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SergueyGlaziev.The last geopolitical game:
the USA starts to loose

Analyzing the geopolitical categories thought with by our “partners” you may try to forecast their subsequent behavior and to know their logics which certainly exists, because the US taxpayers have to pay a rather high price, which means that should know, why? 

Klepartsky L. Deglobalization of the world system        

Such phenomenon as the existence of polycentricity within the system of the international relations isn’t at all new, but at the actual phase of its development it is superimposed upon some deeper foundation which gradually and invisibly at firs puts elements of new trajectory into the development of the world system. For this reason the conclusion that the transitory period of post-bipolar world has come to its end would be premature.

Budaev А. Russian chairmanship of the BRICS: formation of the strategy of “mild strength”

An ever growing number of countries aspiring to the world leadership including Russia and other members of the BRICS make use of the “mild strength” in terms of their political strategies with the   purpose of creation of external conditions favorable their internal development, for the solution of practical questions of the modernization and expansion of the sphere of their influence. 

new challenges

Kotlyar V. Concerning  the “hybrid war” and who wages it in the Ukraine

ThetermhybridwarquitecommonwiththetodaysmediawasinventedbytheUSAmilitaryspecialistsandpoliticalscientists. It is used in the West to characterize the Reaction of Russia and of the Russian-speaking population of some Ukrainian territories to the coup d'etat in the Ukraine. And they don’t even try to cover it in the West. Analysis of this notion probably suppose the necessity to study its military, political and international legal components in order to determine on this base, who is waging the war in the Ukraine now.    

Tomylova Y. The U.N.O. and the problem of safeguarding of the international informational security  

The influence of the informational and communicational technologies (ICT) on the world social and political situation is growing swiftly. The ICT turn not only means of rise in the standard of living, liquidation of the social inequality, but more and more frequently considered by government and non-government entities as a strategic resource, as a tool of achievement of their goals including political and military ones.  

Gribkov D.  About the formation of the system of the international informational security.

In June of 2013 the President of the FR approved the “Basic government policy of the FR in the domain of the international informational security for the period up to 2020”. The document exposes the ways to counter threats to the international informational security, determines the goal, the tasks and the priority directions of the government policy of Russia in this area.   

column of the editor in chief

Oganessyan. A. Mr. Tramp: future President of the USA?

“The American Dream is dead, but I will give it back to you”, - this is the motto Donald Tramp has literally barged in the pre-election race with.

eastern vector

Safranchuk I. Evolution of the USA attitude towards the role of China in Central Asia

On the global level in the beginning of the XXI century the USA and China have entered the relations of the strategic and economic interdependency. Simultaneously their relations had some elements of military and political rivalry. The Chinese diplomacy avoided any direct collision with the USA in the international stage, but this could be interpreted as an intention to gain time for building of military power.

Petrovsky V. Dilemmas of the Asian and Pacific integration in the geoeconomical and geopolitical  context         

The economical integration in the Asian and Pacific region stands on the threshold of deep qualitative transformations caused by the formation of the basic mechanisms of the multilateral integration processes in sphere of economy and trade. A prospect of creation of a free Asiatic and Pacific trade zone was announced at the summit of the APEC in Beijing. There had been discussed a large-scale initiative of formation of a comprehensive regional economic partnership basing on the ASEAN countries and their partners, along with a project of the Transpacific partnership promoted by the USA.

diplomatic journal

Grinin V. The way Berlin could change the world
A phantasmagoric sketch

Is it possible to become a Berliner having spent more then ten years working in Berlin? Or you’d rather observe the life of this city as if playing it cool, but doing it with a great interest, affection and liking; with invariable sympathy/ compassion and sometimes even with participation.

Sinyakov Y. The story of the tower block of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs being built   

The message of the MFA going to move into the sky-scraper in the Sennaya-Smolenskaya square was issued on 7 of September 1947 when the country commemorated the 800-th anniversary of Moscow. On that day, at the same time, exactly at 13.00 in various parts of the city there were solemnly laid the foundation stones of the seven Stalin’s sky-scrapers.

hallmarks of the history

Sidorov А. Spiritual and moral meanings of the Victory in the context of the contemporary ideological situation        

The Great Patriotic War was the most horrific and bloody of all the wars in the world history. The question of the very existence of the Russian state and the Russian people had never been so burning. Winning the War Russia saved itself, saved Europe end the whole world from the Nazi enslavement .

Lebedev S., Pellizziarri I. The unification of Italy in the perception of Russian contemporaries of the Risorgimento         

According to the evidence of the great majority of the Italian historians, well established by now, the process of the unification of the country (called “the Risorgimento” from the Italian  “il Risorgimento” that literally means “resurrection”) actually was process of integration of different state formation in the territory of the Apennine Peninsula, Sardinia, Sicily and several  others islands into a united state formed by the initiative and under the guidance of the Kingdom of Sardinia  (Piedmont). Thisprocess, inageneralperceptiontookseveraldecades.  

Postnikov N. “There is a ghost of death, wherever you look”

The combats at Bzura and Rawka in the letters from the battle front (December 1914 – January 1915) 

In the whole there were more than 1 billion 700 millions letters sent from the battle front during the World War One. 20 millions of those letters were looked through by censors. Thanks to the censorship there are some 170-200 thousands of abstracts from inspected letters and some more 50-70 thousands of full ones guarded in the Russian State Archive of Military History. There are a lot of letters from the battle front in regional archives also.

The Chief Directorate for the diplomatic corps of the MFA of Russia

The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia: looking through years 

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