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Annotation of magazine number 2, February, 2022

10:49 20.02.2022 •

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Congratulations to the employees and veterans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Keywords: Diplomatic Worker's Day

Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Congratulations to the employees and veterans of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Keywords: Diplomatic Worker's Day

Alexey Bogaturov, Olga Lebedeva, Alexander Bobrov

Evolution of the Doctrinal Foundations of Russia's Foreign Policy

One of the most important innovations of 2022 should be the approval of a new edition of the Concept of Russia's Foreign Policy. This event provides a unique opportunity to trace the transformation of the foreign policy thinking of the country's leadership, to analyze the key events and trends of the last three decades, the reaction to which determined the nature and content of the conceptual foundations of Russia's foreign policy.

Keywords: Russia, foreign policy concepts, national interest

Farit Mukhametshin

Dialogue of civilizations and prospects for cooperation. On the 15th anniversary of the Strategic Vision Group "Russia - the Islamic World"

A visiting meeting of the Strategic Vision Group "Russia - the Islamic World" was held in Jeddah. It was attended by more than 200 prominent public and political figures, parliamentarians, diplomats, representatives of the clergy, science, culture and education, heads of leading international Muslim organizations from 33 countries of the world.

Keywords: Russia, Islamic world, dialogue of civilizations, OIC

Oleg Karpovich, Anton Grishanov

Russian-American relations under the administration of J.Biden: hopes and reality

A year ago, the figure of the 46th US President J.Biden evoked diametrically opposite emotions and expectations. Supporters of the new owner of the White House saw in him an over-experienced leader, opponents - an incompetent "guest from the past." But after a while, it can be stated that the truth, as it usually happens, turned out to be somewhere in the middle.

Keywords: party, administration, coronavirus, arms control, world order, image

The wide steps of the hero of the day. On the 70th anniversary of Yuri Shafranik

Keywords: 70th anniversary of Yuri Shafranik

Vladimir Malinkin, Alexander Koshkin, Alexander Fedorenko

The UN Forum on Internet Governance. Does he have a future?

In 2025, Russia will host the next UN Forum on Internet Governance (IGF). The importance of the upcoming FUI-25 in Russia is all the higher because this is the 20th anniversary meeting, and most importantly, the Forum will be held on the eve of the 20th anniversary review by the UN General Assembly of the implementation of the decisions of the World Summit on the Information Society.

Keywords: FUI, WSIS, Internet, Tunisian Program, ICG, FUI-25

Alex Inozemtsev

The "Torch Principle", or a Plausible summary of edification for future diplomats

People who have linked their fate with international life should not forget to constantly improve, expand their horizons of knowledge in order to achieve their goals on their basis. While serving the Fatherland, do not forget that highly educated representatives of other countries have become adept at the art of diplomacy and will resist. Remember that you will have to grow and go through life in parallel with them, equally fill the cones of failures and expect positive ratings for convincing successful actions.

Keywords: "the torch principle", diplomacy

Olga Lebedeva

International efforts to create and organize an International Military Tribunal: the role of Soviet diplomacy

Crimes against humanity during the Second World War became a mass phenomenon, and most of them were associated with the actions of nazi Germany. In 1942, the USSR proposed to organize a military tribunal. The statement of the Soviet government indicated the existence of the expediency of forming a military tribunal to ensure the criminal prosecution of fascist criminals.

Keywords: International Military Tribunal, World War II

Gulbaat Rtskhiladze

Why is Georgia distorting the history of the Great Patriotic War?

Victory Day spiritually binds the Georgian and Russian peoples. The so-called anti-integration ideology, supported in Georgia by the West, aims to plant Soviet and Russophobia, excluding Georgia's positive attitude towards Russia. One of the most effective tools of this destructive quasi-ideology is the distortion and (or) falsification of history.

Keywords: Georgia, WWII, artificial Russophobia, Victory Day, countering fraud

Victor Olevich

The USSR peacekeeping mission in the Great Patriotic War and modern cultural diplomacy

The creation of a museum of Soviet and Russian peacemaking would be a positive signal and would make our cultural diplomacy and cultural policy more effective. There are other suggestions. Create a structure like the American Peace Corps. Working abroad, volunteers spread their values, their view of history, social issues. It's very effective.

Keywords: falsification of history, peacemaker Russia, expansion of Russian influence

Galina Povazhnaya

From the experience of the Russian Embassy in London with British veterans participating in Arctic convoys to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk during the Second World War

A striking example of a positive relationship between Russia and Britain is the Arctic/Northern convoys of the Second World War. This topic reflects the British people's keen interest in the memorable pages of our joint history.

Keywords: World War II, Arctic/Northern Convoys (1941-1945), British Veterans' Clubs, jubilee medal "50 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945", Soviet War Memorial in London, Arctic Star medal

Andrey Boreyko

The Great Patriotic War in exhibitions and expositions of the State Museum of Political History of Russia (2020-2021)

Against the background of the falsification of Russian history, there is an urgent need to counteract the distortion of historical memory. At the forefront of the fight against historical myths is the State Museum of Political History of Russia.

Keywords: Great Patriotic War, historical memory, museum, siege of Leningrad, Leningrad People's Militia Army

Peter Multatuli

The Russian Empire and Western Allies during the First World War: from attempts at military isolation to participation in the February 1917 coup

By the end of 1916 - beginning of 1917, the foreign policy of the governments of the Western Allies towards Russia had turned from allied to hostile. The reason was caused by Russia's successes at the front and in the economy, which made Russia's upcoming victory in the war inevitable.

Keywords: Russian Empire, Nicholas II, World War I, diplomacy, Entente allies

Alexander Shchetinin

Russia - LACB: time to interact

The Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry has published an interesting new research - a monograph in Spanish entitled "Economic, Political and Legal Review: a View from Russia to Latin America" (Compendio economico, político y jurídico: una visión de Rusia hacia Latinoamérica). Among the authors of the book are well-known Latin American scholars in Russia and abroad, Professors M.G.Troyansky, O.G.Karpovich and A.A.Danelyan.

Keywords: Latin America, LAC States

Vladimir Kuznetsevsky

Thoughts about Russia and the world. Inspired by D. Trenin's book "The New Balance of Power. Russia in search of foreign policy balance"

A book appeared on the Moscow book market, the author of which - Dmitry Trenin - expressed the idea that the future of the whole world in the XXI century will depend not on the confrontation between the United States and China, which for the third decade has not tired of warning idle international analysts and publicists, but on whether Russia will be able to find its legitimatee place in the new world paradigm emerging after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Keywords: Russia and the West, hybrid war, the Putin era, new bipolarity

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