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Annotation of journal number 10, October, 2013

11:00 03.02.2014 •


V. Lukov. A summit on global decisions

The St. Petersburg summit was the culminating event…


H. Zarifi. The OSCE and the challenges to its reform: new horizons and new directions

Today, the OSCE is not just a European organization. From a Euro-Atlantic structure, it is now also becoming a Euro-Asian structure...


A. Podtserob. Is this the end of Islamism in the Arab world?

Difficult situations are taking place in the Middle East. In some countries, the Islamists have been defeated, but in other states they continue to resist.


L. Voronkov. International organizations and modern international relations.

Modern states are turning their attention to different kinds of multilateral intergovernmental forums in order to ensure respect for their national sovereignty.


S. Sharko. Central Asia as a Eurasian political center: new opportunities or mere illusion?

In the post-crisis period, world geopolitics promises to raise interest in emerging economies and regions, including Central Asia.


T. Deich.  A "Chinese era" for Africa

One of the factors pushing forward interest in Africa is an unprecedented expansion in the continent by the "emerging powers", primarily China.

R. Lekov. Abkhazia and South Ossetia: the problem of statehood

In discussions about the ethno-political conflicts of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as a rule, they are considered as one. But that approach is heavily oversimplified.



Michele Valensise. The art of diplomacy

Moscow was the second foreign capital visited by M. Valensise as Secretary General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He made this decision as a conscious choice...



Armen Oganesyan: "Cadres decide everything"

The political mandate answers the question: "What should I do?" Life, in reality, always comes up against the question: "How can I do it?" The answer to this question depends on the professionals involved, and the success of the business relies on the creative relationship between the employer and his employees.



N. Platoshkin. "European Chancellor" or the end of an era for Angela Merkel?

The results of the parliamentary elections in Germany were regarded by many as a personal triumph for Merkel. But does everyone agree with this...


I. Klassen. The crisis in the Free Democratic Party and the possibilities that they will be overwhelmed by it

Elections to the Bundestag revealed the failures of the Free Democratic Party, a former junior partner of the ruling Christian Democrats Union coalition block. Why?



A. Torkunov. Let’s develop our faculty and help it thrive

Today a flexible geometry in teaching all disciplines should be applied at the Faculty of International Relations.


Y. Bulatov. On1943, a year in the trenches, on the Guinness Book of Records, and on love for the Motherland

An education at the Moscow State International Relations University can be undertaken not only from countries close to Russia, but also from countries far and wide. In conversations with students coming from countries which had never sent students before, outside of formal official meetings, some interesting moments opened up.



E. Osipov. The French archives: Georges Pompidou’s visit to the U.S. in 1970

Following the French test of an atomic bomb and exit from the NATO military organization, de Gaulle's visit to the USSR could only complicate relations between the U.S. and France.


V. Sibilev. Winning the Battle of Kulm

Celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Kulm showed once again that there are no small victories.



A. Torkunov. Megatrends: 30 years later

A. Rupasov. New documents released about the Lithuanian underground...

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