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Annotation of magazine number 6, June 2016

13:13 27.06.2016 •


Dolgov К., About the problem of impunity in the Ukraine

The problem of impunity is still excessively urgent for the Ukraine. There are several key problems awaiting solution, including torture, absence of the rule of law, situation with internal displaced persons, infringement of liberty of media to express its opinion and to undertake its activities. 

Samoilenco V.,Russia – China – Mongolia: prospects of the trilateral cooperation

The idea of networking of Russia, China and Mongolia in trilateral format has been time-taking and hard to grow reap. It was to a great extent due to a negative historic experience of the relations between Mongolia and China causing a kind of apprehension in Ulan-Bator. It is important that it was Russian diplomacy acting as an initiator and intermediary in trust mending between China and Mongolia yet in 2000-th.

Dyabin А., The Democratic Republic of the Congo of 2016: is there a way out of the deadlock?

The first priority of today is to prevent dropping of the DRC into the abyss of crisis that could turn into bloody conflicts and a civil war. Its “prescription’ it is mentioned in the article. But a strategic goal is to provide a long-term political stability. The base of this stability would be a mechanism providing a peaceful switch of power from one ruling elite to another. 


Prakh Sochon, Cambodia and Russia: 60 years of a strong and dynamic partnership

On the 13 of May, 2016 completed 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Russia. In spite of deep and complicated transformations in the word our relations stood the test of time as based on long-term traditions of a solid friendship, partnership, mutual trust and understanding.

Mukhametshin F., Russian and Moldavian relations in the light of ever changing regional architecture

Moldavia, situated at the crossing of geopolitical? Economic, military, civilizing interests of Russia and the West, remains for our country a close state interested in development of the whole specter of relations. The evidence of it are statistics, polls of public opinion and unceasing personal and official contacts. 

Schelkunov А., Count Ignatiev’s diplomacy and a turbulent contemporary world

During his long diplomatic career, Nikolai Pavlovitch Ignatiev showed demonstrably how, thanks to his high professionalism and creative activity, he had been achieving some positions for his native country that far exceeded a result that has been objectively expected


Likhachev V., Central Electoral Committee of Russia: international perspective and resource

There’s a certain public interest in the election due in the next September, either in Russia or abroad/ However the dynamics of this interest will be influenced as well by search of a way out of a negative situation, created on the initiative of the Western countries (and their allies), - discrimination of Russia in the international arena, application of sanctions,-first of all in trade and economic sphere,- amoral and illegitimate from the point of view of the international law. 

Vorobyov V., Yliev R., Human rights in Judaism and Jewish law tradition

The contemporary concept of human and citizen’s rights can’t be fully understood without knowledge of the  origin of this definition, understanding as well, that while any individual enjoys human rights and liberties, citizen’s rights and liberties are enjoyable only be the persons with a citizenship of a particular state.


Enguibaryan R., The first half of XXI century: Islamic challenge

The Islamic world and its major players – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf and others - haven’t ever left their main strategic plan of reincarnation of a united world Islamic state - Caliphate. But because of absence of economic and military means in the Islamic world the first stage of achieving this great goal is growth of population and a steady migration to Europe.

Kalyadin А., A reform meant to assist the UN Security Council

The debates concerning a reform of the UN Security Council goes on for quite a long time. There are various suggestion of its adaptation to the actuals of the 21-th century made at the anniversary 70-th session of the UN General Assembly. They have turned a subject of ardent debate, in particular, what are the categories to extend – permanent or not, - if in permanent ones, what countries should be added, etc. Unfortunately still there are no rosy prospects of its successful completion  

Vlassov N., The ASEAN in the age of regional geopolitical instability АСЕАН

Giving an unbiased estimate of rationality of creation of the ASEAN no one would doubt that the initial plan of its “founding fathers” had proved to be completely correct. The creation of a union based on well-known principles turned a stabilizing factor in the regional political system and sanitized the social and economic situation in the region as well.

Tyurin D., Russia and the West extend the dialogue on security in the cyberspace

In German town of Garmish-Partenkirhen took place the 10-th international forum “Partnership of the state, business and civil society in order to provide the international informational security”. The yearly conference in Bavaria carried out  with the participation of the monthly “International Affairs” is attended by the leading experts of the international cooperation in the cyberspace coming from the greatest countries of the world.


Bogomazov V.,  Pope Francis tells about himself.

Pantelеyev E., Comeback to the friends

Toloraya R., Philosophy and practice of the new world order


Khalevinsky I.,  The Association of Russian diplomats  - 2016

At the conference to hear reports and elect new officials of the ARD the highest estimate of its activity was given by a deputy Foreign Minister of the Federation of Russia, Karassin G.B.

in memoriam

In memory of Yuri Evguenievich Fokin The Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia “Medincentr” branch of the Chief Directorate for the Diplomatic Corps of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia

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