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To the organisers and participants of the «Arab Spring: scenarios of the future» International Conference

13:08 20.11.2013 •






To the organisers and participants

of the "Arab Spring: scenarios of the future" International Conference


I cordially welcome the organisers and participants of the International Conference convened to discuss scenarios of the future in the Arab world.

Today, the Middle East and North Africa region having entered a turbulent zone is justifiably a top priority on the international agenda. It is not only the future of the nations of the region, but, to a large extent, shaping the foundation of a new polycentric world order, that depend on the way the situation in the Arab world will evolve and on what principles its conflicts will be resolved.

Russia supports the Arab nations’ aspirations for a better life, advance along the path of democratic reforms and creation of more effective social and economic systems. At the same time, we are convinced that these objectives should be attained by peaceful, evolutionary means, and by avoiding use of force and violence. We strongly believe that the actions of the international community should be aimed at supporting the Arab nations throughout this arduous time of their history with full respect for their right to determine their own destiny and without attempts to impose solutions from outside. Promotion of political settlement of conflict situations by way of inclusive dialogue on a solid basis of international law should become an important dimension of the international effort. This is the approach that Russia has been adhering to consistently as regards the Syrian crisis.

The contradictory developments in the Middle East and North Africa require a serious, complex analysis focused on the strategic goals of enhancing security and stability in the region. Your conference is to make a contribution to this effort.

I wish the Conference productive work and every success.


Sergey Lavrov

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