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Annotation of journal number 7, July, 2013

08:59 03.02.2014 •


Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.

Regarding the present and future of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.

The OIC, which includes 57 member countries and five other states, including Russia, which has observer status, is the second largest intergovernmental organization in the world after the United Nations. The number of countries seeking to develop relations with the OIC increases annually, and those that wish to send their representatives to the OIC includes the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Canada, and Italy.

Keywords: Organization of Islamic Cooperation, ten-year program of action, the BRICS countries.


Yuri Shafranik. Lower domestic prices for gas saturate the entire industry.

Due to problems encountered with the transit countries, we had to implement the most difficult projects: "North Stream" and "South Stream”. They are difficult on both economic and physical terms, but most importantly - financially.

Keywords: shale gas, reversible gas supply, China, "Gazprom".

Editor in Chief’s Column

A. Oganesyan. A second Korean conflict: to be or not to be?

If not cracks, then small fissures in the notorious North Korean monolith obviously exist, which means that the powers that be still have the relevantly tough task of consolidating society under external pressure. This makes Pyongyang increasingly unpredictable. The situation on the peninsula has reached a political stalemate, and the temptation to get out of it using military force remains highly probable.

Keywords: Korean Peninsula, the Security Council , UNESCO, Kim Jong Il , Henry Kissinger, Kim Jong Un , North Korea , South Korea.




G. Ivashentsov. 60 year old truce in Korea. Will reconciliation happen?

July 27th, 2013 marks 60 years since the Armistice Agreement that ended the three-year Korean War was signed in the small village of Panmunjom.

Keywords: 60th anniversary of the Korean War, the two Koreas, the inter-Korean dialogue, the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.


I. Safranchuk. The concept of a "New Silk Road” and the U.S. policy for a "Greater Central Asia"

The events of September 11th, 2001 turned the American views on Central Asia upside down. Since then, the countries of Central Asia and Pakistan have become key partners and the backbone of the U.S. military in operations in Afghanistan.

Keywords: concept of a “New Silk Road " and "Great Silk Road "CAREC" Greater Central Asia" .


N. Arbatova. Italy in the grip of crisis: change or continuity?

Italy, despite the crisis, is the eighth largest economy in the world and the third largest economy in the Eurozone. Unlike other countries in Southern Europe, Italy's economy is quite diverse and is not dependent on any particular sector.

Keywords: economic and political crisis in Italy, the Italian anti-crisis policy, Italian foreign policy.


V. Petrovsky. "Soft power" in Russia in search of a turning point.

The originator of the concept of "soft power ", was the famous American political scientist Joseph Nye, who identified three sources of "soft power": the country's culture, in the broadest sense of the word (in the case of the U.S.: "from Harvard to Hollywood "), its political values (democracy, freedom of speech, and so on), and the legitimacy of its foreign policy in the eyes of the world.

Keywords: "soft power", international development assistance, public diplomacy, international cultural and humanitarian cooperation.


A. Fomenko. The American tradition of anti-imperialism and the world wars of the twentieth century.

The attitude of the American republic to the old European "imperialism" was always quite distrustful, and both streams of American foreign political thought, isolationism and interventionism, were in fact, a psychological response to this stimulus.

Keywords: collective security, military alliances, American anti-imperialist foreign policy views, the world wars of the XXth century.


For the Russian Foreign Ministry

The ABCs of diplomacy by Anatoly Gavrilovic Kovalev, the 90th anniversary of the poet and diplomat.

Smolenskaya Square remembered an extraordinary man, a highly professional diplomat and a true poet: the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, A.G. Kovalev. Or, as he was described by his colleagues and partners, a "man of detente."

Keywords: "The ABCs of diplomacy" by Anatoly Gavrilovic Kovalev, the “Outlet” literary and creative association, A. Kovalev - a distinguished diplomat and extraordinary person.



I. Scherbak. Food security in the context of the priorities of the "Group of Twenty"

The problems of food security have been the focus of the "Group of Twenty" since about 2005. At this time it became obvious that the era of permanent reductions in food prices and the growth of agricultural production, an era which had lasted for nearly 50 years, was over.

Keywords: Food and Agricultural Organization, the "Group of Twenty", IFAD, Global Information System for agricultural markets, Agricultural Market Information System, food security.


V. Varabiev. Some aspects of the preparation of the strategy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has become one of the leading components of Russian foreign policy, both doctrinally and practically. The future Russian presidency of the Organization in 2014-2015 further commits our state initiative and actively shapes its contribution to the future strategy of the SCO.

Keywords: SCO, "Guidelines”, the SCO Forum, the future evolution of the SCO.


M. Sevastyanov. In the format of partnership cooperation.

The 64th meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the Commonwealth of Independent States took place on June 5th2013 in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, chaired by Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoygu.

Keywords: 64th meeting of CIS Defense Ministers Council, Sergei Shoygu, OS CIS air defense, Republic of Belarus, agreements on military cooperation.



V. Lihachev. Russia as an international legal figure.

Each state has the right as an international player, as a sovereign entity with its own vision of the evolution of international relations, the definition of its priorities and mechanisms for their regulation.

Keywords: Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation, foreign policy and international relations, international law , world management.


V. Surguladze. Constitutional law as a historical source: national self identity in the constitutional mirror.

An overview of constitutional law in countries around the world clearly shows how much variation there is in the factors that contributed to the formation of the nation-state in each case.

Keywords: constitution, constitutional law, nation, national identity, national self-determination, identity, state, community, society.



O. Vasilieva. Paradoxes and mystification of Stravinsky

Keywords: Igor Stravinsky - the living embodiment of modern music, "Firebird ", "Petrushka ", "The Rite of Spring."


A. Podtserob. Rock Paintings of North- West Africa

Keywords: petro glyphs, West Africa, murals, Morocco, Western Sahara, MINURSO.


K. Dolgov. The Edict of Milan

Keywords: Edict of Milan, Saints, Emperor Constantine the Great.

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