relations

They relate the crisis in the relations of Russia and the West to the actions of Russia in the Crimea, in the Donets Basin and in the Ukraine, but its roots lie much deeper and its long-term consequences may be serious too. The situation is fraught with not just a large military collision, which I hope grows less probable, with a political confrontation or a reduction of the economic relations, but with a social and civilized “divorce”.

Kazennov S., Kumatchev VIf you want peace – get ready for peace Reflections on the background of the today’s political crisis

The way leading to peace was at all times thorny, contrary to the way leading to war: marching downhill is always easier, and expectations frequently  are much more optimistic then the results you’ve achieved, if, of course you aren’t making your mind on your own PR standing at the bridge of an aircraft carrier, show you victorious flag over Bagdad or  achieve a hard victory over enemies of democracy” on the eve of another elections in your own country. 


Rudiger Von Frich.  We can make the history

As many-sided it was, - our common history of Russia and Germany, - as too frequently it, unfortunately, led to extremes. Coming up against each other our ancestors rarely put up just the question of power and domination, but quite frequently it was the issue of life and death, of destruction of the opponent.

Terekhov V.For the 60-th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Germany

In September of 1955, ten years after the end of the war in Europe, were established the diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic of Germany. Such a long period of time was necessary for the governments of the two countries to sort out and to determine their attitude towards a great number of the most complicated problems inherited from the history.


Oganessyan А.   Killed – weren’t counted up

Today you can hear it quite frequently: “How it might be that such a great democracy as the USA and their not less democratic allies in Europe close their eyes on the mass crimes against civil population in the Donets Basin?” Indeed an attitude like this towards the events in the Ukraine isn’t at all a chance and it has its history.


Congratulation to Torkunov A. V.

World around us

Belyakov V. Russia and Egypt: back to future?

Another page has been written in the dynamic development of the relations between Russia and Egypt. On the 25-27 of August, 2015 the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, was on an official to Moscow having conversation with the President Vladimir Putin concerning a wide circle of issues related to the bilateral relations and to the situation at the Middle East.

DzarassovR.. Interest of the USA in Eurasia and in the Ukraine

Foreign policy of the USA turned the most important factor to determine the beginning and the development of the crisis  in the Ukraine - an international-political and military one. During a quarter of a century since the breakup of the USSR  the US administration was working hard in order to strengthen its control  of the Ukrainian society They managed to create an entire network of the institutions of partnership.

Belobrov Y. Geopolitical ambitions and intrigues of the USA in the Asian and Pacific Region

Practically all the USA official and non-government sources directly relate the decision made by the President Barack Obama concerning a strategic turnaround of the security policy of the USA in the APR first of all with a fast economic and military strengthening of China which, they think, is going to be the principal rival of the USA in the region and respectfully the central feature of the renewed attitude of the White House towards the fulfillment of its plots in the APR.

Kravtchenco I. Grave role of the Promised Land

Problems of the modern Exodus from the countries of the Middle East and the Northern Africa, including the ones in the context of is European vector, are extremely multidimentional. There exists a humanitarian aspect too: a conglomeration of personal tragedies of war refugees who don’t have future in their homeland, deprived of means of subsistence, led to the extreme and because of it prone to desperate actions. Taking into account the world we are living in, anyone of us can be in their shoes.

Zanina V. The sky above Istanbul

The aspiration of Turkey to occupy a noteworthy place in the world arena make its leadership to pay attention to the branches which may contribute to its fast development, including the international commercial aviation. In this connection they plan to make Istanbul one of the main world transit centers not just in the domain of maritime traffic, but in the domain air transportation too.


Vorobyov V. About the past of Morocco and not just that

Frolov А. Trial by the Ukraine

Istomin I. Panorama of the world politics agenda – looking from St. Petersburg

Dolgov B. Personalities of the Middle East policy

Ministry of Emergency Situations

25 years of courage and expertise

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

Affiliated ranch “Medincentr” of the Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia 

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