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Annotation of journal number 8, August, 2013

09:00 03.02.2014 •


A. Meshkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister.

Rumors about the imminent disintegration of the European Union seem to us to be premature.

Today, Europe is going through tough times. Average statistics for EU countries show that GDP growth for the current year is expected to be no more than 1.8% (compared to 4.3% before the crisis, in 2008), inflation is 1.6%, and unemployment is around 20 million. Today, about 16 % of the EU population lives below the poverty line. How long the crisis in the EU zone will continue, as well as its after effects, are absolutely unpredictable at the present time.

Keywords: Russia and the EU, EU crisis , the Council of Europe, OSCE, Russia Energy Dialogue with the EU, "Third Energy Package ", a new basic agreement, a visa-free dialogue between Russia and the EU, Russia cooperation with NATO, European security, Afghanistan.


A. Kalugin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Russian Plenipotentiary in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Russia - Jordan: 50 years of good cooperation.

The Kingdom has traditionally focused on the West, but the Jordanian leaders have always sought to develop partnerships with various world centers, in which Russia has occupied and continues to occupy a seat. King Hussein followed this course, after ascending to the throne of Jordan in 1999, King Abdullah II picked up the baton. Under his reign, Russian- Jordanian cooperation has sparkled with new colors, and has become more dynamic and diverse.

Keywords: Russia - Jordan, Russian- Jordanian cooperation, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.


E. Bazhanov. Russia in the Asia- Pacific region

It is widely believed that Russian foreign policy has always been dominated in the direction of Europe, and that Russia had almost forgotten about Asia. It is unlikely that this statement is true. Let us remember that from the end of the XVI th century, the era of Ivan the Terrible, the Russian peoples started to move beyond the Ural Mountains to the east.

Keywords: Far East, Siberia, Tianxia, Japan, ASEAN, ARF, FEZ.


V. Belyakov. A quarter century long path. The 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Egypt.

On August 26th, 1943, diplomatic relations were established between the USSR and Egypt. The path to this took more than a quarter of a century.

Keywords: Soviet Union, Egypt, the establishment of diplomatic relations, M. Al - Nahhas, I.M. Maysky.



K. Gevorgyan. To the reader of International Affairs Magazine. The concept of "the responsibility to protect.”

For your attention, we offer material emanating from the deliberations in the International Legal Council at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on the concept of "the responsibility to protect.”

Keywords: International legal counsel under the Russian Foreign Ministry, the outcome of the World Summit in 2005, the UN Security Council, "responsibility to protect ", “responsibility while protecting.”


O. Hlestov, A. Kukushkina, S. Sodikov. International organizations against terrorism.

In a statement on the fight against international terrorism, adopted by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of five countries, the permanent members of the Security Council stressed that the strengthening of international cooperation under the auspices of the UN is vital in combating terrorism in all its forms.

Keywords: international legal instruments to combat terrorism, the international fight against terrorism, UN Security Council resolutions on counter-terrorism, CSTO, CIS, NATO.


Editor in Chiefs Column.

 A. Oganesyan: Multiculturalism: war or peace?

At the empirical level the capitulation of Christian Europe before the creators of a "New Europe" perceived immigration as a defection, an abandonment of Europe as the great monotheistic neighbor, a historic rollback to paganism, materiality, and uncontested secularism.

Keywords: multiculturalism, migration, differences among civilizations, civilization and culture.



M. Konarovsky. The results of NATO's operation in Afghanistan and the scenarios for Russia.

More than ten years of U.S. and NATO involvement in Afghanistan have become the most wide scale and expensive operation in the entire history of the Alliance. Over a trillion dollars have been spent and the losses amount to more than three thousand killed and about 100 thousand wounded. The operation has turned into the most significant psychological test for NATO, and has even given rise to talk about a systemic crisis in the Organization.

Keywords: NATO, Afghanistan, ISAF, Central Asian, strategy, NATO - Russia Council, CSTO.


E. Shapovalova. Russia and Japan: the view of an interested observer.

Japan is deeply and firmly established in Russian life, which is now hard to imagine without Japanese cars, motorcycles, electronics, tools, thousands of Japanese restaurants, sushi bars, and martial arts such as judo, karate, aikido, and sumo. The culture of the Country of the Rising Sun has become part of daily Russian life. But policy in relation to its eastern neighbor is not just in maintaining a stable relationship...

Keywords : Japan , Russian foreign policy , Russian-Japanese relations , the South Kuril Islands, a peace treaty , political dialogue, trade and economic cooperation.



V. Supyan. The U.S. in world rankings: Economic Indicators.

In the United States and in the rest of the world, more and more judgments are being made about the clearly manifested trends for the U.S. in the loss of its dominant economic position, and a gradually emerging new alignment of forces in the world economy, in particular the growing weight of China, India and several other countries with rapidly developing economies.

Keywords: gross domestic product (GDP), Development of Human Potential Index, the structure of the economy, knowledge-based economy, international capital movements, international trade, international reserve currency, the national debt, the economic freedom index, the Global Competitiveness Index, the index of doing business.


E. Kasaev. Qatar's gas policy seen through the prism of Russia's interests.

As of 2013, proved reserves of natural gas in the Emirate amounted to 25.2 trillion cu. m (14 % of world reserves), which puts this country in second place among member countries of exporters of oil and the third largest in the world after Russia and Iran.

Keywords: Russia, Qatar, Europe, liquefied natural gas, exports, shale gas, the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF).



L. Gusev. Forming the image of Russia in the Ukraine: Challenges and Prospects.

The formation of Russia’s image in the Ukraine is very important for the peoples of our countries, as brotherly peoples, who have been separated since 1991. From this, the integration process between the two countries is dependent upon how Russia’s image appears in the Ukraine.

Keywords: image of Russia in the Ukraine, post-Soviet historians, the language issue, the political realities, historical heroes.


D. Asatryan. The Armenian Diaspora as a transnational player in world politics

The role of non-state players in the political process and the transformation of the world system. The question arises as to how to reveal the characteristic signs by which various organizations can be considered to be transnational, and whether the diaspora, in the Armenian example, can act as transnational players on the world arena.

Keywords: transnational players, world politics, the Armenian Diaspora, border minorities, multi-level governance, "soft power».



V. Kuznechevsky. Rereading Shebarshin.

Keywords: book by L.V. Shebarshin "Hand of Moscow. Diary of the Chief of Soviet Intelligence. From heyday to decay. "


D. Klimov. Anthology of terror.

Keywords: terrorism, sea piracy, raiding, food safety, the WTO, “non-lethal " weapons.


M. Maslin. Konstantin Leontiev: diplomat and philosopher.

Keywords: book, “Konstantin Leontiev. Notes and dispatches", Russian thinker and diplomat Leontiev before Eurasianism.

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