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Annotation of magazine number 6, June, 2022

14:46 19.07.2022 •


Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

BSEC: on the waves of opportunities to the sea expanses of universal well-being

This year, the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization is celebrating an important milestone - its 30th anniversary. The Association was created on the wave of global changes, optimism and hopes for the elimination of dividing lines in the interests of achieving universal peace, well-being and prosperity.

Keywords: 30 years of the BSEC


Alexey Bogaturov, Olga Lebedeva, Alexander Bobrov

New Generations of Russia's Foreign Policy Doctrines

In the period 1992-2013, the Russian side attempted to construct world unipolarity by abandoning the "Soviet". This was accompanied by the stylization of declarations under documents designed in the liberal-democratic spirit of the West. But since 2014, the revival of the Russian historical and political image of the European-Asian world power has begun.

Keywords: Russia, foreign policy, concept, doctrine, international relations

Peter Frolov

On some possible aspects of the emerging post-neoliberal world

A new emerging international legal paradigm must necessarily bear a proper name, like the Yalta or Bretton Woods systems. There cannot be impersonal times, there cannot be a world based on rules.

Keywords: East and West, Ukraine, Balkans

Konstantin Dolgov

The United States of America: the beginning of the end of a great Power

More and more countries are coming to the conclusion that the United States is the largest terrorist State, as evidenced by their excessive use of armed forces in international politics. To justify itself, America uses not just double standards, but standards turned upside down: the United States itself is declared fighters against international terrorism, which means all those who disagree with their policies.

Keywords: USA, politics, interference, double standards, American-style democracy, socialism with Chinese specifics


Igor Evdokimov

Russia and Benin: 60 years together

June 4, 2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Benin. On August 1, 1960, this West African State gained independence. And from that moment on, our country is a reliable and proven partner for him, cooperation with which has stood the test of time and is not subject to political conjuncture.

Keywords: 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Benin


Alexander Frolov

After Afghanistan. The United States sums up the results of the 20-year war

For at least the last 80 years of history, the United States could not help but conflict with someone. In 2021, US President J.Biden decided to reverse this trend by withdrawing his troops from Afghanistan, where they were bogged down in the swamp of a hopeless war, seemingly with an already defeated invisible enemy. It remained only to summarize what had been done and draw conclusions for the future.

Keywords: USA, 20-year Afghan war, Vietnam war

Roman Romachev, Konstantin Strigunov, Fenley Go

The policy of outsourcing intelligence services in the United States

Edward Snowden's escape to Russia opened the eyes of most people to the functioning of the US state security system. It became obvious that the system of the intelligence services of the United States, which everyone knows about, is only the tip of the iceberg. While at its foundation, a huge industry of private intelligence companies has formed.

Keywords: private intelligence, corporate intelligence, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence, outsourcing intelligence

Vikram Suhag

India's Foreign Policy choice in the context of Military and energy security

India is currently comprehensively assessing the risks posed by sanctions for cooperation with Russia, and is trying to understand how both countries can reach a new level of relations, the solid foundation of which is the long-term trust of partners in relation to each other.

Keywords: India, Russia, USA, Russian-Indian relations, Indo-American relations, military-technical cooperation, energy security, foreign policy, international sanctions


Armen Oganesyan

We need a new economic policy

Politics is the art of the possible. There come such times and epochs when the people, people, and history itself expect the most from politics.

Keywords: new economic policy, Grigory Sokolnikov


Sergey Zhiltsov

Russia's Policy in the Caspian region: Challenges and new Opportunities

The Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea has opened a new stage in the development of the region. Certainty was introduced in the order of solving various issues, new opportunities for economic growth of the Caspian states were created. First of all, they concerned the sphere of shipping, the promotion of port infrastructure, the extraction of hydrocarbon resources and their subsequent delivery to the foreign market.

Keywords: Caspian region, Russia, convention, infrastructure, Caspian States

Alexander Akimov

About the Far Eastern Center of the World Economy

According to the latest statistics, a group of states consisting of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea is being formed in East Asia, which are comparable in their economic characteristics to the collective West. Naturally, a hypothetical question arises: will these states form some kind of formal association and will this association become a counterweight to the West or not?

Keywords: Far Eastern center of the world economy, collective West, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, GDP, manufacturing industry, foreign trade, economic integration


Dina Malysheva

Post-Soviet Central Asia: the threat of religious extremism from the South

The most unpleasant thing for Central Asia is the concentration of more than 6 thousand participants of religious extremist associations in the northeastern provinces of Afghanistan. This means that a whole conglomerate of radical and terrorist formations openly operates on the borders of Russia's CIS and CSTO partners.

Keywords: religious extremism, terrorism, Afghanistan, Taliban movement, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, security, militants

Victor Vasiliev

Germany and the Visegrad Four: one for all and all for one?

Judging by the content of the coalition agreement of the new German government, Berlin intends to pay great attention to the Eastern Partnership countries, primarily Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova. Apparently, the Germans consider the mechanisms of the Visegrad Quartet to be well-established.

Keywords: Visegrad "quartet", Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, EU, NATO, European integration, strategic autonomy of Europe, Euroarmy

Svetlana Gavrilova

Russia and Italy: "privileged partnership"?

The current interaction between Russia and Italy and its status in the foreseeable future, obviously, can no longer be described as a "privileged partnership". The traditions of strong bilateral relations, however, allow us to hope for the restoration of contacts, if not in the political sphere, then in other areas of interaction.

Keywords: Russia, Italy, bilateral relations, cooperation, economy, energy, culture, crisis, media, fakes


Alexey Popov

Heroes of Chemulpo in Saigon

In the early days of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, one of the most legendary events in the history of the Russian navy took place, which grateful descendants still remember to this day.

Keywords: Russian-Japanese war, "Varyag", "Korean", evacuation, "Medok", captain V.F.Rudnev


Anatoly Shchelkunov

The ocean that we love and believe in…

The publishing house "Morski Svyat" ("Sea World") in the Bulgarian city of Varna published a book in Bulgarian "To the Ocean - with love, faith and hope", the author of which is Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Ilia Peev.

Keywords: I.Peev, book, Decade of Ocean Sciences, BSEC, Trimorye initiative

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