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Annotation of magazine number 7, July 2015

22:29 25.08.2015 •


Helen Clark, administrator of the UN Development Programme

A new global agenda: the role of Russia in the domain of development and partnership with the UNDP   

Russia takes an active part in development programs lately having significantly increased its aid expenses from 100millins dollars in 2004 to more than 700 millions in 2013. During the last decade Russia supplied humanitarian aid to 110 countries sometimes by means of the well equipped and quickly reacting Ministry for Emergent Situations.      .


Platoshkin N., Crisis in Greece: who is to blame and what is to be?   

The diagnosis and prescription for the decease in Brussels-Washington interpretation  are awfully long way from the truth and, as some classic used to say, from the people, - this time from the Greek one. The national crisis in Greece has its deeply set roots, as well its financial and economic reasons related mostly with the present time.

Arkhanguelskaya A.,Russia – South Africa: establishing the relations of partnership   

The today’s relations of Russia and South Africa are determined at some great extent with the historic ways which led our countries to the acknowledgment of the necessity of cooperation and interaction including the ones within the scope of the international  economic organization BRICS. It’s not long since both the countries changed the undemocratic centralized regimes for a more liberal society, the economy of both depends on natural resources.  

Korotina А., CIS in crisis age

The Commonwealth of Independent States - a variant of substitution of the Soviet Union, unexpected and not thought  of  enough by the participants of the Belovejsky Meeting – from its very beginning had to  overcome great obstacles on its way in order to preserve itself as an international community, as well as a strategic project..


MartynovB., Brazil – our strategic partner

In connection with the summit of the BRICS in Ufa it is natural  an interest in our strategic partner within the BRICS and the “Great Twenty” Brazil, a geographically distant country but close to us in terms of common perception of the most important global problems, the amount of  GDP and some other indices.

Rybas Al., Rybas Al.,  The features of  formation of innovational economy in developing countries

There’s no a generally acknowledged determination of the term “developing countries”, as well any rules in the UN system to that make it possible to include some countries into the group of “developed” or “developing”. Nevertheless there’s a mild consensus on this question existing in the researchers’ community. 

Sayamov Y., Strategic stability and the role of the energy sphere

The energy factor is one of the most significant, if not the most important, in the quest for answers for the questions of  the future organization of the world. The struggle for energy carriers, in particular for the sources of oil, has turned to be one of the main causes of the past and present contradictions and conflicts. It may seriously affect the future of the humanity as well.

Yaguya V., Li Ming Fu., The institution of Confucius as a factor of “mild strength” in the external policy of the RPC in XXI century.

The XXI century introduced visible changes into the configuration of the international relations. At a considerable extent it is due to the “mild strength” used by various states in order to prevail in the international stage. Chinaplaysagreatpartinthisprocess.

Marakhovsky Е., Informational policy of the Western countries in relation to the BRICS       

“Negativity” of informational situation could be assessed by means of the so called  “Определять «aggression index” calculated as  the ratio of negatively colored materials to neutral publications. It turns it possible to see the extent of propagandistic work of our “international partners”, to see what they have in store for their people.


Piskunov Y., On the way trailed in Helsinki

The CSCE was possible because by the  1970-th world had got tired of the Cold War and the situation in Europe was developing in the direction to the detente which yet couldn’t be said about today’s  confrontation between the West and Russia.

Ossipov E., .France and the Final Act of Helsinki

ThestudyofopinionofFrancewhichin 1960-70-thassumedaspecialpositionwithintheWesterncivilizationandfavoredthedevelopmentofmutuallybeneficialcooperationofthetwoopposingblocshasanimportantsignificancefortheunderstanding  oftheessenceoftheHelsinkiprocess.


Tikhvinsky S., Reading the correspondence of the war time again …

Shtol V., “Mild strength”: repertoire of the genre or from words to action

Ananieva Е., British  monarchy - Британская монархия – reigns but doesn’t rule?          

Moissev А., The truth about Raul Castro told by his Russian friend

Yablokov N., Chronicles of the Great Victory


IncommemorationofEvgueny Primakov   


The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

Anniversary of the International Charity Golf Tournament!  

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