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Abstract of the journal № 5, May, 2013

16:14 08.07.2013 •

"The Golden Collection"

Erkki Tuomioja, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Global challenges and responsibilities

Interdependence has its good and bad sides – no country or nation can avoid it. This is also what determines whether we have a common future, or none at all. Perhaps in the best case, we have only a few decades to achieve a sustainable environment, and social and economic development.



K. Barsky. On the eve of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek: the main tasks of the moment

The specific nature of the moment for the SCO region identifies several important factors. First of all, is the impact of the situation in Afghanistan. Another factor is the impact of the "Arab Spring." The third factor is the high priority given to the economic development of Central Asia.

A. Davydenko. Europe: from mistrust to mutual understanding

The International Conference on "The role of parliamentary institutions in building a Europe without dividing lines" was held in St. Petersburg by the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the States, members of the CIS and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. This year, the PACE and the CIS IPA mark the 15th anniversary of the signing of a Cooperation Agreement.

A. Fomenko. The phenomenon of inter-bloc confrontation and military conflict in Korea: a historical context

The only consequence of U.S. military operations of the second half of the twentieth century, which can be admitted cynically speaking, was useful for Washington was that they distracted attention from another front in the struggle for its world hegemony: an economic front, or more precisely a politico- economic front.



A. Oganesyan. U.S. - China's new energy policy outlines

Russia should seriously think about which path the global development and distribution of energy is taking. Technological uncertainty may be short-lived.



G. Petrov. Russia Business Council Chamber - the way to enter foreign markets

Russian businesses coming to the Russian Chamber of Commerce to get advice on how best to enter the market of one country or another, especially if it's a new market, are recommended to first of all knock on the door of the Russian Embassy.

Lucio Vinas de Souza. China and the emerging economies: not just another brick in the wall

The growing importance of China has been a guiding light for the global economy, at least in the last ten years. However, the revival of the Chinese economy is actually only part of a broader process of the growing importance of the economies of developing countries as a whole.

A. Akimov. Food security: a new factor in international relations

A large number of people are without sufficient calories and nutrition in today's globalized, industrial and post-industrial world society, and information technology and the Internet remain a reality that comes with a growing discord within the problems of global development.

B. Zaritsky. The energy dilemma for Germany

Hailed by the German government as a radical "turn" in energy policy, it remains a priority topic for public debate in Germany.



D. Safronov. Message from the Soviet Information Bureau

 A diabolical delusion

These two essays, the memories that are presented in our magazine, were written by the oldest diplomat, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of our country, who a few years ago, celebrated his 100th birthday.


To The Russian Foreign Ministry

I. Halevinsky. Problems, challenges and prospects for the Association of Russian Diplomats

On March 28th this year, an account of the election conference of the Association of Russian Diplomats (ARD) was issued, and on April 17th, the first meeting of the new Council of the ARD was held, which elected the Presidium of the Council and the Vice-Chairman of the organization’s Board. That’s how the governing bodies of the Association were put together.



The Metropolitan Juvenaly of Kruitsy and Kolomna

Christ is risen!

Easter was celebrated immediately after the resurrection of Christ, but was practiced differently. Unity appeared only in the year 325, after the first ecumenical council.

M. Kukartseva, M. Chertok. Musical army rituals as "political texts"

Military rituals as a political and aesthetic form of symbolism of a binding nature of the state are not only secured in the case of army documents, but also in the relevant "political texts" and often help to understand what is happening in a deeper manner than that which is understood by the politicians themselves.

A. Maschenko. The Crimean Odyssey

In January 2014 it will be 60 years from the date of the transfer of Crimea from Russia to the Ukraine. It is difficult to say whether the Ukrainian state will arrange official celebrations, military parades and fireworks. However, it’s probably worth a brief sum up of the meaning to the Crimea of being part of the Ukraine.

A. Konkov. The problems of active cooperation and development between Russia and global institutions

The implementation of modernization and technological development of the country are a part of the long-term objectives, the achievement of which requires effective coordination of the representatives of the federal bodies of executive power in international organizations on a number of problems of a systemic nature.



N. Kaveshnikov. The new face of the European Union

D. Klimov. Russian correspondent in "hot spots"

V. Sokolov. Recent history of the UK before and after Thatcher

In Memoriam of Sarvar Alimdzhanovich Asimov. On the anniversary of his 90th birthday.

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